Handling Difficulties

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Posted Oct 21, 2010
Blayne writes:
I feel like I have been living The Immortal for for the past month or so. As I have been trying to work on my log home it seems one adversity after another has come my way, it reminded me of Joe going from one seemingly impossible task to the next.. I wondered how I was going to get the roof on, I had no help and it was slow going till my neighbor came up helped me out of the blue loaned me equipment etc.

I even tried to hire some help but no one was interested then a fellow log home builder called and I hired him (even though I couldn’t afford it). So with the 3 of us we got the structural roof on and papered so it can weather the winter but it still needs a sleeper roof with insulation and the metal etc. I was feeling pretty good about that then my truck broke and a few days later my car broke. Then within a day I was driving my wife to the airport and her car broke, all within one week. And the next night my son called and his car had over heated… Needless to say I was beside myself wondering what the heck was going on…

So I have spent the last week working on cars and we had to buy one so we at least had two running cars as My wife’s car is shot the engine threw a rod meaning it needs to be replaced or rebuilt (not cheap). Now I am broke but we have two cars at least. I haven’t even had a chance to work on the truck but It is just the alternator so I can fix that.

After having gone through a number of life experiences where my bad luck seemed to defy the laws of probability, I feel for you. If it is any comfort I might add that in my experience, sooner or later, things normalize and then even some good fortune presents itself.

It does seem though that the good fortune is usually earned by the sweat of your brow whereas bad fortune can sometimes come like an unannounced tsunami.

Alex writes:
Can regressive hypnosis cause or trigger certain events in future? – Is it any good for everyone, indiscriminately to have access to past lives information? Can it cause damage? Is it always better not to know something one is not supposed to know?

Each of us has been through many past lives. Some have been pleasant and some not so pleasant. I have found that people are much more likely and willing to visit and explore the more pleasant lives than the painful ones.

Also with a difficult life a person is more willing to recall the good times than the bad times. This is not a black and white rule though for I have had subjects return to very painful times.

It is interesting that returning and reliving painful experiences in past lives can alleviate current physical problems. This is one of the correct things taught by Scientology.

I think I told you the story about a lady who had terrible neck pain in this life. I regressed her and she relived an experience where she was beheaded. After going through this her neck pain disappeared and never came back.

Returning to past lives can therefore at times be helpful rather than a hindrance – but not always. Sometimes past memories can be a distraction in the present and this is one reason we forget so we can forge a new path without the past holding us back.

In this life a terrible mistake can paralyze us so we do nothing but feel sorry for ourselves. But when such a person dies and is reborn with a blank slate he no longer has that memory to hold him back.

Overall I haven’t seen much that can be considered bad results from taking people back. Even when people discover something uncomfortable it usually doesn’t settle with them as strongly as a memory in this life. For instance, if you harm someone in this life you may feel guilt over it, but harm done in a past life is seen more from the viewpoint of the observer and permanent guilt is not likely to resurface.

There is some risk in anything we do so if you decide to be regressed first check your internal barometer and see if taking such an action feels right.
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