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Tom writes:
I am not too familiar with the history of the plot to kill Hitler, but I know that JJ was the one who planned it, if I am not mistaken. Because you have revealed this life I figured it was ok to bring it up. I am wondering if you have the ability to learn German?

No. I think a dose of living with the Nazis has made me gun-shy of learning German in this life. We all have spoken other languages in past lives but even so most of us would have to struggle to learn them again.

I have taken people back into past lives where they were able to speak a language of the past but then as soon as they return to the present they can’t remember how to speak it.

Also, if Einstein was reincarnated you say he will have the same intelligence of Einstein? I Remember in a private Email from you that if one had a mental illness that could effect anyone’s intelligence including Einstein, Newton, Hawking. (I added those names not you) Let say the reincarnation of Einstein had Autism or Dyslexia or some kind of illness that can cause the brain to produce poor language skills. Is this correct that if one is born with such disabilities that it will effect their overall intelligence from a past life?

If Einstein were born with brain damage then his full intelligence would be handicapped. However, if he were born with a fully functioning body, brain and nervous system, his intelligence would carry over. He may apply it differently in this life but he would still have genius.

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