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Posted Sept 3, 2010
Well, John C – looks like you have done a lot of research and contemplation on the overshadowing process. You have come up with some interesting thoughts and conclusions. You are also expanding on a principle you and Keith call the Tuning Fork Principle. An understanding of this can lead to many facts.

You seem to wonder what a divine possession would really feel like. The best description I can give you is found in The Lost Key of the Buddha. The description of the presence is true though the circumstances are changed for the story’s sake.

From The Lost Key:
She then stepped forward and touched both sides of my head with her fingertips, took a long deep breath and breathed out on me. As she exhaled her breath, I felt a deep and penetrating peace begin at the core of my soul, which seemed to light into a warm and comfortable spiritual fire.

Elizabeth stepped back and said, “It’s gone! The Presence is no longer in me. I believe it has been transferred into you. What do you feel?”

“Like you said, it is a strong Presence burning like a spiritual fire. It’s like the feeling I had when I laughed at the Dark Brother beside my bed, and afterward a presence descended on me. It is also similar to the feeling of being in the New Jerusalem.”

“Well, I guess one problem is solved. You do not have to worry about a place to store Excalibur. Apparently this Presence is the owner of it and he is now residing within you.”

“To tell the truth I’m not sure what the situation is. I feel a Presence, and a wonderful Presence it is, but no information is coming through. It is just here with me.”

“Maybe it is just settling in, looking through your eyes and making adjustments.”

“Maybe,” I said, a little puzzled.

“I think it is time to get a little rest,” she said. “I do not remember when I have felt so exhausted.”

That sounded good to me. We both went to bed and quickly fell to sleep.

My sleep did not last long. I was awakened about two hours later by an intensity of feeling that I had never felt before. The power of the Presence within me had magnified several times and I felt as if I were on fire even more than before. It was at this time I realized that the Presence of this Great Entity was not just hovering around me, but was within me sharing my very body and being. I did not quite know what to make of it except that the Entity seemed to be adjusting to me as I was toward it. Whatever the case was, the feelings associated with the Presence were wonderful, and I instinctively had great trust in it. I felt like it would leave if I asked it to, but I had no inclination except to welcome the visitor to stay as long as it wished.

I lay for the next half hour in a sort of blissful joy and then wandered off to sleep again.

Elizabeth and I slept in that morning and did not get to the office until around noon. During the day, the power of the Presence intensified even more – a thing that I did not deem possible. It felt wonderful, but made it somewhat difficult to keep my mind on my work.

The second day produced similar results. I felt as if I were literally on fire.

Then on the third day the intensity reached a crescendo, the likes of which I had never dreamed. I felt as if I was dwelling in the heart of the sun and all who looked upon me would be blinded. I felt a joy which could only be called a fullness. I call it a fullness because I do not think anything could be added to it.

This was the opposite of the feelings associated with the Dweller.

Instead of overwhelming pain, I felt a joyousness and exhilaration far beyond my wildest imagination. Sometimes I thought the intensity was too much, but then when I asked myself the question, “Do I want it to subside?” the answer was always no. Even though the intensity was so great it was almost painful, it wasn’t painful–just exactly the maximum I could endure.

Instead of fear I felt a confident realization that there is indeed a dominating good which always prevails. Instead of wishing the Presence gone this time I opened my arms and heart to it inviting it to stay as long as desired. On this third day when the living fire was so intense I posed a question to Elizabeth.

“Look at me,” I said.

“What for?” she asked.

“Just look,” I said. “Look over my whole body.”

“OK,” she replied. “I’ve looked over your body. Now what?”

“Do I look any different?”

“Not really,” she responded.

“Look harder. Do I seem to be glowing or anything?”

“Not that I can tell.”

“Look closer at my skin then. Is there any light radiating from it?”

“Sorry,” she said. “You just look like you always do. Has this got something to do with the Presence?”

“Yes,” I said. “I thought the strength of the Presence was great on the night it went from you into me, but that was nothing compared to what I feel now. I feel like I am on fire, but it is a good fire. It feels like all who would look at me, because of the Presence in me, would just see a brilliant sun shining in its strength. I am almost surprised that I look normal.”

“Maybe if I had the inner vision I would see the brilliance of the sun,” said Elizabeth, “but all I see with these eyes is the physical you.

“In a way, that’s a relief,” I said. “If I walked around glowing, people would probably think I was an alien or something.”

“I have an idea of what you are feeling since it was first in me,” said Elizabeth, “but you say the power of the Presence increased over a three-day period. Perhaps it is merging with you beyond what I experienced.”

“I think that is the case,” I said. “I think we both felt the Presence to a similar degree the night it came, but it seems to have settled in and is merging beyond words to describe. I think this intensity can only be endured after a period of several days of adjustment. If this intensity had come all at one time I do not think I could have handled it. Here, hold my hand a minute.”

She took my hand and held it.

“Do you feel anything unusual?” I asked.

“Actually I don’t,” she said, sounding a little disappointed.

“The feeling is so intense I thought you would feel something just by touching me. But again, I guess it is good that touching me feels normal.” I paused a moment and asked, “Do you have any feelings about what I am supposed to do with this Presence?”

“It only rested on me for a short time,” she said. “I just received one communication from it and that did not come in words, but an impression. I feel that you need to blend your mind with its mind until its thoughts become your thoughts – a little like the Oneness Principle that John speaks of.”

That sounded like as good advice as any, and for the next several days I concentrated on merging and tuning into its thoughts. This Being was of such a high vibration and so far beyond me in spiritual attainment that I was not sure of the path of approach. I seemed to sense that the spiritual level where we were merging was beyond the power of regular spoken words.

The next few days seemed to be one of adaptation on my part. I’m sure this Being also had to make adjustments to share my body and consciousness, but at least I was sure he knew what he was doing. On the other hand, I was not sure about myself. This was an experience that had no precedent as far as my knowledge went. I therefore attempted to tune into his mind and as the days passed I seemed to be able to do this. When I acquired some ability to understand the mind of the Being who was with me, I realized that I was learning a higher form of communication.

In normal communication the mind formulates thoughts, translates them into words and speaks them to others. In this process much is lost, for the original thought is always corrupted to some extent because of the imperfection of spoken or written language. This communication I was learning was much different. In this case my mind and the entity’s mind became as one mind, intertwined and understanding each other in almost all things. I say “almost” because I sensed we still maintained our individuality and there were certain things in the entity’s mind that were hidden from me.

For instance, I probed it for the Second Key of Knowledge that John was teaching me and found all his thoughts on the subject were closed to me. I assumed that I was to learn this key without it being given to me.

The three attributes of Light and Love and Power in this Being were strong beyond my previous vision or understanding. I felt such power from this Entity surging through my being that it felt as if I could point my finger at a mountain and it would be reduced to nothingness if he so willed it. Such power would have been frightening to feel if it were not tempered by an equally powerful love which I felt. The love was like a fire of unimaginable depth that was at one with my soul and spirit. It vivified my own life force and caused my thoughts to reach out to all humanity; seeking to alleviate their pain and seek peace on earth, good will to human kind.

The light and wisdom from this being was equally overwhelming. I have often considered myself a seeker who could match wits with the best of the ideologues, but before the light of this great mind I felt humble indeed. This Being was indeed a teacher of teachers, a master of angels and men.

The being stayed with me about forty days. During this period I learned that its purpose was not so much to teach me knowledge in the normal sense, but to intensify my vibration and acclimate me to this higher Presence in preparation for some future mission. I learned to understand the aspect of the Oneness Principle as never before, where two become one.

Perhaps the most unusual thing about this forty-day experience was the consistent exaltation of joy and pure bliss that I felt. I had my ups and downs in the normal sense during this time, several business problems, disappointments, etc., but nothing that happened, no matter how disturbing, was able to diminish or take away from the consistent exaltation I felt. This Being had an eternal fullness of joy, and there was nothing that could happen in the outward world that could interfere with it or take it away.

Many people have the mistaken idea that God is consistently sad because of all the evils and hurt in the world. The state of mind of this great Entity taught me otherwise. He realizes all the problems that people have and seeks to help them, but no problem, pain or distress that you or I may feel can touch or diminish His state of joy. This is because His mind is not focused on the temporary distress that humanity may have, but the eternal conquest over illusion which we all will attain at some future time. The Great Ones can see these future times of joy and merge them with the present distress, so all negativity is neutralized.

This consistent joy was perhaps the most amazing thing I gathered from this whole experience. Before this happened, I could not conceive of a positivism that could not be diminished or touched by the cares of the world. I had, of course, heard preachers talk about heaven, where we will have some type of eternal bliss; but I never seriously considered experiencing a positive joyousness in the here-and-now that could not be touched or diminished.

For instance, if I lost one thousand dollars I would, of course, be very upset. But the interesting thing about sharing this Presence was that it would not matter what happened; even if I had lost everything I owned, the experience of a fullness of joy would have continued.

I would have registered the consequences mentally and dealt with the problem on a practical basis, but the joyousness would not have been touched or diminished. The loss of the money would have seemed like a very small thing for the lower mind to handle.

I can only give the briefest description of my experiences with this Entity, but will add that even one hour of this oneness is worth a lifetime of struggle to attain.

During the forty days, I received many impressions, mainly concerning overall pictures and principles, but the last one I received is the one that lingers in my mind.

This was the message: “Teach those things which you receive through your teacher and the Oneness Principle. When you gather around you those who are willing to receive that which you have, then I will come dwell with you again and shall give you more.”

“How many do I have to gather?” I asked.

“That is for me to decide,” he said. “Gather around you all the lights who listen to the voice of the soul, and when all is ready I will come. Until that time I will be with you, for a link has been created between us. I will be aware of all that transpires until I come.”

Shortly after receiving this message the entity left. The time afterwards required quite an adjustment to feel “normal,” but on the positive side I was still aware of the link, and this connective energy I constantly sensed helped to make normal living and being bearable again.

Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

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