Energy and the Molecule

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Posted July 26, 2010

John C wrote:
Thanks for your thoughtful reply, Susan. — In, Susan Carter wrote: >Let’s say Thom is 2 and you are 4. Then you would need a female to create that balance of energy.

What I don’t understand is how somebody could just arbitrarily teach that somebody’s energy is out of balance when they haven’t met them, let alone seen them as a couple and seen how they interact as a couple.

She wasn’t making a statement of what your energy is or that it is out of balance but stating a hypothetical to make her point.

I’ll make several other points that I hope aids with clarification of molecular principles.

There are three things to consider as far as energy goes in creating a successful molecule.

First is the natural energy flow between two people in relationship because of the differing electrical charge on their physical bodies. The male bodies will have some type of positive charge and the female bodies a negative charge. This charge varies with individuals.

The second is the sending and receiving energies that flow because of the difference in evolution between the two. The one who is higher in evolution and spiritual vibration will generally send more than he/she receives thus becoming the spiritual male whether the person is a physical male or female.

If the male turns out to be the lesser evolved he will receive more than he sends, but because he is in a male body will desire to be the sender and may experience some frustration.

Every relationship, gay or straight, that is experienced by two people of the same sex will have one polarized as male and the other as female in the relationship.

In some couples the polarization will be obvious and in others it will not be so obvious and they will say something to the effect: “We are equal and sometimes he sends and sometimes I do.”

There is no such thing as two separate creations being exactly equal just as there are no two snowflakes being exactly the same. What happens in cases like this is that the equality is close enough that the polarized sender is not obvious. But if the couple pays attention it will be. Most just have never even thought about these things let alone attempt to discern polarization.

In cases where the polarized sender is not acknowledged he is often revealed when the couple has to make a difficult decision and the couple are not in agreement. The one who gets his way is usually the one who is polarized male in the relationship. This is not always the case, but often is.

It is generally the case when the one gets his way because he makes a powerful argument. It is not the case when a person gets his way because he has an emotional tantrum or demand.

The third consideration is soul contact. Balancing the energy flow alone will not make a molecule work. The final and most difficult thing is that all individuals involved must be capable of achieving soul contact and overlooking the faults of others so group soul contact can be maintained.

Now John motioned that when he was married his wife was the receiver and he was the definite sender, but the relationship did not work for it was too boring. My guess is that it was boring because of a gap in spiritual evolution. You were interested in deep concepts and she was not so she couldn’t receive the really important things you had to share.

A molecular couple should be as close as possible in spiritual evolution.

Another point is that in a working molecule the working partner could shift with each meeting and the molecule could remain stable so long as the energy stays balanced. There is too strong of a conception that the molecular partners must work together like they are in a marriage and this is not the case. You could have a partner you have never met before and the molecule could work if all have soul contact and the energy is at a reasonable balance.

This feeling that you have to have your one and only romantic partner by your side at all times in the molecule is a misconception.

The purpose of the molecule has nothing to do with enhancing desire relationships, but everything to do with raising group consciousness.
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