Response on Daheshism

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Response on Daheshism
Posted Aug 17, 2010
Mario, it was good to hear from a real Daheshist, especially one who personally knew the founder. I’m glad to see that you are concerned about your image and good name and can certainly understand that feeling.

You say:
However and not unless I am mistaken, while is a public disseminator of knowledge with unrestricted access, it is not balanced by an equally public discussion forum — one that is able to be viewed by all without restrictions, similarly to its content.

Actually, it is balanced off by a public discussion group which is this one. All the archive writings appeared here on the keys first.

The Daheshist follower concerned never identified himself but his comments were sent to me through a third party. So we do not know for sure who he was, only that he was a self-proclaimed follower. Now it may be true that he had a screw loose (which we assumed) but it is true that he was a self-proclaimed follower just as portrayed in the posts.

We have had self proclaimed followers from a number of movements post some strange stuff here and in each case we do not blindly accept that he is accurately reflecting the core beliefs of the mother organization.

In fact, Christians sometimes go so far as to post that Christ preached violence, but most realize that this was a distortion.

There is some good material in the concerned posts that took some thought for me to put in works so I do not want to pull it. However, the next time we update freeread I will be willing to put in a disclaimer in the posts as follows:

NOTE: We have been notified by an authorized agent of Daheshism informing us that the above character identified as “Dahesh Follower” was not an authorized agent of the organization and has in fact present a distorted view of Dahesh teachings.

That said, I would be interested in your response to a couple unanswered questions I asked the alleged Daheshist:

(1) To become a Daheshist one must “to live by The Book of Daheshism,” and also to promote it. I understand this book has not even been translated into English (and it is still not available on Amazon) so how is it possible that you are even a Daheshist if you cannot fulfill the promise?

(2) Is the Ramz ritual available for all to learned or do you have to be involved in some inner circle? Have you used it yourself and what has been your results?

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