Examining Dr. Dahesh

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Posted Aug 20, 2010
Thank you for your gracious response.  We have had a number of people come here from various belief systems and often they are either very antagonistic or preach to us about how deluded or evil we are.

It is therefore an honor to be politely visited by someone who has had contact with a historical figure who is likely to grow in stature as time moves onward.

Of all the figures purporting to be a Christ figure Dr. Dahesh comes closest in my book to being able to logically lay hold to this claim. The most impressive thing I have read of him is that he was raised from the dead and performed many miracles.  If he was truly raised from the dead then he at least deserves our attention.

This does not mean that I accept that he is a reincarnation of the Christ but it does appear that he was either an advanced disciple or he had unseen beings assisting him.

Any person coming before us with claims of being a true teacher must present two witnesses.  They are

(1) His words
(2) And his works.

Apparently Dr. Dahesh has many words for us for if I recall he wrote around 150 works, though a number of then are fiction.

Unfortunately none of us can read them so we can check out his teachings for no books are available in English and not sure if they are available in any language.

The handful of teachings I have read sound interesting and most are not out of harmony with what we teach here.

Concerning the second witness of his works we have his many miracles and his art collection.  The miracles would seem to be associated with the higher fluid of which he teaches, but the collection of art seems to be associated with the middle one of materialism.  That seems perplexing to me.

One would think that he would have put his major attention on making sure his writings were published and circulated far above that of collecting art.

It seems a crime that he left his copyrights to a family that hides his writings under a bushel and doesn’t allow them to be published.

One would think that Dahesh would have sought out the most important miracle of all and that is to take a peek into the future and discern the best way to make sure his writings are published after he died.

Do you have any explanation as to why he did not publish his works here in America himself and why they have not been published to this day?  Did Dr. Dahesh make any comment about when his writings would be published to the world?

That’s probably enough for you to respond to for now but will have a number of other questions for you.

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2 thoughts on “Examining Dr. Dahesh

  1. Just imagine I read it twice. While I am not as accomplished on this topic, I concur with your closings because they make sense. Thanks and good luck to you.

  2. Great site here. Many blogs like this cover subjects that can’t be found in magazines and newspapers. I don’t know how we got by 10 years ago with just newspapers and magazines.

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