What is Love? Part 1

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Seminar given in 2005 by J J Dewey

JJ: I am going to talk about a very popular new age subject today. I don’t know if I have talked about this before but I thought I would talk about LOVE.

Audience female member: Ahhhhh….mmmmm…..

JJ: Isn’t that nice.

Audience female member: Yesss…

JJ: Chuckling. Well it is an interesting subject and for one thing most of you are familiar that we have a keys list where people come on and almost every day I will post something to it and we discuss different subjects. Every month or two some new guy will come on, somewhat of a know it all. These challenging people that come on all have a similar type vibration, Blaine would you say irritating is the right word?

Blaine: Yes!

JJ: They all scold us and they always tell us about love, what do they tell us about love Blaine?

Blaine: Well they always tell us that it is all about love and all there is, is love and all you need is love and they tell us on the keys that we don’t have love!

JJ: Actually we are a very loving group and most of us get along quite well and many of us have been together a long time on this discussion group. So a guy comes on telling us that he understands love and nobody else does and then scolds us. He irritates everybody in the group and because he starts calling people names and telling us we don’t understand love and don’t show love and we do not have a clue what love is. Members get irritated at the guy and then he thinks, see you proved me right, you people are not loving. It would be like me calling Bryan a name, Bryan you are a son of a gun and Bryan responding Oh really! And I would say Bryan you are not being loving!.

Audience: Laughing.

Bryan: What I find very curious is with David’s Outcast and the Sealed Portion groups is people will post and they will make claims and they will say pray about it and if you pray about it then you will know I am telling the truth.

JJ: Another list that Bryan, Blaine and I are on is Sterling’s list (David’s Outcast) and about half the people on that list think they are the new messiah, chosen one, the one might and strong or Christ come again or something. It is interesting to watch these guys and they all say well if you just pray about it then you would know I was the new messiah. There is this new guy who claims to be the Holy Ghost. He says he is a time traveler and at the end of time he is going to be the Holy Ghost and as the Holy Ghost he is going to come back in time and have power over all things but in his present state he is pretty much a normal guy and has no power except for he says he is the Holy Ghost and if we do not do everything he says then we are sinning against the Holy Ghost, which the Bible says is an unpardonable sin. He condemned me as a son of perdition and said I was the first person that he has done this to.

Bryan: You made a comment when he told us to ask about whether he was the Holy Ghost or not and you made a post and said you asked for the members to pray about you being the Holy Ghost and ask the members to mention the Holy Ghost and that just by mentioning it in your prayers that you would receive some sort of vibration from it and that you might mistake this for the truth. Would you explain this?

JJ: Sure he was telling people to just pray and ask if he was the Holy Ghost that they would get the answer and one thing that I said was that if you pray and just mention the Holy Ghost that would put your focus on the third member of the God head and could produce a nice vibration just by saying it. I read this book a while back and this guy taught that if you want a good vibration just say the name of Jesus Christ over and over because that name has been in the consciousness for so long that it puts a strong vibration around that name. I thought well the guy has a point and if people do say the name over and over again it will raise their vibration.

Audience: It is like when you see something nice like puppy dogs playing it gives you a nice warm feeling inside.

Audience: This is classic bait and switch that if you do this it follows that I am who I say I am.

JJ: So these guys come on the Keys about every six weeks like clockwork with the same message that we are just a bunch of spiritual hicks and we do not understand what love is and some of them will say that if you just write them privately then they will explain it, because you know they understand all about love. Then they will castigate people and end their post by giving out lots of love. Others claim to be everybody’s friend.

(Note: These type of individuals have not been showing up on the Keys lately.)

There was an incident when we were holding meetings like way back when I first met Artie and this guy was moved by the spirit and he got up and started barking out orders condemning me to hell claiming that he was God speaking. He was supposedly channeling God using a different voice and he condemned me to hell and said I had screwed up too many lifetimes and he was giving up on me.

It is funny whenever I meet these guys who channel God, the Holy Ghost or say they are the messiah or whatever they always condemn me to hell. I have been condemn to hell so much that it is quite amazing and none of them ever say, you are a righteous man and you are going to be on the right hand of God or something like that. But Wayne has known me a long time and I am not too bad of a guy am I Wayne? Here is a testimony from my old buddy Wayne!

Wayne: He is definitely taking a chance here! I have known Joe for as long as I have known anybody and he is a man without guile and a very kind person. Much kinder than I have ever pretended to be and even as a young kid he was a gentle soul. I have seen him angry but I have never seen him hateful.

JJ: He likes to tell the story of me counting those rockets when we were kids and it is a long story so he passed on it this time. Thanks Wayne I will pay you later!

Wayne: Okay I want to tell the story of you counting the rockets. Joe had ordered a bunch of different rockets out of the back of a magazine and I stopped over one day after school and he had them all spread out on the floor sorted in different piles surrounding him like a miser and his gold. He was wealthy with all these rockets and I was watching him counting them and he went clear through the room and began to count them a second time, well I had pocketed a couple of them from a couple different piles and he started to get a little red in neck and said I was sure that there were twelve of these and then he started to count them again and go around in the circle and as he was doing this I would put a couple of them back. Laughter!

Audience & JJ: Roaring with laughter!

Wayne: And he started to raise his voice and said, I know there were this many there! How could I possibly not see it! He just kept going on and on like this and getting more and more frustrated. Laughing!

Audience & JJ: Still roaring with laughter!

Wayne: I never told him what I had done until years later! That was one of my entertainments as a kid watching Joe go through his theatrics when I pulled a joke on him and I never felt the need to tell him until years afterwards.

JJ: Thanks Wayne! I have really good stories on him and they would definitely make for some good entertainment but we will wait until next time to tell one.

JJ: One thing I have noticed about people who really act like they have a lot of something is that they really do not have it at all. For instance, people that are very rich do not really want to tell people how much money they have but the people that are just quasi rich or just really want to be rich will flash around their diamonds or try to make it look like they have a lot of money or they put all their money into an expensive car to make it appear as though they are wealthy. People are also like this with love, we meet people time and time again that just talk about love all the time on one side of their mouth and on the other side of their mouth they are insulting everybody.

They cause aggravation for everybody, so it is funny how that works. True love must include friendship including your romantic partner also because he or she needs to be a friend as well as lover. Now Wayne and I very good friends but we never go up to each other and mention the word love. When you truly have love and friendship toward a person it does not really need to be expressed as much as shown in your actions. If Wayne needs a favor and if it is humanly possible I will do it and the same thing with him with me and that is way good friends are and that is the way you are with people if you love them.


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