Do Miracles Really Happen?

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Question Forty-Nine

Do Miracles Really Happen?

There are two types of people in this world:  Those who believe in miracles and those who do not.

Those who do not believe see all the miracles of the Bible as being fables that are passed down, and if there is any truth to the stories that there is a natural explanation for it.

These people explain away modern day miracles as either something accomplished by the power of mind over matter or the story was exaggerated.

It is interesting that these non-believers are in the minority.  All polls show that over 70% of the U.S. public believe in miracles and over a third claim to have experienced one themselves. 63% say they know someone who claims to have experienced a miracle.

For those who say these believers are uneducated consider this. 73% of medical doctors believe that miracles happen in the present time and 55% say they have witnessed one or more with their patients.

So, who is right here, the minority or the majority?  In this case I side with the majority.  Miracles definitely occur.  I personally know this to be true because I have experienced a number of them myself. Once a person experiences a thing he must either accept it or deny reality.

So what are we talking about when we speak of miracles? “If we are just talking about a quick recovery from sickness, that is no miracle, “says the skeptic.

Though healing of any kind is pretty miraculous when you think about it – that is not what we are talking about when we speak of miracles.  We are talking about events that standard science would deem to be impossible, such as:

(1) A terminal, supposedly incurable disease, cured quickly or even instantly.

(2) Receiving some supernatural communication that warns of danger and saves a life.

Here is a LINK to an example.

(3) A near death experience.

(4) Seeing an angel or a vision.

There are many more that could be listed. Most of us have heard some pretty fantastic accounts that even stretch credibility for a believer.

So, does a miracle defy the laws of nature or of science?

No, they do not. Miracles happen through the application of law, not bypassing it. Imagine that you were driving down the highway and suddenly were transported back in time a couple centuries and found yourself surrounded by a group of people. They watch you drive your horseless carriage and think this is the greatest miracle they have ever witnessed.  You get out of the car and show then your iPad that has a Star Wars movie loaded into it. Not only are they amazed by the iPad, but the spaceships and the Deathstar seem way beyond anything man could put in a tablet. It isn’t long before the group is arguing whether you are a god or a devil.

Just as modern humanity uses electricity, engineering and intelligent application of law to produce our miracles, even so does Higher Intelligence use subtle energies and laws unknown to us to manifest miracles beyond normal human ability.

A question that many ask is, “Why do not miracles happen to me?” This question is asked by a wide range of people, from the mildly curious to those who are desperately ill or distressed.

It does appear to many that miracles appear somewhat randomly. It seems that many very good people suffer and die with no miracle whereas another who may not seem that deserving gets one.

Since most miracles revolve around physical healing let us ask what one could do to manifest a miracle if he had an incurable disease?

To understand the answer we must realizes that there are two sources of miraculous healing power.

(1) Each of us has a connecting thread that links us to God, the Source of all higher power. It is possible to draw spiritual energy from this Source that will produce a miraculous healing.

(2) There are highly intelligent beings in the spirit world who assist humans from time to time. If you get their attention and a healing does not violate the plan of your soul, then they can assist with a miracle.

Of course, most of those who manifest a miracle in their lives have faith that God has power to help them, but there is an ancient law that applies here and it is this.

Energy follows thought.

Those who manifest miracles generally place a lot of positive thought, prayer and contemplation toward being healed.  There is a point reached when enough energy is directed toward an end that something happens. Just like when you place a certain amount of sugar in a glass of water you will reach a saturation point where the sugar no longer dissolves.  Even so, applying a certain amount of positive thought energy toward a goal eventually creates a point of tension and makes the impossible happen.

We must realize though that there is a reason behind all illness and any miracle must not take away from the lessons we may learn from it.  We’ll talk more about this in the next chapter.


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4 thoughts on “Do Miracles Really Happen?

  1. Believing in aliens is easy because there are many comprehensible reasons for them existing. This is not so for miracles, which are only ever talked about in the most nebulous of terms.

  2. I bet those that do not believe in miracles, do believe in aliens LOL…….the Dark Side philosophy is to not believe in true spiritual magic, but to believe in negativity and illusions. Smoke and Mirrors from the Dark Side, and Miracles from the Light Side.

    1. I have faith in both,but the word ,belive I have no faith in.It to me is a shallow word used by people as a excuse to not have to belive in what they say they belive in

    2. Believing in aliens is easy because there are many comprehensible reasons for them existing. This is not so for miracles, which are only ever talked about in the most nebulous of terms.

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