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Posted Aug 24, 2010
Thanks for the information about the webinars, Larry W.  You are certainly always thinking.  I’m not clear as to whether you can have two way audio or not.

What I’ve decided to do in the near future is something similar and that is to teach through videos using youtube.  The advantage of youtube is that the chances of new people stumbling across us there is much more likely than in Yahoo groups.

I have six more videos to place on The Majority Speaks series.  These haven’t taken off that much but at least I’ll have them on the web for future reference.

I’ll be interested in seeing how much interest metaphysical teachings draw.

I’m gad to have finished the series on my mission experiences.  I was planning on maybe 10,000 words and wound up with over 52,000, almost as many as in The Immortal, Book I.  One thing that motivated me to do this was my kids.  This is one thing I have written that I think they will all read, even the religious ones that think I am on the wrong path.

Some may wonder why I had the spiritual experiences I did when, on hindsight, it is seen that the Church is so off base on a number of issues.

The answer is this.  No matter where we are on the path we are all far from perfect in our seeing if we consider the big picture.  We may look at the typical church-goer and see him as backward and wonder why he doesn’t see as we do, but at the same time we are making many mistakes on a level just a bit higher.

Even so, a master may look at us and see us as backward and not seeing the obvious, yet he is making mistakes on his own level and cannot see with clarity his next step.  The same applies to The Ancient of Days on up.

We should never find ourselves in the position of making condemning judgments on those who do not see as we do.

The most important thing for all of us, no matter where we are in our progression is to follow the highest we know.  If we do this then the next truth and our next step will eventually be revealed.

In my youth during my mission many of the truths I now see were hidden from me.  I made mistakes in my belief system, but there was one thing I did right.  I followed the highest I knew.  The results were that spiritual experiences followed me and layer by layer additional truths were revealed to me.

What is available to one is available to all.  Anyone, no matter where they are on the path, if they follow the highest they know, will eventually be blessed with additional light and guidance which will move them forward on the path.

The mistake many make is they expect a big revelation that will allow them to walk through walls or discover the secrets of the universe.  The neophyte must realize that it is not his position to decree what is his next lesson or truth to learn.  His soul will decide. His job is to follow the highest he knows and keep an ear open for the guidance to come.  It may or may not be what he is looking for.  The important thing is to accept it and  then take the next steps as they are revealed.

And speaking of next steps, I have decided that the next major treatise I will write will be about money.  We’ve talked about it piecemeal but I have never presented my thoughts in a logical sequence.  We are just about done with the next book, but I am thinking this may make one of the most interesting chapters if I include it. I should be writing this section the first of the year after I get a few other things out of the way.

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