The Intuition, Part 6

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Have you ever had a dream early in the morning just before you wake and you think, boy this is interesting and you think I don’t need to write this down because surely you will remember it and it is very important and then after you get up and have breakfast you think, there was something I was supposed to remember and you can’t remember what it was. Have you ever had that happen before?

Audience: Yes

JJ: This is the way the world of intuition is, especially at first. It is so ephemeral that you will have a concept or an idea enter into your mind from the higher worlds and it will just seem to make so much sense that you think there is no way you could possibly forget it, but then an hour or two later you will forget it.

Audience: I started to keep a pen and journal by my bed so I am ready at a moments notice but then recently I have been getting eternal words and recently I woke up and I wrote down, “If you have a weakness in any area you can strengthen it with another” and if I forget about later than I go back to my journal and there it is written across the top of the page.

JJ: Yes it is interesting that the higher the revelation is the harder it is remember it in your normal state of mind because it is like it is not given to you in your regular brain consciousness so when you shift into your regular brain it will often go. So if you get something you think is important then speak it over and over several times if you do not have a note pad close by to remind yourself so that you get it established in your physical brain or if you have something to write on then write it down or if you travel in the car a lot then get a portable tape recorder and speak into it when something occurs to you.

The more refined the idea that comes from the higher world the harder it is to bring it down but once you do bring it down so it is anchored and anchored is the key word here then it is yours. Once you get it in your physical brain then it is yours and you will never forget it because it is always based on the physical and once you get a principle in your physical brain, you will not forget it. This is one of the things we are talking about on the keys right now.

We got a letter from the a guy in prison that is reading my material and he has presented an idea about implementing some of the principles that I have been teaching on the keys to some national guy that heads a program for all the prisons across the country. They’re thinking about teaching them to the prisoners. So he wrote me and asked me to organize all the principles that I teach into one package and so this is what I have been doing lately on the keys is writing a brief description of different principles.

Principles are best understood by the intuition. For instance energy follows thought is a principle and once you understand that then you can get all kinds of information from it, you can get all kinds of knowledge and apply it hundreds of different ways. Now a piece data is different, a piece of data can be easily registered with the physical brain.

Now lets take something concerning “energy follows thought.” If you pay attention to your school work you will get good grades. That is actually a description of energy following thought but if you memorize that statement it will not take you anywhere and you can’t really use it outside of that one thing, but if you understand the principle “energy follows thought” you do not need to have anybody explain it to you. You pay attention to your schoolwork and get good grades because energy follows your thought, you are directing toward it.

I really learned this energy follows thought principle when I was in real estate. What really brought it home was I had several things telling me what I needed to do but I was too thick headed to get it registered. Every time I started to get ahead in real estate I would take some time off to do some writing and my real estate business or whatever business I was in would fall apart and then I would have to go back and put attention into it all over again. But what really brought it home to me was when I decided I could make a lot of money if I sold mobile home parks because my broker was selling them and he was making a killing. So I worked really hard at it for about 4 or 5 months and then one month I sold three mobile home parks and that was going to make me enough money to live on for a couple of years and I thought this is terrific!

So I decided to stop right there and start working on a book and it is a book that I never finished by the way and it is called “The Shift” it is the story about the shift of the earth’s axis, I got it about a third done and the sales of all three mobile home parks fell through. I not only lost everything but I lost all my clients and I had to immediately go back into business to survive and it was like I was starting from nothing. Everything had just disintegrated – all my customers were all gone and it was amazing how fast this had happened, I was putting no energy into real estate and consequently everything collapsed and I was just like a fresh agent just starting out and it is a good thing my wife had a job or we probably would have starved.

JJ: Now what I realized at that point was why the highest lives that exist on this planet including “The Ancient of Days” are called watchers. The Ancient of Days is called a watcher and why is He called a watcher? Does He spend His time coming down here and doing everything for us? No, but He is watching, He is watching and putting His attention on His goals, what He wants us to do as the human race. Energy follows His thought which is so very much more concentrated than our thought, His thought causes waves of energy to act like magnetic points that draws the material to those points, to cause that to happen which He wants to happen.

Now if I were to have put attention on those three mobile home parks and not quit and not started writing a book but put attention on them until the sales were actually closed and I had the money in my hand then all three probably would have went through with no problems or at least two of them. I never dreamed that all three could have fallen through but it did really bring home the lesson that “energy follows thought,” and when that lesson came to me about how this principle works I have never let that happen again in my life.

When I really want something I put my attention on it and I do not take my attention off until I get what I want. This is a really important lesson. Many of the seekers of the world and the disciples and the people that are really trying to stretch themselves and discover truth and are interested in philosophy and metaphysics are often very unsuccessful at everything and the reason why is because “energy follows thought.” In other words, they are concentrating on their dreams but not on making their dreams a reality.

To make dreams a reality takes nuts and bolts attention on the physical plane. The dreamers, the spiritual people have a really hard time balancing spirit and matter. Jesus states that you cannot serve God and mammon and there is a lot of truth to that but I believe in this age the disciples of the world have to go an extra step and learn to balance God and mammon or spirit and matter. I have seen so many spiritual people have a hard time with the material side of life and in this particular world that we are living in right now it is much different than the old days. In the old days a teacher could just go off with his rice bowl in hand and his robe and people would feed him and that would be about all that he would need. in this day and age if you go around with nothing but a rice bowl they will shun you and run from you. Laughing! Buddha’s only possessions were His rice bowl and His robe and that is all He owned in the world.

A guy cannot get very far today like that with the system we have now so we have to learn to balance spirit and matter and this is very, very tricky to do. This has been the hardest thing to do in my life and I am still learning and learning more completely. I started a lot of businesses time and time again during the course of my life and then when I married Artie I said, well I do not know how much time I have in this life but I just can’t keep on the same cycle I have been on where I do the spiritual work and then my material world collapses and then I have to go back and put it back together and then go back and do the spiritual work and then my material world collapses again. I said I just can’t go through this anymore so we are going to create a business and I am going to put my attention on this business until it gets like an orbit, like when a spaceship is in orbit it just keeps on going and it requires no more energy. It took us a while to get our business in orbit so it could just sustain us and it is funny when it got into orbit then I wrote “The Immortal I” and from the time I wrote this our business has brought in almost the same income every year since then.

I mean it is just in orbit, we are not expanding and we are not getting less it is just in orbit but at least it is paying the bills. This may be the first time I have done this in all my lives because I think that I may have been a dreamer for some time and that it took a lot of energy on my part. Now if I were to do it again I am sure it would be easier because once we learn our lesson than we can do it again in another lifetime a lot easier but it was really hard and I had to really focus for quite a long time to get that into orbit. I owe so much to my wife Artie for helping to keep it in orbit too.

Audience: Did you feel an aversion to the material world? I can accomplish things but I do not like the material world.

When I was concentrating on the spiritual I kind of felt that way but when I am concentrating on the physical I do not feel that way, it is where you put your attention. Now one thing I have found that when I was concentrating on the spiritual I also went on a vegetarian diet and a live foods diet for about a year and boy that was really great concentrating on the spiritual and being on a very refined diet but when I went into business with Artie and realized that I had to put together the physical side or else I am not going to accomplish anything. If I am just going to bang my head against the wall and not accomplish anything then what good is this life? So I started eating more course food, eating meat and drinking a little wine, kind of grounding myself more in the physical and that actually helped quite a bit. Grounding your self in the physical and if we ever get to the point to where the books take off and we can quit our business then I will shift again to the more spiritual mode and maybe quit drinking wine then! Or maybe not because wine is kind of spiritual you know!

I felt impressed by my soul that I had to put more attention on the physical side and this is a quandary that the disciples find themselves. They want to do the spiritual work and many get to the point where they almost disdain the material side but, on the other hand, if we are going to serve our fellow man and lift them up to a higher level then we have to go down there and approach them where they are and then pull them up to a higher level.

This is the meaning behind the name of Jesus Christ. This name means to take another persons hand and deliver them, pull them up to where you are, “Anointed to Deliver” is what the name of Jesus Christ means. We are all anointed to deliver and to deliver you have to be like Moses. Moses left the spiritual Hebrews and went to carnal Egypt and there he enmeshed himself in the ways of the carnal Egyptian so that he could then deliver the Hebrews. There is a lot of meaning behind stories like that and so we got to be a little bit like Moses and we have to descend to our fellow man so that we can rise above all things.


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3 thoughts on “The Intuition, Part 6

  1. JJ
    We got a letter from the a guy in prison that is reading my material and he has presented an idea about implementing some of the principles that I have been teaching on the keys to some national guy that heads a program for all the prisons across the country. They’re thinking about teaching them to the prisoners. So he wrote me and asked me to organize all the principles that I teach into one package and so this is what I have been doing lately on the keys is writing a brief description of different principles.

    So how did that go? Did that national guy that heads all of the prisons across the country allow your teachings to go to several of the prisons? How successful was it?

  2. This is what I am doing now putting all my attention on my business that I started a year and a half ago. I was always a dreamer and now I realize that no matter how long it takes all my focus and attention will on this physical business until I get it in “orbit”. The funny thing is that even though it has been such a short time I have learned so much in dealing with mankind in a spiritual way balanced with the physical.. The lessons are so valuable and will assist in progression so that I am better able to serve man and not myself. Thank you JJ for if not for your efforts I would not be where I am and I am sure many others can say this as well. Interesting how we are all part of the Great One Life and by focusing on our own little world we affect the larger like a ripple effect. Back to work now!


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