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Posted Oct 20, 2010
Ruth writes:
I am interested to know that as you had to consummate the relationship in this lifetime, then for what particular reason? Especially when you didn’t stay together for a really long time?

I could write a book on those four years we spent together but will probably never tell the full story. In using the word “consummate” I did not mean to imply that the relationship was over forever as we meet people we both love and hate again and again in different capacities from life to life. Your spouse in one life may be your child or parent – or best friend in another. By consummate, I meant that we fulfilled what we could in this life.

I anticipate that my second wife, Brenda, will reappear in a future life as a student and become involved in whatever work I will be doing.

Because my first wife rejected my higher teachings in this life I doubt if she will be a student of mine in the next life but she could very well show up in some capacity.

The Spirit told me that I should do everything in my power to keep Brenda pointed toward the work I was to do and she could become a great help in helping to accomplish great things.

When I first met her she was going through bankruptcy and was in bad shape financially and showed no sign of having power to free my hands so I could concentrate on the spiritual work. She was willing to give it a try however.

The first thing we did as we began our relationship was – I taught her how to sell signs and we took off together to see America. We spent three months traveling all over the country and had a great time with kind of a working vacation.

Then after this period of time we almost had too much of a good thing and headed back home. Brenda then got a job wit a small computer chip company called Micron. This eventually grew to be one of the largest in the world. She started out on minimum wage and worked up to management, but became frustrated and wanted to quit and work with me in real estate. I thought this would be great, but then we thought there may be a possibility that Micron would offer her extra money to stay.

At that time however, Micron stock was at an all time low and most people thought it was going to go under and no one was getting a raise.

But, I said to her that because she had knowledge of quality circles that no one else in the company did, that I though there was a good chance they would double her salary to entice her stay. I told her to go to Joe Parkinson (president) and tell him she would stay if he doubled her salary.

They basically took the deal, but deep inside I wished they had not because I sensed trouble and felt our relationship would have survived if we had gone into real estate together.

We decided the money and security was too good to pass up and she would now make enough so I could quit real estate and do the spiritual work.

As I organized a local group who should be one of my first students but my future wife, Artie.

Anyway, the big raise and increase of status changed Brenda and from that point on she seemed to lose faith in me and the work and seemed resentful that she was the main wage earner.

This also made it difficult for me to focus on the group work I was attempting. Friction increased and her faith in me continued to drop to the point she threatened to leave me on a regular basis. Each time she did the Spirit told me to work with her and several times she received an inner confirmation that brought back her support for a season.

But we went two steps back and only one forward and when we finally reached a very fragile point the inner voice spoke to me and said: “Do not worry. If Brenda doesn’t work out, Artie will help you.”

We reached an impasse a short time later and I left her and moved on with a relationship with Artie who became my present wife.

We’ve been married over 22 years now and she still has faith in me. After all we’ve been through she deserves a place in the New Jerusalem.

But the real work is yet to begin and that beginning is finally near. I am now waiting for the inner voice to announce, “It is time.”

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