Evidence of Reincarnation

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Posted Oct 19, 2010
Alex writes:
Strictly speaking, regressive hypnosis can not prove reincarnation. It proves that a person under hypnosis is able to reproduce or play back some information, which this person can not consciously know. Indeed, the person becomes sort of a VCR, and the medium can rewind the tape to any point.

However, it does not prove that the events described by a hypnotized person are related to THIS PERSON’s previous life. Admit it, it can be a fragment of anyone else’s life as well. It can be a random snapshot of some events, like a video tape randomly picked up from the store and inserted into the “VCR”.

First, let me state that my accounts of regression provided interesting evidence, but did not prove reincarnation to me.

The evidence through regression had little effect on me but the inner voice took over and spoke to me. This caused me to seek for even more proof. The real kicker for me was the discovery of the handwriting of a person’s past life and finding it to be a match so close that it was beyond the laws of probability that they could not be the same entity. (This person was not me, by the way. My handwriting has changed a lot in this life let alone multiple lives so I would not be a good subject).

After this discovery I figured that if reincarnation were really true that proof of it should be in the scriptures. I didn’t recall reading anything about it in the several times I read them but this time I decided to start at the beginning and read them all the way through as if I had never read them before.

When I did this I was amazed indeed. As I read through the Bible as well as the LDS scriptures I found hundreds of scriptures that could only be true if reincarnation was a fact. I was beside myself that these went over my head in the past. It is amazing how much truth a belief system can hide from a person.

Since this time I have had confirmation of the truth of reincarnation on a regular basis.

Alex says that a person regressed can tune into the mind of the past life of someone other than yourself. This is possible and I’ve had someone do this before but when the person is directed to recall his own past lives why would he recall someone else’s’?

Evidence that one normally returns to his own past lives and not that of random minds floating in the ethers is this. I have returned numerous people to past lives after a space of time has elapsed. In each case where the person had good recall he went back to the same past lives. If he was tuning into one of billions of other entities one would think he would go back to different entities in the same time period.

I already recited some pretty powerful evidence from regression. Now I’ll give you one more that rules out tuning into the memories of another.

After I separated from my first wife I figured that I would soon meet another person from my past lives and would marry her. I knew who she was and felt within myself that she should be arriving soon and kept an eye out for her. She finally did arrive but about a year later than I expected. I asked her why she did not show up earlier as she moved here from Indiana.

She told me that at the time I was expecting her that she received a message to move to Idaho, but she ignored it until it became too strong to resist.

When she moved here one of the first guys she met was my good friend Wayne. I first learned of her through my nephew Curtis who came to me one day and said:

“Guess what? Wayne’s got a new girlfriend and this one is actually good looking. He wants us to have lunch and meet her.”

We met them at the Sizzler and I was pleased to see that Wayne found someone who was both nice looking and intelligent.

Nothing unusual registered with me until Wayne gave me a call the next day. He said his girlfriend (named Brenda) was very impressed with what I had to say and thought I had a lot of knowledge. She wanted me to teach her.

I told him I thought that was unusual since she was his girlfriend. But he said this was fine with him and insisted I give her a call.

I gave her a call and we talked for a couple hours. After I hung up I knew this was the person I had been waiting for. I visited her several times and answered all her questions.

I found out why she wanted to contact me. She said that when we all had lunch together that she saw a blue light around my head and thought this was some kind of sign. After teaching her a couple times I received a spiritual confirmation of who she was and that I was to marry her. But then I decided to take it a step further. I asked her if I could regress her. I wanted to see if she would go back and give me the name that would prove who she was.

She was a good subject and went back in full consciousness. She not only gave me the name I was looking for but other information that she couldn’t have known from this life.

After this I approached Wayne (who was still dating her) and gave him this information and asked him if he would give me permission to pursue her romantically. In an act of great friendship he stepped aside and actually encouraged me onward.

We were married for four years and even though it didn’t last what we had was meant to be to consummate a relationship began in a past life.
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