Color, Sound, Humor & the Sun

Color, Sound, Humor & the Sun

The Question: Three influences that can have a positive effect on health are color, music/sound and humor. How do you suppose these three things can affect health?

Also, how can we best utilize the sun for health?

In past ages when the Fourth Ray was in cycle sound was a very potent healer. Sound, color and movement were powerful healing forces used in the ancient temples in Atlantis and this knowledge shall be restored at the right time in the future.

Sound and color can be used to harmonize chords within our own makeup.

The form side of our nature is made up of a chord of four notes which correspond to our rays. The first note is that of the physical body, the second the astral the third mental and the fourth the personality as a whole. Illness will often surface when one of these notes are unable to sound in fullness and when this happens the sounding needs to be reinforced

Through meditation and contemplation you can discover which notes and colors that need to be stimulated within you. You can compensate by sounding this note in meditation and saying the OM on that note. Another way is to just sound the OM throughout the scale until you hit a note that strikes a need within you. Then if you sound it periodically you can reap much benefit.

The same goes with colors. Look through or visualize the spectrum of colors and wait for your attention to fall upon one that seems most healing to you. Once this is discovered you can make a conscious attempt to bring as much of this color into your life as possible.

Let us say that you sense that you lack red. This is a color that enhances physical vitality. You can start by eating more red food such as raspberries, strawberries, cherries radishes, rare red meat and cayenne pepper.

The second thing you can do is to make a trip to the store and get a red light and let it shine on you while you sleep, work or relax.

The third thing is that you can in meditation visualize yourself being surrounded by a beautiful rainbow of colors with red being in extra prominence. Then see yourself breathing in this red color and it vitalizing your whole body. Make sure you visualize a very bright and vital looking red.

Here are the bare bones meanings of the basic colors.

White: This is a synthesis of all the colors and is a symbol of purity and completeness.

Red: Physical Energy; physically-based person personality or sensuality. Harsh reds tend to indicate emotionally charged physical animation, usually anger. Warm reds, sensuous, or physically charged and healthy. It stimulates the solar plexus.

Orange: Friendly, open, approachable. A strong orange also shows physical vitality. A good color to balance the mind and body. Orange aids with focusing in the head.

Yellow: This is a good color to overcome depression and heighten spirits. It stimulates thinking, creativity imagination.

Green: This has often been called the healing color. This is because it is the midway color and can be used to balance the other notes within you. If you sense that your illness or discomfort is caused by being out of balance or “out of sorts” this is a good color for you.

Concentration on this color aids in deva/angel contact.

Blue: This color is most strongly associated with the mind and is known as the calming color. The reason for this is that it takes attention away from the emotional body to the mind and thus allows the emotions to quiet down and recharge.

Indigo: A good color to stimulate the heart and the spiritual love necessary to heal. This color absorbs negativity.

Violet: Known as the spiritual color. A good general color to raise vibrations and center yourself on higher work. This color is associated with the Seventh Ray and is a good color to stimulate the body to improve its own defenses and building energies.

Gold: This is a strong healing color that will always tone the body and spirit. The etheric body is called the “golden bowl” in the Bible.

Humor and Sun

If health enthusiasts were aware of the benefits of humor they’d go for a good laugh before they would wolf down the wheat germ oil.

Humor has been known to cure even the so-called incurable diseases to just making it a little easier to get through that winter flue.

For instance, I read a while back about a guy who had cancer and after reaching some dead ends he decided to try the humor cure and rented every comedic film he could get his hands on, read joke books and did everything he could to make himself laugh. It wasn’t long before the cancer was reversed and completely eliminated.

Part of what makes us ill is our tendency to focus too much in one direction at the expense of others and if this wrong focus opens a window for disease then a diverting of attention is a positive thing.

Humor diverts our attention to a very light and frivolous but necessary place which is an opposite polarity to the serious world we often find ourselves tapped in. Humor thus “lifts our spirits” and in this lifting of energy comes a healing force.

Look around you at your circle of friends and associates. Divide them into those who are overly serious and seen to have little humor in their lives and then separate others who are light hearted and seem to enjoy a good laugh. Which group is the healthier?

I would guess that in almost every case the ones with a good sense of humor are the healthier. I know this is the case with my friends and associates.

Humor is also a necessary ingredient to keep us healthy spiritually as we are told that one of the strongest differentiations between the Light and Dark Brothers is a sense of humor. The Dark Brothers take themselves way too seriously because they are always focusing on themselves. Within themselves there is only darkness and there is little there to be lighthearted about. The Brother of Light is full of Light within and looks upon the whole in the light and sees much to smile about.

There is a dark side to humor just as there is in all things. Negative humor gets a laugh at the expense of someone’s hurt feelings. A person on the path does not usually laugh at this type of humor but lower level humans enjoy it. A person on the path will not knowingly seek a laugh at the expense of an innocent person’s feelings.

I say innocent because there are exceptions in all things. For instance, during World War II the Allies put out a film clip about Hitler that made him look like a stupid buffoon. I think Hitler deserved whatever he got in this case, but overall we should always seek the path of harmlessness even with the bad guys.

Another difference between light and dark is that it is difficult to offend a person on the Path and he will never be offended where no offense was intended.

He who is not on the path will not only be offended when offense was intended but will often take offense when no offense was intentional.

The much maligned Sun is a great health stimulant that is often overlooked. While it is true that you do not want to overdo sun exposure it is also true that the Sun is the ultimate source of prana which is the essential nutrient for the etheric bodies of all living things.

Prana circulates through the spleen which in turn takes it in connection with a center between the shoulder blades and another above the diaphragm. This is one reason that health conscious people have a natural instinct to sun bathe.

DK says something interesting in this regard. He says that our attitude toward the sun has a lot to do with how beneficial are its rays to us. An adept who has learned to work with the devas that assist in transmuting solar prana can spend any amount of time in the sun without harm. For those of us who have not attained this mastery the best thing to do is just see the solar rays as being friendly to us rather than something that causes cancer. Could it be that part of the reason that skin cancer is on the increase is because of the media’s proclamation that the sun is dangerous thereby influencing thoughts about it?

Of course, we should all use common sense, but it is wise to get small amounts of sunlight daily if possible.

Question: Have you ever noticed that many people who seem to be very health conscious and are always sacrificing to eat the right things seem to be in poor health where as some of the healthiest people you know seem to have a devil-may-care attitude about it and seem to do nothing out of the ordinary for their health?

What do you suppose is the explanation for this.

Attention and Health

Whereas I do maintain that quite a few of the teachings presented here are original or old ideas presented in a fresh way, most (perhaps all) of what I am writing on health has been covered many times before. The trouble with health philosophy is that there are so many presentations that seekers are often not sure which is the correct choice for them. If we can steer each other here in making better choices then all will be worthwhile.

Fasting is indeed a great healer, perhaps the most powerful that is readily available to all. Fasting for a week on purified water or lemon juice-honey-cayenne pepper will bring great relief from almost any problem. If one is new to fasting start with a short one and increase it until a week or ten days is comfortable.

Always end a long fast on fruit and later salad material. Never eat meat or starchy food the first day after a fast

One time a friend and I decided to fast for ten days and break it at the full moon. Right around the tenth day we discovered we miscalculated the full moon by two days and if we wanted to carry out our goal we had to fast for two extra days. I’ll tell you those two extra days were the most difficult fasting days of my life. Because we were mentally prepared to end the fast after ten days, those extra two were torture.

But what made it much worse on the eleventh day we visited my nephew Curtis, and his wife made the most beautiful cinnamon rolls I had ever seen in my life and the aroma filled the room with the most heavenly odor. I made her promise to make me those exact same rolls again when I was not fasting.

Well, I believe she made rolls again but I guarantee you they were not the same quality as the masterpiece she made that day. Even writing this I wish I could go back in time and taste them.

Not only does fasting help you physically, but it makes you more sensitive spiritually and aids in the control necessary to pass the first two initiations.

One time the apostles brought a sick person to Jesus and told him they could not heal him. Jesus then healed the man. The apostles then asked why they could not heal him.

Jesus answered: “This kind cometh not out but by fasting and prayer.”

By adding fasting to any healing technique your spiritual power will be amplified.

We noted earlier that many who put a lot of attention on diet seem to be plagued with health problems.

The key word here is “attention” and the key phrase is that “energy follows thought.”

Health conscious people with health problems have those problems not because good health practices do not work, but because of a wrong direction of a flow of energy.

It’s a little like a scab. If you’re always picking it, it takes longer to heal than if you just leave it alone and let nature do its job.

If you have a problem and take every herb and natural food in the world it will do you little good if you are continually putting your attention in the direction of the discomfort. Your attention, even if fear is not present, will create a magnetic effect that will draw energy to the place of distress and this will often result in feeding the disease and increasing its power. Then if fear is also present the problem will be even worse.

The body is set up to fight off all disease if we just give it what it needs and let it do its job. We aid the body in doing this by focusing our attention outside the body and concentrate on other things.

Have you noticed, for instance, that when you go to sleep you may have some physical problem, but then when you wake up after a good sleep the problem is much improved? One of the reasons for this is that sleep helps you take your attention off the problem for a few hours which allows the body to do its job of rejuvenation.

If we learn to focus our attention away from the body during waking hours we then give the body a similar healing power while awake as it has when asleep.

March 23, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Health 101

Health 101

What is the best water to drink?

(a) Distilled or reverse osmosis

(b) Filtered with the minerals left in.

(c) Spring water

(d) Tap water

Some spring waters are very good, but others are questionable. Overall distilled or reverse osmosis is the best for it is the purest water. Many believe that water with high natural mineral content is good for you, but long time use can cause arthritis and other problems. The minerals in water are merely ground up rocks and the body has to work hard to eliminate over 90% of them from the body.

Definitely avoid tap water with high amounts of chlorine.

(NOTE from July 2019) I currently use a Zero Water filter that takes everything out and then add some colloidal minerals back in with a small amount of Celtic sea salt.

(2) How can fasting be used to improve health?

The body puts tremendous energy into digesting food. When you fast this energy is freed up and the body puts it to use in eliminating poisons from the body.

This is the reason you get a headache or feel faint or weak during the first day of a fast. The body is taking that extra energy and using its power to dump unwanted poisons into the bloodstream. After two or three days the elimination process becomes more regulated and the headaches disappear.

If you want to know how full of poison you are fast for three days with no solid food. Drink only water or organic juice. Then look at your tongue in the mirror. The more coated it is the more poisons there are in your body. When you can fast for three days and have only a small amount of coating on your tongue this is a sign that your body is clean and in good shape internally.

The fasts I recommend are 3, 7 or 10 days. If you have not fasted before start with a three day one.

Fasting on water alone is very effective.

Another great fast is to drink only purified water with added fresh squeezed lemon, with honey and cayenne pepper added to taste.

Maple syrup is a good substitute for honey, but you have to make sure you get it from a good source. Some maple syrups have formaldehyde added as a preservative and with this added it can wind up doing you more harm than good.

Apple and grape also are good juices to fast with.

Many fasting enthusiast recommend enemas during the fast. I’ve always had an aversion to enemas myself and have worked out a natural plan just as good. Fast for the first day on only water or lemon juice and then during the second day drink a good quantity of grape, cherry or prune juice. Actually cherry juice is the most potent. If you do this you will naturally eliminate everything possible that left in you. Your bowels should be pretty clean for the rest of the fast.

If you have hypoglycemia you may have difficulty in fasting and become ill and faint. If this is your situation the best thing to do is to go on a modified fast. You can go on a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables for 10-20 days with just enough protein added to keep you feeling well. You’ll have to experiment on what works for you as a modified fast. If you do work out a partial fasting program you’ll have to figure going on it for about twice the length to achieve the same benefit as a more complete fast.

I usually fast twice a year for a week each on water or juice. If I’m feeling out of sorts or low on energy and do not know the cause I’ll go on a fast. After the fast I often feel quite rejuvenated.

Breaking the fast is as important as the fast itself. The first day after a fast you should eat only fruit and salad vegetables. Then the day after you can eat pretty normally, but do not overeat. It is dangerous to stuff yourself after a fast. My friend Wayne fasted for twelve days once on water and broke it with a hamburger and milkshake. That could have made a lesser man deathly ill but it didn’t seem to bother him. I gave him quite a lecture on it.

A good book on fasting in addition to Arnold Ehret was written by Paul Bragg. You can download it here:

(3) If you are going to eat fruit, vegetables and meat how should you go about consuming them? Should you eat them together or in some type of order or sequence.

Overall it is good to eat fruit and light foods early in the day and the heavier foods near the evening, but the big mistake people make is the order of eating within a single meal.

It is a big mistake to eat fruit deserts after a heavy meal for instance.

As food enters your stomach it settles in layers. Meat may take eight or more hours to digest whereas fruit may take less than a hour. If fruit goes on top of a layer of meat then it stays there and putrefies. This wrong order of eating and consequent putrefaction is the cause of much of the gas and heartburn people have.

If you eat fruit it should be eaten on an empty stomach. If you eat a salad with your meal eat it first. Do not eat it with meat and other heavy foods. Do not mix ham or other meats with your salad. By eating only vegetables and fruit first this gives your digestive system the opportunity to immediately begin to digest them and then later give full attention to the heavier foods to come.

Another universally accepted health activity is exercise. What are your ideas in using exercise to increase the quality of health?

There is a great health drawback to exercise that is often overlooked. Can you tell us what it is?

There are a lot of books on this subject so I will quickly give you a few of my thoughts on this and move on.

For general health it is much better to concentrate on aerobic exercise, or exercises that cause you to breathe heavy and take in lots of oxygen. You can keep in reasonable shape with about 20 minutes of running a day or about 30 minutes of exercise less strenuous.

When you are in shape though aerobics your heart is strengthened and the small capillaries are opened up allowing more oxygen to get to the cells.

The biggest drawback to this heavy exercise is that you sweat a lot and in your perspiration are many valuable minerals. Therefore if you sweat a lot through exercise and excrete many minerals and do not replace them you could wind up in worse shape healthwise than if you did not exercise at all.

How often have we heard about some health guru dying of a heart attack while running at age 50 or so? This could have been prevented if the person would have replaced the minerals he sweated out.

Another important tip is this. You get as much as 50% more benefit from exercise if you are having fun while doing it. There’s something about having fun that causes the secretion of good hormones that benefit health.

If you have kids this gives you a good excuse to play with them. If you like sports, this gives you a good excuse to play. If you have to exercise alone in a boring atmosphere do your best to make it interesting.


Who told you God was perfect? Is He/She/It really perfect or is this just a tradition passed down from astral idealists?

If God is perfect why does He create??? Creation changes things. If the universe or the life of God was perfect before the creation account in the Bible, then why create an imperfect earth and an imperfect universe with stars that sometimes do not work out and go explode as supernovas?

If God is perfect then why are you (a creation of God) imperfect?

If it is only illusion that you are imperfect then why does a perfect one have an imperfect illusion????

The fact is that in the beginning of this universe God jumped into incarnation with fear and trembling. This is why fear is woven in the “warp and woof” of matter itself as DK expresses it. This fear must be met and conquered on many levels.

He knew the beginning point and the end goal, but had not full knowledge about the in-between.

That is why life is so exciting.

Who wants to watch a movie where you know every thing that is going to happen?

Question: What does it mean when I like to see *some* movies more than once? 😉

JJ: That’s what reincarnation is for. You repeat the interesting things until you lose interest.

Question: Yet how many times do you stand in awe, watching the glory of the sun set … even though you know it will rise again in the morning?

Or watch the buds of Spring time flowers opening as you know they do, every year ….

JJ: But no two sunsets are alike and each spring has a fresh and different look.

March 20, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Mission Experiences, Chapters 17 & 18

This entry is part 9 of 18 in the series Mission

Chapter Seventeen
Creating a Barrier

It seemed as if the conversion of the Sherlocks was in the bag and we felt as if we were floating on cloud nine during the next day, but as the evening drew on I began to feel a disturbance in the force.

Later that evening I couldn’t ignore it any longer and told Elder Eldridge that something was wrong with the Sherlocks and we needed to go pay them a visit. Eldridge resisted a little but when he saw my earnestness he agreed.

We got there around 10 pm and knocked on the door. Mr. Sherlock answered and was nervous again, but invited us in this time. We sat down with them and they said they were glad we came by for there was indeed a problem. This time the problem was not with Mrs. Sherlock, but the children. One of the kids had her eyes open during the blessing and when we commanded the evil to depart she saw a gray figure leave the room. This frightened her significantly and was still fearful about it.

Secondly their other kids started acting out of character, almost like they were possessed. They seemed to suddenly become uncontrollable. The Sherlocks wanted to know if anything could be done.

“Here’s the problem,” I said. “You must have something significant to contribute by coming into the church and this evil presence does not want you to move forward and is trying to stop you. Because of the blessing we gave you it seems that you are off limits so it is going after your kids as a way to get to you and discourage you.”

“Well, I love my kids so he certainly has a good plan of attack. Is there anything we can do?” She asked.

“There is always something that can be done. We must always remember that the power of God is greater than the power of evil or the Prince of Darkness. What we can do right now is have a prayer together and ask God to protect your children from evil.”

This we did and afterwards we all seemed to be filled with peace and we had hopes that the problem was solved. To play it safe we went back there the next evening to see how they were doing.

They seemed happy and said a second miracle had occurred – that right after our prayer the children returned to normal and still seemed fine. They again seemed enthused about learning more about the church and getting baptized.

The next day I again felt a disturbance in the force. We had scheduled a lesson so we were supposed to visit them anyway. I was curious about what the problem was this time.

They invited us in again but did not look peaceful or happy. Mrs., Sherlock spoke, “The kids are back to they way they were almost as if they were possessed. On top of that my husband is getting negative and is again wondering if you might be from the devil. If this continues and the only way to stop it is to quit seeing you, then I do not think we have a choice.”

I said that there was always a choice and there is always something that can be done. I explained to her that what has happened merely fulfills the words of Jesus in Matthew. I opened the Bible and read:

“When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.

“Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.” Matt 12:43-45

I closed the Bible and said, “This evil presence we cast out is not giving up. He apparently has gone and gotten seven times the reinforcements and is determined to discourage you no matter what.”

“Seven times the reinforcements – now that’s all we need,” she said. “There was a big enough problem with what we went through already. We certainly do not need seven times the original number against us.”

I almost regretted reading them that scripture, but replied, “It doesn’t matter how many are against us. If we do not give up and have faith then we can prevail.”

Then I recalled another scripture that I thought would instill hope. I told them of a man who brought his possessed son to the disciples and they could not cast out the evil spirits plaguing him. Then Jesus came along and did it. The disciples were amazed and asked Jesus why they could not do it.

He replied, “Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.” (See Matt 17:14-21)

So this is what we will do,” I said. “Elder Eldridge and I will fast and pray until your home and children are safe. We have helped you before. Will you give us another chance?”

They agreed but I could tell they were nervous about the situation.

I told them that we would come back in three days and bless their home and that it would then be off limits to all evil entities.

As we left and drove away I was inwardly hoping that Elder Eldridge would go along with my plan. I felt that I was taking a risk for he didn’t have a reputation for doing the spiritual work.

He wanted to know more details. I told him that these people must be important for some reason otherwise they would not have attracted the attention of the evil forces. Their power seemed to be enhanced and it now appeared that the only way to overcome the evil was to follow the advice of Jesus and fast and pray. I told him that I thought a one-day fast wouldn’t do it that we needed to fast three days and nights with no food or water and then return and bless their home.

“The church tells us that we should not fast more than a day,” he said.

“Yeah, but a day will not cut it. We need three days,” I said.

“Normally, I would have said no, but after what we have been through the past couple days I’d say that I must go along with you. I’m in!” he said.

We started our fast at that moment. Now fasting without either food or water gets to be difficult after the first day for the body needs liquid much more than it does food. We were also quite active which increases the need for water.

Then to our dismay we recalled that we had promised the local church that we would take a whole day off and work on the construction of the church with the members. As our luck would have it this day fell on the third day of our fast.

We debated calling it off since we would most likely be drained of strength and have to work on ladders and scaffolding. We both decided to honor our commitment else God may not hear our voice.

Then on the third day of our fast we both put in one of the hardest days of physical work in our lives. No one knew we were fasting and it seemed those in charge took delight in making us missionaries work extra hard. We hauled bricks, dirt, concrete and planks all day long.

By the end of the day we were both completely exhausted. We weren’t sure if we had the strength to eat and drink if it was placed in front of us.

We went to our digs that evening, cleaned up, said a prayer together and went off to the Sherlock’s home.

They invited us in and we asked them how they were doing. They said that their children were better for about a day after we left, but now they were being affected again. They said they were at the end of their rope and hoped that something would work.

I then told her that we were going to place a blessing on their home so that no evil being or force could enter it or bother their children.

Mrs. Sherlock sighed as if she was reluctantly willing to give us one more try.

We then all knelt together in their living room and I led us in prayer. I again commanded in the name of Jesus Christ for all evil to depart from the entire house as well as the children. I then asked God to place a barrier around the house through which no evil entity could penetrate.

When we arose from the prayer a feeling of great peace fell upon all of us and we all seemed confident the prayer would be answered. We departed with cheerful hearts.

I do not recall how we broke our fast that evening. Our landlady fed us breakfast, lunch and dinner and if we missed then we were on our own. I would guess that we got some fish and chips as Scarborough had some of the best available in all of England. Much more important though was renewing ourselves with liquid refreshment.

I do not recall what we ate or drank, but I do recall feeling proud of Elder Eldridge for joining me on this spiritual quest and being as supportive and believing as he had become.

Now the question was – were the Sherlocks going to join the church and live happily ever after or did the Prince of Darkness have something else up his sleeve?


Chapter Eighteen
A Persistent Adversary

A couple days later we went back to the Sherlocks and gave them the next lesson. They were pleased to report that the children had returned to normal and everything seemed peaceful on the home front.

Then after we finished our lesson Mrs. Sherlock shared something else with us.

“I didn’t tell you everything that happened to me that night you gave me the blessing,” she said.

“What else happened?” we wanted to know.

“Well, it was rather unbelievable and I have been reluctant to talk about it but I feel I am supposed to tell you.”

We were all ears.

She continued, “When you two laid your hands on my head and you started to speak suddenly I saw a great light and a being or angel descended and stood right beside us. He had a white robe and his whole body glistened brilliantly. I could see that he wore sandals and his feet rested about a foot above the floor.”

“That was quite an event,” I said. “Do you know why he came or did he communicate anything to you?”

“I received quite a number of impressions,” she said. “First he came to assist you in casting out the evil presence. Secondly, he came to give me some information, some of which I am supposed to share with you.’

“Did he speak to you?”

“No, not in the normal sense,” she said, “but he transmitted a lot of information to my mind. In an instant I understood a number of things.”

We encouraged her to continue.

“The first impression I received was that there is more scripture than the Bible.”

“We have already taught you that,” I said and pulled out a Book of Mormon. “This is a book of scripture that is in addition to the Bible.”

“No,” she said emphatically. That was not what he was referring to. There is more scripture than the Bible and Book of Mormon.”

“Then he must have been directing you to the Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price, revelations given to Joseph Smith.” I opened my scriptures to their location and showed them to her.

“No, no, this is not it. The scriptures he showed me are written on golden plates.’

Well, the Book of Mormon was originally written on golden plates,” I said.

“But these scriptures have not been translated yet.”

“The only thing that fits that description is the sealed portion of the plates that Joseph did not translate,” I added.

Her eyes lit up. “Sealed!” she said. “Yes, that’s the word I was searching for. His communication to me said the plates were sealed and the day is not far away when they will come forth.

We then related to her about the prophesies about the coming forth of the sealed plates. Then we expressed curiosity about why she would have received this.

She answered, “He gave me information about my youngest son (who was about 5 years old in 1966). He is supposed to be a prophet and somehow help in the work when the sealed plates come forth. If we join the church he will definitely become a prophet, but if we do not then he probably will live an ordinary life.

“Then I guess that is one more reason for you to join the church, so your child can fulfill his destiny,” I said.

“That’s where you are wrong,” she said. “Some of the information that came into my mind were the results of what would happen if we joined the church and also if we did not join. As I said, if we do not join our son will live an ordinary but peaceful life but if we do the whole family will experience great difficulty, especially him. I saw how the people would treat him when he began his work and many will mistreat him and hate him. I do not want my son to be persecuted!”

“Any person who does a worthwhile work for God has many difficulties,” I said, “but in the end it is worth it. For some reason you have been given a glimpse into the future and are presented with a choice. I’m sure that if he is going to be a prophet that he will need your guidance and support.”

“But I’m not sure if I can handle what my family will have to go through if my son takes the path I saw.” She was close to weeping and put her hands to her eyes. She then put down her hands and said, “What has happened so far bears witness that you are from God but I do not want my son to suffer as I saw that he would. I do not know if our family has the strength that it will take to fulfill the mission the messenger presented to me.”

We could see that the revelation she received made her very nervous about moving forward and joining the church. We realized that her inclination to pursue the higher path was very fragile and we had to place all attention possible in solidifying the right direction for her. We decided that we needed to visit them every day, instead of the usual once a week, to give them the encouragement they needed.

This we diligently did and with lots of encouragement they seemed to be leaning more toward joining the church. We continued teaching them over the next couple weeks but as we did so another disturbance in the force occurred.

Finally, they revealed what it was. “We have a problem,” they said. “At first we thought this problem was just caused by coincidence and had nothing to do with you or your teachings, but now we are not so sure.”

“So, what is the problem?”

Mr. Sherlock explained, “As you know we own an antique store and this is our sole means of support to take care of our family. The first thing that has occurred is that several of our most valuable antiques have mysteriously fallen from the shelves and have been destroyed.”

We tried to give him hope that this was a temporary problem. Then he said. “But that is not all. Normally, on an average day we have 30-40 customers come in and most of them buy something. In the past couple weeks do you know how many have come in on an average day?”

“How many?” we asked.

“One or two a day and this has happened not one day but every day since you blessed our house. In addition, the one or two have not been buying anything. Between the destruction of my best antiques and having no customers we are headed toward financial disaster.”

I explained to them that problems always occur when you try and do the right thing but he was concerned over the power these evil beings seemed to have. What happened he said could not be coincidence for he had never even had one day that was as bad as every day was now.

I suggested we could go on another fast and bless their business and also put that off limits from the adversary.

“But whatever this evil is it doesn’t seem to want to quit,” he said. “Even if you can get our business back to normal, what next? Maybe our kids will be attacked at school or we’ll have an accident while driving.”

I explained to him that the power of evil is limited – that if they continue that eventually the evil force will lose its power and things will be back to normal.

“But how long will that take? Things have to change soon or we’ll go broke,” he said.

We gave them all the encouragement we could, but as we left we did so with an uneasy feeling. We considered fasting again and maybe offering some universal prayer of protection that would cover their business and anything else we didn’t cover last time.

We returned to see them the next evening and found all the lights in their home were turned off. No one answered the door. We knocked a half dozen times and there was no answer. We knew they were home but didn’t want to see us.

We went back the next evening with the same results…

And the next.

Finally, we got the message. They decided to take the lesser path revealed by the messenger to avoid all the problems that would come if we continued teaching them.

We decided to give them one more try and the next day we visited their shop. It seemed to be teaming with customers. After a wait we finally were able to approach Mr. Sherlock. Before we could get out a word he asked us to leave. We replied that we just wanted a few minutes of his time.

Then he spoke quite harshly telling us that we needed to leave the premises immediately and if we did not then he would have us arrested for trespassing.

This produced a feeling of deep sadness that is difficult to describe. It appeared that this family came to this earth with the opportunity to be of great service to mankind but they placed their physical well being above the rewards of service. I reflected on the scripture, “The harvest is great, but the laborers are few.”

I stayed in Scarborough about three additional months after Elder Eldridge left for home. Just before I left Scarborough my new companion and I paid one more visit to their store. Both Mr. and Mrs. Sherlock were there and they seemed alarmed to see me again and were insistent that we leave. I agreed to leave but said I wanted to ask them one question.

“What happened to your business after you refused to see us again?”

Mrs. Sherlock smiled and said that immediately afterwards business increased. It didn’t really return to normal but better than normal. Business had been the best it had ever been and they wanted to make sure that would continue. They both insisted that the best thing we could do to help them was to just leave.

We departed and I have never seen or heard of them again.
Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

Group Fast

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Posted July 20, 2010

My Friends,

I am encouraged that the group wishes to do more for the work and are collectively considering fasting and praying for greater results.

It is too bad that some conflict has arisen that has distracted the group from spiritual purpose involved.

Conflict in a grass roots situation is not surprising as there is not a designated leader and without this several divergent voices generally arise with different ideas. Then the group wanting to maintain goodwill is reluctant to throw support behind anyone, but just wishes they could move forward smoothly.

What to do.

It does look like Blayne was the first to bring up the idea of a group fast (message 46745) so I’m inclined to suggest he be in charge – so long as he has group support.  So Blayne will pick the day and the purpose and the rest of the group who want to participate will give him their ideas. He can always ask for a group vote if there is conflict.

Of course, each individual is free to ignore the group fast and use his own approach or no approach.

In directing the energies of a fast, less is more.  I have had successful fasts when I directed my attention to one-pointed results.

Blayne writes:
And then you know me my mind takes off and thinks ok if in this life then what criteria has to happen in the next fifteen years to get things moving?

Large numbers of people must be reached with some of the key teachings.  A book, a webpage, facebook, youtube, a radio show, TV show, movie or something that reaches the masses must take place.

There are several reasons a breakthrough hasn’t happened yet.

(1) The consciousness of the people does not express a great enough desire for the Path or higher knowledge.

(2) Many disciples who could help have descended further into materialism, ego, illusion and discouragement than expected. They are more interested in following their own will rather than doing useful work for a cause greater than self.

(3) There are cycles of opportunity.  For the past three years I have been in a night cycle rather than the day and have thus been more in a receiving mode than sending.  I have been attempting to take advantage of this by filling my mind with as many ideas and useful information as possible so the next sending cycle will be more successful.

(4) Even the Higher Lives are somewhat limited by cycles and definitely work with them. If the time is not right for them to make a move then there is nothing we can do to influence them to do it.

That said it is true that all of us want something to happen as soon as possible.  What can we do?

(1) First and foremost prepare yourself.  Study not only my writings but anything of value that feels right to your soul.  Try and get at least an hour’s study time in each day.

(2) Start a local group.  It could be either metaphysical or political.  Both are needed and enlightenment is surely lacking in both departments.  If interested go to the archives and do a search for “Synthesis Group”.  That should bring up some of my suggestions for creating a group.

One thing I might add here.  We went to a party last weekend where friends hosted a musician in their backyard. Everyone brought pot luck in food and beverages and we had a great turn out that was a lot of fun.  This would be a good way to start a local group, but instead of a musician you have a speaker introducing a course of learning. Then if you have any musical talent available that could only help.

(3) Make some posts here.  Many do not realize that their posting here helps give life to ideas.

(4) Give book one of the Immortal to your friends.  I have printed copies of book one as well as the audio that I will send free copies to all living in the U.S. who want them.

(5) Ask yourself, what more can I do than I am doing now?

(6) Be patient and don’t lose faith.  The work will leap forward at the right time and place.

Do we need complete economic melt down before people will turn to more spiritual mindedness?

Unless we have a gathering place available a complete economic breakdown would do more harm than good, possibly opening the door to a dictatorship.

However, a strong economic downturn can force people to dwell more on the spirit and the essentials of life.  It is possible that a little more squeeze on the people will create opportunity that was not there before.

Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey


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Posted Aug 16, 2010

JJ, you know how you started a list of Principles in the Archives, was there
ever a “Principle of Fasting”?

Or is there one you can write up?

Does this principle circle around Magnetism and Radiance?

Neither fasting, not eating, or running, or anything else we do is a principle in itself but involve principles. A principle is the concept that brings to the understanding as to why something works. Why do we eat and then refrain from eating? This can be traced back to the principles of interdependence and of cycles. In addition we fast for two additional reasons involving which are cyclic cleansing or rest and communion.

to find the principle you do not look at an action or a piece of data, but you look at the reason for the happening or the cause of the data.


Nadell asked, “Well, isn’t freedom simply the absence of selfishness?

Larry Woods says,
That is a very good question.

Let us know any response you get from your answer.

Actually the unselfish who are in illusion are the first to freely march toward slavery. Freedom from illusion is the key to freedom, not unselfishness.

Hitler was fairly unselfish as he sacrificed all he had for his goals, which he thought was for the good of all.

He was, however, in great illusion as well as his unselfish followers.

It is great illusion to think a forced good will have a good end. Socialism and equality have good ingredients, but when they are forced upon people by leaders who are in great illusion, scarcity and depression are the final result.
Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

Principles – Fasting

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Posted Aug 19, 2010
Dan wrote:
What I want to know is – Does physically fasting from food have effect upon prayer or “communion with higher beings” in any way other than as a symbolic ritual to focus the attention and if so, why and how – by what mechanism does it act? Same question in regard to fasting from water.

…my ability to concentrate has generally seemed to DECREASE while fasting rather than increase. For instance reading for retention/learning – actually even for entertainment – is almost out of the question.

Good questions and comments.  Yes, I have had the same experience.  When fasting my ability to concentrate has decreased and any higher contact has been no more than normal.

So, what is the advantage of fasting?

From my experience it is this.  Fasting with a specific purpose in mind that involves petitioning spiritual assistance seems to get the attention of the soul.  It is as if the soul notices the sacrifice being made and if the upward focus is strong enough then it will respond and help the seeker.

It also has a physical benefit in that many of the powers of the digestive system switch from digesting food to cleansing he body. This is why many have a headache at the beginning of a fast – because the body has released toxins and they make the head ache. They also interfere with concentration.  When the fast is over there is often an increase in the sense of well being and then powers of concentration will increase.

Ruth wanted to know the principle involved with fasting.  There is a principle that gets results and that is the principle of sacrifice which is a corollary to cause and effect.

Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey