Did Humans And Dinosaurs Live At The Same Time?

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Question Twenty-One

Did Humans And Dinosaurs Live At The Same Time?

So, do Bible believers really think that humans and dinosaurs lived in the same timeframe – and why would they believe this?

The answer is this.

As we said earlier 30% of the American public accept the Bible literally whereas 49% see it as inspired but do not take every word of the King James Version literally.  Of the 30% of literalists. most believe that man and the animals have only been on the earth for around 6000 years.  If this is so, then the dinosaurs and humans had to live here together at one time.  And what happened to the dinosaurs? They believe they were destroyed in the flood of Noah about 4000 years ago. They do not accept the scientific methods of dating since it disagrees with their interpretation.

Most of the 49% of the non-literal believers accept the scientific evidence that we live on an ancient planet and the dinosaurs perished millions of years before modern man.  They do not see that acceptance as any reason to diminish their faith or acceptance of the inspired words that are in the Bible.

So, do the fundamentalists have a point?  Do they have any ground to stand on? If we accept the discoveries of science we cannot accept that men and dinosaurs lived together, right?

The answer may not be as simple as one would think.  This is not because the earth may be just 6000 years old but because the existence of humans on this planet may go much further back in history than commonly believed.

Here is some of the evidence:

(1) The Klerksdorp Spheres.

Klerksdorp Sphere

These are numerous grooved spheres found South Africa, dated at 2.8 billion years old.

Over the past several decades, South African miners have found hundreds of these metallic spheres, one of which is pictured below. Some say these are obviously man made but others who think this is impossible theorize that they were somehow naturally made in the ancient earth.

(2) Metallic Vase from Pre-Cambrian Rock


This vase has been dated to be over 600 million years old by some but many orthodox archeologists see this as an impossibility and try and explain it away.

This bell-shaped vessel measures 4-1/2 inches high, 6-1/2 inches at the base, 2-1/2 inches at the top, and about an eighth of an inch in thickness.

The body of this vessel resembles zinc in color, or a composition metal, in which there is a considerable portion of silver.

On the side there are six figures of a flower, or bouquet, beautifully inlaid with pure silver, and around the lower part of the vessel a vine, or wreath, also inlaid with silver.

The carving is exquisitely done by the art of some cunning workman. This curious and unknown vessel was blown out of the solid pudding stone, fifteen feet below the surface.”

According to a recent U.S. Geological Survey map of the Boston-Dorchester area, the pudding stone, now called the Roxbury conglomerate, is of Precambrian age, over 600 million years old.

(3) Ancient Footprints.

First we have a fossilized rock found in Nevada dated from the Triassic era which would have been 213 – 248 million years ago.


Next we have another footprint discovered in a seam of coal in Fisher Canyon, Pershing County, Nevada dated at around 15 million years ago.


(4) A 100 Million Year Old Hammer


This hammer was discovered in June 1934 imbedded in cretaceous rock, on a ledge beside a waterfall outside of London, Texas. This type of rock from the cretaceous period would be 75-100 million years old.  The unusual metallurgy is 96% iron, 2.6% chlorine and 0.74% sulfur (no carbon). Density tests indicate exceptional casting quality.

Michael Cremo, who is the author of the massive volume called Forbidden Archaeology, has done a tremendous amount of research on evidence indicating the antiquity of intelligent humans on the earth. He is a thorn in the side of orthodox archaeology, but has indeed given evidence to indicate the case is not settled about the age of the human race.

An interesting collection of evidence he has compiled are pictures and carvings from ancient civilizations of dinosaurs. You can check them out HERE.

How did primitive civilizations in our history know about dinosaurs?  Is it possible that stories of them were passed down generation to generation from ancient humans who actually lived with them?

Unlike the Christian tendency to believe in a young earth, the Hindus go the other direction and many believe intelligent humans have been here for billions of years but civilization has been destroyed every 4.3 million years and has started over again. They see the entire lifespan of the universe as being over 3 trillion years.

Theosophy and the Ancient Wisdom teach that self aware humans have been here over 18 million years but leave open the possibility that even more ancient humans could have been here but vanished in some type of cataclysmic event.

Just a few centuries ago scientists agreed with the Bible interpretation that humans have been here for about 6000 years, but serious investigation has kept pushing back the date to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and finally clear back to an estimated 4 billion years at present.  Every few years we discover that humans are more ancient than previously believed.

What will be the scientific consensus 100 or 200 years from now?  It will be interesting to see.


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