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Posted Oct 13, 2010
Rob writes:
If we collectively participate in the levels/parameters of a new, future creation then how is boredom held at bay since we are already intimately familiar with the creation?

When I used to be an avid video game player, the excitement came from not knowing what the designers had in store for me. New and surprising challenges and rewards awaited behind every corner. But once I mastered all the challenges it no longer held any interest. I don’t think I would have much fun playing a video game that I designed myself. The interest came from someone else being able to out-imagine myself.

So then, what fun is it to play the ultimate game of Life in a Universe designed by me?

Our situation does not closely corresponds to the creator of a video game for several reasons.

(1) A video game is created by a small number of people, often just one person.

The universe is created by many trillions of lives which gives it many more variables, built in intelligence and interest than a video game. You were far from being alone in creation and design.

(2) The video game creator programs every detail of the game and always knows what will happen next.

Note that I use the wording “between creations.” There are many creations. When the universe was created the One Great Life of which we are a part had a knowledge of past universes and sought to create one more interesting and conducive to joy than existed with the previous one.

We had to start out with incredibly small building blocks and organize until we arrived where we are now. Making a goal to go to the moon with all its unknowns more closely corresponds to what we have done than a video game though many parts of life has game elements. We did not know all the details in advance of proceeding with creation.

Other creations we are involved in are that of solar systems, planet earth, the human race and our individual life. As we go from the universal to the particular in creation we as individuals have more of an impact on creation. The creation that is most like a video game is our individual life which we did plan out as much as possible. But… even though many lives are highly planned they rarely turn out as planned and the player has to make many adjustments.

(3) The video game creator, if he chooses to play, is aware of all the rules and knows exactly how the game works.

On the other hand, we are born with no memory and do not have a clue as to what is really going on. You may have planned for certain things to materialize in your life but you have no memory of it so when these events arrive you approach them as if some random event or maybe an outside god contrived them. Then other things happen that were unplanned by anyone.

I can see that if one invented a video game and knew all the details of it that it may not be that much fun to play but life is more like a game of football. Let us say that I invented football in a past life and in this life have forgotten that fact. Would this mean that I wouldn’t enjoy it now?

No. On the contrary, I can enjoy it as much or more than anyone.

And speaking of football I have to brag about Boise State, which is rated as the number three team in the nation. We went unbeaten last year and ended with a Fiesta bowl win. We were denied the national championship playoff because we are not a BCS team with the big leagues.

This year we are unbeaten again so far and the powers that be hope we will lose a game because public opinion will be so much in our favor that they will be forced to let us play for the national championship. They do not want to give the national championship to a backwoods place like Boise, Idaho.

So, if we do make it to the national championship game we’ll make football history.

Eve if I invented football in a past life or know the rules in this one I find it exciting to follow my home team and will shout with joy if they win the BCS title.

(Note: We lost one game so we missed the big playoff. We did win our bowl game in Las Vegas though)

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