What Is There That Survives Death?

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Question Thirty-Three

What Is There That Survives Death?

Jesus taught his disciples,

“In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.” John 14:2

The word “mansions” is translated from the Greek MONĒ and doesn’t mean “mansion” as is used today, but merely indicates a dwelling place. Jesus was telling his disciples that there are many different types of dwelling places after death and he would assist the disciples in preparing one for them.

Traditional religion teaches that there is merely one heaven and one hell, but such is not the case as witnessed by the words of Jesus that there are many dwelling places.

To understand life after death it is helpful to understand life before death in the here and now. We are much more than physical bodies that come to life as sophisticated machines just to be extinguished when the body wears out.

The physical body we can see and touch is merely an outer shell. Coexisting with this is a duplicate body made of more refined substance called the etheric body. It is a composed of a great electrical system that holds our body together and gives it life and shape. After it withdraws from the body its shape begins to disintegrate.

The existence of the etheric body is easy to prove because all people can see it with a little practice.  It extends a millimeter or two from the physical body and if you hold your two thumbs about a quarter inch apart against a light background and look at the empty space between them for a minute you’ll see your second body extending from your skin.

Another part of ourselves that we all know is real is our emotional selves.  There is a more refined state of matter that is created from emotional energy and within us, co-existing with our physical bodies, is a body made of emotional matter.  This is often called the astral body. This astral body can also be proven to exist because it radiates beautiful colors called the aura and with a little practice most people can be trained to see it. When a person gets his first real glimpse of the aura he is indeed convinced. Each person will radiate some dominant color depending on his mood, intellect and state of mind.

On top of this, we know the emotional world is as real as the physical because we feel emotions very strongly. Feeling an emotion, whether it be love or hate, is as real as anything we can verify with our eyes. What goes beyond orthodox thinking here is that dwelling places made of emotional matter coexist with this physical world as well as within our own bodies. Feelings these emotional energies is as real as feeling a physical object.

There is another part of ourselves that we all acknowledge to exist and that is our minds. Many make the mistake of thinking our minds are created by our brains but mind exists independent of the physical brain.  The brain is merely a very complex computer.  A computer merely operates on a program which are instructions created by a thinker or mind. A computer and the thinker using the computer are two different things.

The mind part of ourselves uses more than the brain. It uses other parts of ourselves to further the thinking process. The heart is the second organ used by the thinker as witnessed by Solomon, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

We all can feel the thinker within us using the brain, the heart and the body as a whole to further our desires, but what is not realized is that there is a higher state of matter created by mental energy.  Not only do we have coexisting within us physical, etheric, and emotional bodies, but we also have a mental body created of mental matter.

These higher states of matter account for some of the missing matter that science believes is out there but haven’t been able to find yet.  They call it dark matter, but it would be more appropriate to call it “light matter.”

The most obvious evidence of mental matter is the fact that we know for sure there is such a thing as invisible mind and thought.  By thought we can create images that we can see within our mind.  Unknown to orthodoxy is that those thoughts organize and move around real matter from the mental world.

Things from the mental world can be seen, but seeing them while in the physical body is very difficult and takes a lot of practice. Once the seeing is mastered a person can see mental matter around us which is controlled by thought.

As I said we are composed first of a physical body, then the etheric, then the emotional/astral which radiates colors. Another part of us extends about an arm’s length and is the shape of an egg enveloping the physical body. Mental energy circulates around the aura and our thoughts project on the outer film geometric forms, which represent what we are thinking. If a person could see those projected forms around another person and interpret the meaning then he could read his thoughts.

The physical/etheric, the emotional/astral and the mental compose three states of matter which create forms, but that which makes up our whole composition is much more than these. There are higher worlds of refined energy and life that are above these.  The essence, which is human, clothed itself in seven layers of energy in order to descend from God to come to this physical world. I have written much more about these seven planes in my various works but for simplicity’s sake we’ll just call the worlds above the mind, the spiritual world, a world of spiritual energy and thought.

Our more refined bodies that survive death are connected to the physical by a silver cord which is actually mentioned in the Bible.  It says

“Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern. Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.” Eccl12:6-7

The silver cord is connected to the body, usually somewhere up the spine and is severed at death when the “golden bowl,” or the etheric body, is dissipated. Then the more spiritual parts of ourselves go to one of the many mansions or dwelling places.  We’ll cover that next.



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