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Posted Aug 31, 2010
Since only the workings of the hierarchy as understood from the dark side has been clearly manifest on the earth and that is all the people have seen this is also all they understand. This is a hierarchy that has unquestioned authority that must be obeyed or a severe punishment is meted out. Within this hierarchy is a minimum amount of freedom of decision and movement.

An example of the Hierarchy of Light has only been foreshadowed (U.S. Constitution) but not yet been properly demonstrated on the earth. Therefore, when the people hear the term they think only in terms of command and obey rather than the alternative.

The Hierarchy of Light rarely commands but teaches and then allows the students to incorporate the teachings or ignore them. If the teaching is true the punishment inflicted comes not from the chain of command but from the Law of Cause and Effect as it takes its toll upon the student for wandering into illusion.

Because even most aspirants do not understand hierarchy and its two divisions if DK had allowed a teacher they would have created the beast of unjust authority which, would have insured failure.

Therefore, the only thing that DK could have done was to insist there be no leader in the group except for himself as the teacher and guide.

He was hoping for what he called “occult obedience” which basically means that the true disciples will obtain soul contact and then follow it in harmony together.

That said, hierarchy holds the universe together in intelligent form from the highest Logos to the smallest subatomic particle.

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