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Posted Nov 22, 2010
Steve clarifies his questioning:

I would suggest that far more prayers go unanswered than they are answered, and that for me is where so much of the frustration lies. Eventually, one is going to tire of asking. I do not ask questions flippantly, I ask only when I want to know something that I think is necessary. If I blanked my children as much as our Higher Selves blank us then I wouldn’t consider myself to be a good parent. If our Higher Selves do not know something, then let them speak, let them say “I do not know”.

Maybe if the communication channels were a little more open, and a little more trust was given concerning knowledge, then perhaps there would be a little less suffering for all and we wouldn’t need the 600 year holiday between each incarnation.

Let me summarize your question to see if I understand correctly.  It seems logical to you that the Masters, Higher Lives and our own Higher Self should be more interested in helping us out a little and communicating more directly and consistently with us.  If they really wanted to help it would seem that they wouldn’t make us jump through so many hoops to get a little assistance.

I’ll make a few comments on this trend of thought.

This thinking is correct if we are talking about physical to physical help, but we are not.  Instead we are talking about assistance that must be given through the soul of the person involved.

Now there was a time when the guides of the race walked among us and helped us on the physical level.  This was necessary because even the highest among humanity was not soul conscious to much of a degree.  Therefore, if the higher lives were to assist humanity at all it had to be on the physical plane.

At that time the human teachers could just ask the Masters (who they called gods) whatever question they desired and they received some kind of answer.  It wasn’t always a complete answer, but it was something at least.

Then the Masters made a mistake and they helped too much.  This caused a negative effect comparable to the story of the person who helped the butterfly escape from its cocoon and killed it because the butterfly needed to participate in the struggle of escape to survive.

Partially because of too much help the late great civilization of Atlantis was destroyed.  After this the Masters contemplated their work and determined that they must be more careful in giving out help.  They must assist just the right amount and not too much if humanity is to survive another cataclysm.

After civilization sprung up anew they helped again on the physical plane as related in Bible stories, but much less than they did before.  Then came Jesus Christ and opened the door to soul contact for the masses.  As disciples become sensitive to the soul the door was shut as much as possible to physical on physical help.  It was determined that humanity would advance at the fastest rate possible if they placed their attention on the soul and the inner voice became the voice of God to them instead of an outside physical entity.

This has several disadvantages.  The main was that very few people as of yet have consistent soul contact.  But it has one overwhelming advantage and that is humans are forced to stretch themselves spiritually and seek the inner voice so they can become one with God in their own right.

When a critical mass of humans reach soul contact then the earth will no longer be in danger of destruction.  We will then become one of the few planets to have achieved the station of progress where we can move ahead and eventually become cultivators of other planets and assist in a greater creation that is in its infancy in this universe.
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