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Posted Nov 17, 2010
Blaine writes:
So my question to you JJ (and others) is how do we give others hope that it won’t be the end of the world and to look to a bright new future? It won’t be without some pain however how do we make it into a positive when we do feel the pain?

Before the Y2K scare and then the Planet X I received a number of voices of concern and I assured them that no major calamity was forthcoming.  At that time my concern was so low that I stored no food and made no emergency preparations for calamities.

This time around I am not so confident as this tremendous borrowing we are doing is driving us over a financial cliff unless something is done.  No matter how you look at the current situation the fact is that we are going to have some tough times to endure. At best we will have a couple years of high unemployment and tough financial times and at worst we could have a collapse of the currency not only here but in many parts of the world with China being the only major nation holding things together.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you the hope that things will be easy, but I will offer this hope.  Even though things may get tough the pure in heart will make the best of the situation and  those who live by the highest they know will reap many rewards of the spirit.

The world is not going to end and whatever happens will serve to teach us important lessons that will serve to put a more workable system in place – maybe not immediately but after the dust settles.

I do not believe we are approaching apocalyptic conditions for if we were a way of escape and a gathering place would be prepared.  I think we are just headed for more tough times and should do our best to prepare.  Now’s a good time to store up some extra food and get some emergency heat ready.  If a wood or pellet stove is not practical for you get a propane heater that is safe for indoor use.  A back up generator is also a good idea and propane is better than gas because it stores indefinitely.

That said I think we are going to pull through this awkward situation we are in and learn some lessons from it.

As far as doomsday thinking goes this has been around since I remember and the doomsdayers have always been wrong. Unfortunately, our economy faces a real threat this time but if leaders arise and point us the right direction the nation can be revived and thrive again.

The time of opportunity for the lights to create great change has not quite arrived but the day is no so far off.  The hard times are making people more open for the messages to come.
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