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Posted Aug 26, 2010
John C quotes me:
“This is true on a broader scale. Those beginners on the Path may relate enlightening facts to those farther along than themselves, but they can never directly teach them principles. Principles are only passed down from higher to lower. If any of us achieve enlightenment on any principle, it is either inspired by a person who is further along the path than ourselves or from our Higher Selves. What we are saying here is, in fact, a principle: enlightenment proceeds from the top down, never from the bottom up.”

I see things just a little differently.

It is possible to raise one’s consciousness so as to obtain a higher angle of vision and observe for oneself.

I don’t see how you see things differently at all.  If you raise your consciousness to a high enough angle of vision to understand a new principle then you are making some degree of soul contact and receiving assistance from your higher self.  We can come to many conclusions just using metal reflection, but such things deal with facts rather than principles.  Sounds like you are in harmony with my statement.

This statement you made demonstrates how you have received from higher than your lower nature:

“Whenever I went to church, or listened to a speech, or read a book, it was like there was a little narrative of the soul going on in my inner ear: “I know what that guy just said, but this is the truth.” I listened more to that inner voice, than I did to any outer voice….In a way, nobody learns things totally on their own.”

John C
And this explains my insistence that a male/male atomic unit would not hurt a Molecule.

It doesn’t explain it at all for you never created a molecule.  There hasn’t been a full working model since Christ was here 2000 years ago.

What you created was a spiritual group and a spiritual group creating group energy can be produced by any combination of people.

John C
But to say that all same-sex couples are not really married, can’t experience soul contact, and are incapable of forming a balanced atomic unit, does not fit in with the reality that I have experienced.

I never said that there cannot be soul contact in male male and female female relationships as you insinuate.   This happens all the time.  You are using the word “balanced” as in feeling in harmony together through the soul.  This is a totally different thing than balancing electrical charge.  You need to disagree with what I say, not with what I do not say.

John C
It just drives me nuts when so many people on the Keys appear to me to be so stuck on JJ that they can’t see anything or anybody else.

They do see a lot else and many members are attending other classes and reading a large assortment of books.  BUT they do not dwell on these other things because the Keys is set up as a classroom with me as the teacher.

Why does this drive you nuts???

Were you also driven nuts when you attended school and had to follow the agenda of the teacher.  When you were in a math class, did you want to talk about English?
I cannot imagine being driven nuts over anyone who has decided to teach a class no matter how wrong I think they are.  If the teacher does not know what he is talking about I wouldn’t be driven nuts, but would just not take the class.

If the teacher has something good to teach I would take the class and learn, but wouldn’t be driven nuts.

If the students were enthralled with the teacher and do not listen to a word I say -fine – that is their choice and has nothing to do me. I’ll still take what I can from the class and would not be driven nuts.

John C
Why does it bother me when people do that? Some people think it’s because I’m jealous and want attention, but that’s not true. All people want attention. That is perfectly normal. But, I DON’T want attention, but I would like to be at least taken seriously when I write something, and have it given at least some consideration. But, this is something I want for every member of the group.

It sounds like you are saying that you do not want attention but then turn around and telling us you want attention – or to be taken seriously which is the same thing.

John C
When I post, I don’t try to say the absolutely perfect truths, coming out of the mouth of God. I like to throw out an idea and have somebody else improve on it, then I say something to improve on their idea, and then somebody says something to improve that still further. This is the way Thom and I make decisions, and the way we teach each other truths, and it works great! Everybody gets to be the teacher. Everybody gets to be the student. Everybody sends. Everybody receives. This works great here at home, but it has never worked on the Keys.

Sounds like you are not looking for a classroom but one of the many loosely organized forums like Alex has created for example. Here on the Sealed Portion we are not set up as a classroom with a teacher but as a group where all can post with equal authority. This and others like it should be much more suited for your needs.

I like coming to forums such as this, but am also a member of a list with an acknowledged teacher like myself.  I wouldn’t think of complaining that no one listens to me there or in any other class.

John C
I don’t stand up on the mountain and throw down lightning bolts. My attitude is more like: come, let us reason together.

Perhaps I write things that most people aren’t interested in — like how overshadowing REALLY works, etc.

Maybe the group didn’t believe you REALLY know how it works.
John C
I have new principles or insights to offer the world, and I have taught many of them on the Keys, and I have mentioned some of them in this post.

I think we have a different understanding of principles for I haven’t seen you ever teach a new one.

That said, I thought I would end with a few comments that may be offensive to you, but if you can handle it then they will be helpful.

First, I do not think you are jealous of me as some accuse you of being.  I think you see yourself of at least my equal and therefore, in your mind, no jealousy is possible.

You complain that few on the Keys listen to you.  Here are the reasons for that.

(1) The Keys is set up as a classroom and as such the students came there to learn from the teacher – not a student competing with the teacher.

(2) In post after post you present yourself as a victim.  No one wants to learn from someone who feels like a victim.

(3) You are constantly on a soapbox about being gay.  We have a number of gays on the forum and they do not do this. If you were to equally talk about Scientology and how this made you a victim that would be equally annoying.

You are gay, fine.  I do not know a member of the Keys that has anything against gays.  Unless being gay has something to do with the agenda of the class or something being taught let’s move on.

(4) You regularly give us hints that you have special knowledge that we are unprepared for. This makes some see you as presenting yourself as a superior to the rest of us without giving us any evidence.

(5) You present yourself on the Keys as if you have a right to be listened to and understood.  No one has that right including myself.

(6) You regularly hint that you disagree with me but rarely give anything with clarity that defines the disagreement. This sometimes makes it look like you are disagreeing just to be disagreeing or to take me down a notch.

(7) Even though you say you are free from the beast you seem to think your teachings should be accepted on the Keys because of who you were in past lives (which you’ve hinted at) and/or some type of divine authority you inherently possess. I doubt if you can see this in yourself, but I can guarantee you that others have this impression.

Sorry to be so blunt with you but I think it is time to confront you with these points and they can be helpful if examined with the right attitude.

Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

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