What is Love? Part 2

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If we want to be a servant of humanity then we put our attention on the service without the idea of proclaiming oneself to be a great servant or person that embodies love.

Titles have always irritated me like many of the religious titles including your holiness, or your lordship or your kingship or whatever. These titles really mean nothing and what means something is what you truly feel about any person that you are having a relationship with. Friendship and love are very closely associated with each other. What is the difference between friendship and love or is there a difference or are they two aspects of something?

Audience – Jason: Friendship is an aspect of love. If you have a true friend then there is definitely a sense of unity and love there.

JJ: Everything is in triplicity so lets say if friendship is an aspect of love then what are the other two aspects?

Audience: Unconditional

Audience: Respect comes to my mind.

Audience: Trust

JJ: Respect is a good possibility and trust is a good possibility as well.

Audience: Compassion, commitment, security.

Wayne: I think you break love down to just the energy of attraction because there are people who love to hate. There are people who love ice cream. You can have a physical attraction and call it love, you can have an emotional attraction, sensual attraction, mental attraction and it is called love and it is kind of a generic term. We have to take from context what we mean when we say the word and if God is without body parts or passions then His love would be something different than an emotional attraction be it mental, spiritual or whatever. You put love into so many categories that we put it into I think we may say what we mean when we love something and not always giving somebody else a clear idea of what we mean by using that word. I love everybody is a generic saying but you certainly do not feel the same about everyone that you know or people that you don’t know.

JJ: Good comments. We have friendship as an aspect of love and respect is another one and trust, there are several triplicities we could get out of love but that is a good one. Now Wayne was touching on the definition of love and the funny thing about love is people talk about love as being something so mysterious that nobody can really say what it is. But the thing is if something exists than you can say what it is. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God. Now if the Word was God and God can do anything that means that anything can be put into the Word. So if there is such a thing as love than it can be defined. Now what we need to look at is the reason why people say that it cannot be defined and what that reason is. Why do people feel that love cannot be defined. Blaine you look like you have an answer to this question.

Blaine: That is what I get for looking! I think the reason that a lot of people feel it can’t be defined is because it has so many aspects that people are not sure as to exactly what it is and different people define it differently.

JJ: And the people that fall in love with someone that is kind of their opposite cannot really explain why right?

Blaine: Yes and Wayne touched on that, different people define love differently. Some define it as attraction and others as sensual love and we talked about respect and trust and all these different aspects of it. I kind of look at on levels if you are friends with somebody and you may not know them very well but you show a level of love towards your fellow man.

JJ: Some may claim they love you but they are not friendly toward you, is that really love?

Blaine: Then there is the next step up which would be probably be romantic love either that or family or friendship where you have commitments and respect and do things for each other and so on.

Audience – female member: I think the reason it is so indefinable is because it is misused so often and that makes it harder to define.

JJ: Plus when we fall in love often times we end up marrying somebody different that we ever imagined that we would be attracted to and so love becomes very mysterious. Like Artie probably wonders why did she fell in love with me?

Audience: Chuckling!

JJ: Artie will admit that when she was younger that she never imagined that she would fall in love with somebody like me and that was the farthest thing from her mind.

Audience female member: There is also an exchange and appreciation between you two just right there in your little glance to each other showing the love you share without saying anything.

JJ: Okay lets define what love is. It is quite simple; love is an attractive force, a magnetic force that pulls one thing towards another thing. Now people say that all is one and we need to go to the great oneness and when we do we will be dissolved in love but this is not true because if we went back to the absolute oneness there would be no love because it takes two or more to have love. Love can only exist in duality because love is an attractive force of one living entity to another living entity, creation, or a group of entities.

If you love mankind you are attracted to mankind and you have a magnetic pull that pulls you into service to mankind. If you love your country you have a magnetic pull from the ideals of the country that makes you want to serve your country. If you love your spouse or your girlfriend or your boyfriend you have a magnetic pull toward them and there is something about them that causes this magnetic pull.

Now for romantic love – this opens the windows of the soul so love is increased. Now the important thing about romantic love that a lot of people don’t understand is that anybody can fall in love with anybody else. We have barriers between us and what makes love mysterious is that often opposites attract and the reason they attract is because if you were around people like yourself for a while and you saw your own faults reflected in them you may not like them. So you meet someone that is different than you think, wow this is refreshing, and because it is refreshing you begin to let the walls of the soul down and you see something really good in this person even though his qualities are different from those in you.

As you become attracted to this person he or she thinks ah he is attracted to me and then walls begin to come down and when they look at each other they share that energy; they begin to peer into each other’s souls. As soon as the souls of the two people are exposed and they allow the romantic energy to circulate then they will fall in love. So the romantic energy of falling in love is the opening of the windows of the soul that pours the soul energy all the way down to the emotional level, to the chakra that we call the solar plexus and also it can affect the heart chakra.

Now there is a difference between the love energy of the solar plexus and the heart. The solar plexus energy is possessive and it governs the romantic energy. Some people think the lower love is bad but the truth is that nothing that is in us is bad. It is how it is put to use that determines whether it is good or not. So the solar plexus is the source of romantic love that can be very good and useful but can be very possessive. The trouble with people when they fall in love is they let the walls of the soul down and then after some time has passed they will often see each others faults and the windows of the soul will begin to close and when they close they do not see the good anymore, they only see the bad. Maybe one day the person did not brush their teeth good enough or Bryan did not trim his beard enough or maybe Melva does not like Bryan’s shoes, laughing, I like Bryan’s shoes Melva.

Melva: They are very practical. (Bryan had unusual shoes)

JJ: We find what we are looking for, so when the windows of the soul close because we are not looking for good things anymore and we see all these personality things that just grate on us. They grate on us until we either separate or we open the windows of the soul again.


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