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Posted Nov 21, 2010
Stephen brings up an interesting question, which is basically this.

Why do we need to have more than one life, or many lives?  Wouldn’t it be better to just have one really good or interesting life and get it over with?  For example, a good book is interesting if read at a good clip, but if one went through it at the rate of a crawl it would become boring.  Therefore, it seems reasonable that we should go through life experiences in this world quickly rather than slowly over hundreds of lives.

First, let me point out that the analogy here is somewhat incomplete.  Our whole existence on the material plane is not like a book, but each life is like a book.  Consider this.  How many of us would be satisfied to read only one book and then never pick up another one?  The reader will have a burning desire to move on to other books, especially if the last book was a good one.

Many lives does not mean stretching one story for a much linger period, but it means that each of us lives through many stories. Some of the stories are interesting and some are so so, just like books we read in real life.

It is true that we live many lives before we become enlightened but that doesn’t mean that those lives are without meaning.  Many such lives are very interesting and provide a wealth of experience to savor during the great pralaya.  When enlightenment is achieved the life just takes another turn and new things fascinate the pilgrim as he continues his journey.

There are many more good arguments for reincarnation than against it.

One of the best ones is that without it those who die as children would forever be denied the knowledge of what it is like to live a full life.

Then those who do live full length lives die feeling that many desires have not been fulfilled and many accomplishments have not been achieved.

Here is a mystery revealed for you to ponder on.  We do not have rebirth in the universe because God designed it that way.  It exists because it is the only way for creation to be and the life therein to grow and develop. God and his reflections have to accept this principle as they participate in creation.

We have before us eternal lives on eternal worlds – worlds and universes without end.  One life in some static finished situation for eternity would drive us crazy. Who wants to read The Wizard of Oz again and again forever, even though it is a good book?  The only way to continue on the path of joy is to be born again and enter again and again a new kingdom of God with new challenges and a new story to write for ourselves.

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