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Posted Aug 26, 2010
Larry W writes:
Also you pointed out that JJ’s story of his planetary origin is fiction and that is all that JJ ever claimed it to be. However, I believe that in the context of that story or of some similar story, JJ has thousands more years experience as a physical soul than we do and I buy into the idea he was tapped for leadership by the BOL because of this plus his attitude and his karma.

As I have said many times the Immortal Books are built upon true events as much as possible. Normally I do not comment on what is true and what is fiction but in this case I will make an exception to illustrate how many events in the series are created from points of truth and then fictionalized.

It is true that I was taken far back in time to a distant planet and shown the exact moment my path changed from dark to light. It was very disturbing because I saw that I was one bad dude that didn’t care about human life and that I indeed had to pay for many debts after I made the change.

Most of this particular story in the book is fictionalized but created from what I believe to be a true experience.

Unless a reader gets a true revelation he cannot tell which parts are built upon true events and which one are pure fiction so it is unwise to just declare, “You know that is fiction, don’t you?”
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