The Intuition, Part 5

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So we develop our minds, our reasoning, our philosophy, and we are pretty proud of ourselves and then we continue to progress. As mind is developed, most people go through a period where they are atheist for a few lifetimes because as they leave their emotional feeling and instinctive natures behind, they only believe what they can see for a period of time and they cannot see God, so many of them become atheists. The religious people think these atheists are really bad people but a lot of the atheists are fairly progressed people. How many here have talked to many atheists before?

Audience: I have and most of them seem extraordinarily intelligent.

JJ: Yes they are pretty intelligent and that is because they are just learning to use their use mind. But what happens to all of us is we take our mind as far as we can go and we hit a dead end and we can’t get the answer that we want. Now first of all when we begin to develop the mind we get answers that the other people can’t see. They realize that burning forever in hell is silly, and then they are proud of themselves for figuring that out and they think, “I am a lot more intelligent than this stupid born again person over here.” So they go through that period where they are very proud of what they discover until they discover everything they can with their mind and then they reach a dead end.

What is existence all about anyway, I am born and then I die and that is it, but that does not make sense either. What is the answer? And so they begin asking questions that their mind can’t answer. They do not have enough information and they think well if I just had more information I could maybe put it all together and figure out what everything is about. So they hit this dead end and we reach this point and this is where an ancient esoteric statement comes in, “The mind is the slayer of the real.” In other words, there are higher beings and there is a God but the person slays these truths, slays the fact there are other worlds besides the physical because he can’t see them, he slays the fact that there are higher beings, that there are angels, that there is a world of spirits, that there are several layers of existence that he cannot see. He slays all these things with the mind because he can’t see them and prove them concretely. After he slays everything that is real with his mind he has nothing and his life is empty and in this emptiness he begins to ask why and he begins to crave more information and this craving gets stronger and stronger and stronger until finally something happens. He breaks through into the world of intuition.

Okay so the guy reaches the end of his rope and something triggers deeper thought, like he may have a child that becomes ill and is near death or some tragedy happens in his life or divorce – something will trigger it. Then he realizes, you know I think I am pretty smart and I have not figured out anything, I don’t even know why I am here, I don’t know what my life is about, I don’t know why my kid is sick or why my wife left me or why this anvil dropped on my foot – I don’t know anything I thought I knew. He struggles with this and because of the trigger or a crisis he thinks there has to be more than just life and death, there has to be more to it.

So what he does is he sends a signal to his internal soul and he focuses his attention within himself. This is a message to his higher self saying, hey I want something from you.

So as he does this it may last a period of time, it may take years and he may be going through a period of struggle, he may kill himself and come back and be in the same situation. It may last a few lifetimes or it may be very intense over a short period of time but he keeps sending out these signals. Then one day he may not be even thinking about the mysteries of life, suddenly, for the first time, he will hear what is called the “still small voice.” It is really not something like psychism where he gets a psychic message or something like this, it is not instinct but it is the still small voice from the soul and it is different from what he has ever heard before in any past life.

It will be so still and so small he will think he is imagining it. First he will put it out of his mind but then after a period of time passes something will dawn on him. “That thing I imagined, that message that I felt really means something now that some time has passed. I can see that it was 100% truth. If that happens again I will pay more attention.” Sure enough, because he did give it some weight, he goes forward and he hears it again and he says I am probably imagining it again so he does not really trust it yet.

So time passes again and he hears it again and he says, boy that message that came to me was 100% reliable. He begins to pay attention to it and as he does this he realizes it is accurate and when he realizes that it is accurate then his whole life turns around. He is thinking, “I am receiving these impressions and it has to come from some source and my sub-consciousness could not do this. This means that there must be a God after all and there must something higher up there and I am having access to something higher that I have never had before and it is extremely reliable and extremely enlightening.

As he begins to pay attention to it the still small voice doesn’t really get louder but his hearing gets better. His hearing gets tuned in so that the voice is yet small and still but his attunement becomes better and better until he begins to breakthrough and understand the world of intuition. Now the world of intuition speaks in the language of principles. If you get a piece of data that is not intuitive knowledge. If you get a feeling that say someone is going to have a car accident or something like that, that is psychism. But once you get the intuition it comes in the language of principles and the best way to express it is in an idea.

Have you ever been thinking on something and all of a sudden you get an idea? That is like a reflection of the lower intuitive and as a matter of fact some ideas are intuitive and others are brain conjecture. An idea turns on a light and an idea is the closest thing that an average person can relate to that relates to what the intuition is. You cannot always put an idea into one sentence and it may take a book to explain. Once you see an idea in your mind you see more than can be written in words. You might see where the idea can take you; you might see where the idea came from; you might see all the variations of the idea.

Everything that is in the physical here originated in the higher worlds as an idea, the earth was an idea. You as a being right here are an idea in the mind of God, an eternal idea created outside of time and space and because you existed outside of time and space in the mind of God it means that you are eternal because you were not created in time and so time will never make you fade away from existence.

Intuitive knowledge is different than brain activity, different from psychism, different from mental conjecture. It is contacting the soul. Now, it is important to understand this: We have the physical world and we have the spiritual world and we have the interplay. Spirit and matter when they meet create soul. You are a physical being and a spiritual being and within are spirit and matter interplaying. That interplay is where soul is. One of the best expressions is, “That part where water, land and air meet which is neither wet nor dry” Now I want you to visualize that place, the place where water, air and land meet and it is neither wet nor dry. That is the soul. It is neither spirit nor matter but the interplay of the two and that is soul energy.

The soul energy is the doorway to the intuition and to all the higher worlds. What the person does when he makes this breakthrough is he looks within and he looks on the physical and the spiritual and then he looks right between the two and he sees the door to the higher worlds, which is the soul. This is an actual doorway, a doorway that has no time and space. Visualize that place on the seashore, the water is coming in, you have the dry sand and they meet and the place is neither wet nor dry. This is the place where magic is wrought.

The kingdom of the soul is within and it is neither spirit nor matter and that is where the magic occurs. The first magic that will occur will be pulling down ideas and intuitions from the higher worlds. This is an important step for the disciple to take and all disciples must take this step.

It takes quite a bit of time to become what is called soul infused. Because when we first start contacting the higher worlds we think it is our imagination. Psychics are different. When they begin to have some psychic activity boy they put a lot of faith in it and a lot of it is unjustified faith because they still have a lot of error going on. But then after going through the period of developing the mind and then you have the mind slay the real and you don’t believe anything but the physical then it is very hard to work yourself back into a state of believing. Now you are heading back to being a big believer in the mystical and these people you condemned as an atheist are seen as allies.

As you are working into this again you have a hard time believing this is real because it almost seems to good to be true. Here you were in a state of mind where you thought that only what you see is true and now you are finding out that there is all kinds of invisible things that are going on that are true and you are seeing this with a greater reality than you have ever seen it before, but it just seems too good to be true. Remember this quote from book I? There is nothing too good to be true. In other words anything that is good can be true and not everything that seems good is true.

There is nothing too good to be true. Anything that we can see that is good we make true if we want it badly enough. It is difficult for the person once he has developed the intuition to accept it. Have any of you been through that where you have had a new idea, truth or revelation come to you and it is hard to believe?

Yolanda from the audience: Yes I have had that happen and most of the time my problem is not having the confidence in myself.

JJ: Yes and this is a big problem. When the intuition begins to break through and expand it is largely due to placing confidence in what you receive. In my own personal life I have had a hard time having confidence in what I have received a number of times until I found out later that it was a 100% true and that I should have followed it and I had bad repercussions because I didn’t follow it. This is what we need to do – to test ourselves a little and there is nothing wrong with testing ourselves, making sure we are on the right track. Once we find that we are on the track of intuition the difference between intuition and everything else is that intuition is 100% reliable.

The only thing that is unreliable about this is that you may bring some idea or concept down from the higher worlds and distort it through your personality and ego. But at the point when you receive it, it is pure but then as we implement it we tend to get spiritual amnesia.


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