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Posted Aug 19, 2010
Dan wrote:
What I want to know is – Does physically fasting from food have effect upon prayer or “communion with higher beings” in any way other than as a symbolic ritual to focus the attention and if so, why and how – by what mechanism does it act? Same question in regard to fasting from water.

…my ability to concentrate has generally seemed to DECREASE while fasting rather than increase. For instance reading for retention/learning – actually even for entertainment – is almost out of the question.

Good questions and comments.  Yes, I have had the same experience.  When fasting my ability to concentrate has decreased and any higher contact has been no more than normal.

So, what is the advantage of fasting?

From my experience it is this.  Fasting with a specific purpose in mind that involves petitioning spiritual assistance seems to get the attention of the soul.  It is as if the soul notices the sacrifice being made and if the upward focus is strong enough then it will respond and help the seeker.

It also has a physical benefit in that many of the powers of the digestive system switch from digesting food to cleansing he body. This is why many have a headache at the beginning of a fast – because the body has released toxins and they make the head ache. They also interfere with concentration.  When the fast is over there is often an increase in the sense of well being and then powers of concentration will increase.

Ruth wanted to know the principle involved with fasting.  There is a principle that gets results and that is the principle of sacrifice which is a corollary to cause and effect.

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