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Posted July 10, 2010

I thought I’d make a few comments on a couple of things brought up lately.

First I’d like to express appreciation to Blayne for posting his letter giving us some of his hard earned reflections.

I remember when I first had an encounter with Blayne I just about wrote him off as he seemed very head strong and difficult to work with. Then Susan wrote me and told me that this was not the Blayne she knew that he was really a great guy and I should be patient for he would be a great asset if he ever joined with us.

I kind of kept that thought in the corner of my mind and looked for opportunities to agree rather than disagree and finally we did find points of agreement and from that point on he became a good friend.

Blayne talks about going through a dark night of the soul where spiritual consciousness and events seemed far away and he started to doubt all things, even things he previously experienced and knew with reasonable certainty they were true.

I think a lot of people identified with this because we all go through cycles. Just as there is a night and day on this planet there are various degrees of nights and days as far as spiritual light goes.

The interesting thing is that all are subject to these cycles, even the Christ himself. The only advantage the greater lives have is they understand the cycles and know the feelings associated with the night period are temporary and can steer their way through them better than we can.

During the night cycle it will often seem that nothing much spiritual is happening and perhaps one did imagine spiritual events in the past. But if these cycles are understood we can use them to our benefit. They are a good time for reflection and to absorb that which we have already taken in. Proper absorption through reflection will bring an increase of wisdom for the new cycle.

Blayne said he did a lot of reflection during this period so in the end he most likely benefited from it.

Another comment made was around the numerous spiritual experiences that I am relating. Some wonder why they happen more to some than others.

The short answer to this is energy follows thought. If a person just places a small amount of attention on the soul and spirit then he will only draw a small amount of energy in this direction and most of the energy in his life will be centered on day to day living, getting ahead, family, friends, education, home etc.

On the other hand, those who dedicate their lives to the spiritual side and focus a large amount of energy on it will have many more spiritual experiences.

Almost as important as a general focus toward spirit is a focused direction. Those who throw their attention shotgun style will not draw nearly as many valuable experiences as those who focus their energy with purpose and direction.

Let us take an example from my last post. The woman with pernicious anemia received healing blessings before I showed up and when we blessed her we received the same results as those before us.

Instead of just accepting those results as did the others I didn’t take no for an answer and sought the reason she was not responding. After receiving an impression of the reason we then changed direction, refocused and tried again with success.

How many complain that they have no spiritual experiences in their lives and then just continue doing what they are do with no change in direction?

If one desires spiritual experiences he must ask , “What do I need to do? What change of direction must I take? Do I have enough thought focused on the side of the Spirit?”

It is interesting to note that I had many more spiritual experiences during the two years I spent on my mission than the next two years that followed that I spent back in college.

Why was this? Because energy follows thought and during my mission I focused much more thought on the spiritual side than I did when I returned to college.

When all things are taken into consideration, all have equal opportunity to share in the vast realms of spiritual energy.
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