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Posted July 3, 2010
Some have been wondering things about the boy from my mission story who may be a future prophet. Let me go through several things that have been brought up.

(1) If he was supposed to translate the plates does this mean the job will go undone or that someone else will do it?

The answer is that Mrs. Sherlock said that someone else besides him will translate the plates but her son would be a prophet. She didn’t say specifically that he would have anything to do with the Sealed Portion but because that was a major part of her revelation it seemed probable he would be assisting or promoting it or something to that effect.

(2) Why was the family supposed to join the church when its light is not that great? How would that have benefited the child?
First, let us look at the probable outcome of the Sherlocks had they joined the church. It is most likely I would have stayed in communication with them and because of the prophecy relating to their child I would have started a communication with him and would have continued it. I would have shared my discoveries of greater light outside the church as well as the details of my excommunication. Then I would have shared all my writings with him. If he had a reasonable degree of light he would have embraced the teachings and perhaps would have been a point of light in England. He may not have been a prophet in the orthodox sense but may have indeed been a teacher of light and truth, which is basically what a prophet is.

There are other possibilities. He may have risen to a high leadership position in the church and then came to higher realizations and worked on reforming the church. This would have probably gotten him thrown out but such an effort from a high authority would have had a great effect. He may have defended me at the time of my excommunication trial

(3) If the child was supposed to be a prophet wouldn’t he be so no matter what?

Those with a higher angle of vision can see that there will be different probable outcomes for the same entity from different circumstances.

For instance, the church, with all of its faults, did much to cause me to seek higher spiritual knowledge in a way that may not have happened without it. It’s possible that those who see from a higher angle of vision saw that the church was a stepping stone that this individual needed in order to have maximum achievement.

His mother saw that he would most likely be a prophet if he joined the church, but that also does not mean that he will not be one because of her decision. She bought some temporary co-existence with her rejection but because of free will the child could still fulfill his highest destiny.

At present the child would be about 50 years old. Maybe we will see him surface and maybe not.
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