The Prime Question

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J J Dewey

Introductory Question

The Prime Question

Can I know the truth of things beyond the physical?

Answer:  A definite yes.

If something exists, whether it be visible or invisible, perceptive to the senses or not, it can be discovered and verified.

For instance, humanity was oblivious to the existence of ultra violet and infrared light until recent times. If someone would have described their existence the best minds of the past would have discounted the idea as the ramblings of a frenzied mind.

The fact remains that these two realms of light did exist and a means was found to prove it so.

Even so, there are many true realities that exist beyond the physical.  Like ultra violet, all we need are the tools to verify them.  Science itself has already done this to a degree. Pure energy has an existence beyond anything we might deem as physical and in past ages resided in the area of the metaphysical.  Einstein and the demonstration of his theories through the atomic bomb proved that matter could be converted to a non-physical pure energy. Now all scientists accept the idea of a formless non-physical energy as something that is verifiably true.

It is true, in this age, that hundreds of things have been discovered which were beyond the perception of the senses just a couple generations ago.  Is it not logical that there are yet many discoveries to be made in the unseen worlds?

Such a thing is not only logical but is verifiable.  And how can it be verified?

Through the essence of ourselves, as our makeup is composed of much more than the physical. This is easy to prove as the mind, the emotions, our imagination and our dreams are not a part of physical reality yet few would deny their existence.

Polls show that the majority of people believe in God and in some form and an afterlife. Why is this?  It is largely because most people sense the existence within themselves of something that is connected to realities beyond the physical senses.

Then there are others who do not perceive any sensation beyond the physical.  Why would many perceive sensations beyond the physical while others do not?  The answer is focused attention. We perceive in accordance with the direction of our attention. Just as the blind person places more attention on touch than average and senses more with this sense than the rest of us, even, so the spiritual person places more attention on the inner feelings and senses things there that are overlooked by non believers.

The answers in this book are based on the proposition that there are indeed perceptions available beyond the physical and within our whole nature is access to unlimited knowledge and understanding.  All we have to do is place focused attention on the world within and the door of extraordinary perception can become available.

There lies within each one of us a connection with infinite Intelligence. It is from the vantage point of this connection I write this book, but with no claim to infallibility.  All of us are capable of wrong perception and incorrect interpretation of that which is perceived. Even so, perceive we must if we are to explore new worlds and thus this book is born. Those fellow travelers who also strive to perceive beyond the physical will find much food for thought within these pages.  Enjoy.

Copyright by J J Dewey 2014

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2 thoughts on “The Prime Question

  1. I am so happy I just found this. I’ve been hungering for more since I finished Eternal Lives, Infallible Authority, and the first four books of the Immortal Series (Amazing!!!). Thank you!!!

  2. Appreciate you not only taking the time to write & reveal what you do about such topics, but to (again) post this work for all to READ for FREE!!! Good stuff … look forward to future installments …



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