Zion, Part 5

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JJ: What is Zion?

Audience: Isn’t it a state of being pure of heart?

JJ: Right the scripture states that Zion is the pure in heart. Where are the pure in heart? The pure in heart are everywhere – they are scattered all over the world. Does that mean that Zion is here now?

Sterling: A couple of weeks ago in a class I was attending at Susan’s home the topic of our discussion was “ What is Zion?” For a couple hours we talked about basically the pure in heart but to me the thing that stuck out was that it is not based on a religious precept or particular denominational upbringing. We felt that the pure in heart had to do with doing the best with what you know, living true to what you have and that is what makes a pure in heart and that is what makes a Zion society. It does not matter that everyone believes the same way or that everyone has been brought up a certain way and is living all the commandments. It is that they are living true to the highest that they know and that does not exclude anyone because anyone can and should live true to what they have. You can take any society or culture and cross section of society and they can live true to that and this is what we came up with.

JJ: That was good and you just about answered my next question, which is, what is Zion? So if Zion is the pure in heart and the pure in heart are scattered throughout the whole world then what does it mean to build Zion? Isn’t Zion already built? The pure in heart have not been translated yet and they are still here.

Now Sterling was talking about what it means to be pure in heart. What does it mean to build Zion then, if the pure in heart are already here? I am sure there are some who are pure in heart right here. Okay it says Zion is the pure in heart but there is one more important ingredient to building Zion and it is in all the scriptures and it is talked more about in the Bible than any other subject but nobody ever teaches about it in church. What is the important ingredient needed to building Zion?

Zion is the pure in heart in a gathered condition as it is taught in the scriptures. The scriptures speak of the woman who is the true Church of Zion and flees into the wilderness several times. This is the situation of Zion or the Church of God right now; it has fled into the wilderness. The pure in heart are scattered into the wilderness of this world – they are scattered here and there and just about everywhere, and so the church of Zion exists but it is in the wilderness. But the time has come to bring Zion out of the wilderness and when it is out of the wilderness then we have Zion in the gathered condition. When they are in the gathered condition then magical things begin to happen and you will have the creation of a physical entity; which one could call Zion.

Now the question is how do we identify the pure in heart? Sterling answered my question in advance to some degree. He said it is people living by the highest they know and there is much to be said for that. But first of all let’s talk about the word pure. What does it mean if something is pure? If you have pure gold then what do you have? You have no impurities with it, right. If you have a person that is pure in heart then how would you correspond that to gold because often times in the scriptures the pure in heart, the saints of God are compared to gold. It says “I will refine my saints with refiners fire as gold is refined in the furnace” so to speak.

Sterling from the audience: I think the concept of perfection in the LDS background to achieve perfection is really unachievable because you have to keep all the commandments all the time and just one thought that is inappropriate disqualifies you so we get to this point of perfection in the Mormon culture is absolutely making no mistakes what so ever. For me personally, I love doing word puzzles and such, now my name is Sterling and Sterling in the British culture is a silver. It stands for their money which is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper and in a academic culture 92.5% is just squeaking into A. Anything below that is an A minus which is still pretty good. Actually, the numbers for Messiah in Hebrew comes to 925 so there is a correlation there that there is a principle of Messiah and 92.5. The British Sterling idea is you do not have to be 100% to be pure. I like that because that is a lot more achievable and I was a straight A student in high school and I know how hard it is. And sometimes you grease the wheels of a teacher and sometimes you get the A but to get 100% is not achievable and so it is really not practical.

JJ: There is relative perfection which is possible and absolute perfection can never be achieved. Let’s talk about the ramifications of the pure of heart. If you have pure water what do you have in it? Do you have salt in it? Do you have dirt in it? Do you have minerals in it? No.  You only have pure water?

So what does it mean to be pure in heart and why the heart? The reason for the heart in finding the inhabitants of Zion is that the heart is a doorway to the soul. The heart is that energy between spirit and matter and it is the doorway that opens up to the higher worlds of spirit so that we can contact higher beings such as the angelic world, the world of the Masters, the Christ and above. It is all connected to opening the doorway to the soul and the door of the soul is found in the heart.

Now in order to have a pure heart there has to be nothing in the way of the door of the soul and the heart in your consciousness. Anything in the way produces impurity in the heart. What produces impurity in the heart? The biggest thing that produces impurity in the heart are those who take the place of God who speaks to the heart. Those who speak to the heart and say listen to me I have the commandments of God and listen to what I say. We listen  and give credibility to what they say above what we hear from the door of the heart.

When we listen to what is outside our heart and it interferes when listening to the doorway of the soul then we have the impurities of the heart. So the pure in heart are those whose consciousness find the kingdom of God within and they open the doorway to God which is in the deepest recesses in your heart. You open that door and then you can communicate with the spirit of God directly without any prophet, priest, king or anyone claiming a position of authority.

When anyone out there whether it be a prophet or Jesus himself; whether it be an angel or a being in light that says he is god, no matter who it is – if somebody out there is interfering with your communication within and tells you something different you are in danger of corruption. It is as Paul says – he says whether it be himself or an angel from heaven, if it teaches any other gospel than that which he taught, do not believe it. In other words any other gospel than that which is not verified through the heart should not be accepted it unless it vibrates with the heart energy. If it interferes with that heart energy and you pay attention to that interference and let that interference circulate then your heart will not be pure.

To make your heart pure you have to disregard all the static that is out there because there is a lot of static out there. Where does the static come from? It comes from religious authorities to a great degree in all religions. It comes from a lot of the ads on television, it comes from all the things that try to lower our mind from the world of spirit to the lower world of carnal thought, all the things that distract us from the spiritual world, from the kingdom of God within. These distractions produce static and if we pay attention to that outside static then we cannot tune in to the purity of the heart.

We must tune out all the static as if a radio receiver is in your heart and you turn down all the outside voices, turn them down lower and lower until they no longer exist and then you go to that doorway in the heart and it opens up to the world of spirit. When it opens up to the world of spirit you will have contact with what we call the Oneness Principle. The oneness principle is a spiritual Internet  that can be approached through the doorway of the heart through the soul by what we call soul contact.

Soul contact allows you to contact all the higher worlds. There are many different levels and if there is one thing the Mormon Church has taught that is correct is that there is more than one higher kingdom. On the other hand, there are many more than the three of which they teach.

There are many different variations of energy and contact that is available out there but they are only available if we tune down the static. So imagine you have a radio receiver in your heart. Now imagine you have a radio station tuned into your heart and you have it turned on and you are listening to this station that is giving you all kinds of spiritual uplifting messages. But now you have some static, A guy over here is making a bunch of noise and somebody over there is making even more noise and you have a guy over here trying to tell you what to do and you have someone over here trying to tell you what to do and if you listen to them all then you are not going to hear your radio station which is a still small voice. It is easy to drown out because it is still and it is small and sometimes you have a hard time believing it is there. Have you ever been working away and you hear a radio three rooms away turned down real low and you wonder is that radio playing or am I imagining it? After a while you go to that room and you see that it was on and just turned down real low and you thought you were imagining it but now you see that you were not imagining it and you really were hearing something. Even so it is with the still small voice.

In your heart is that still small voice and it is easy to drown out because you have all these outward voices telling you what to do and what to believe. These noises will overwhelm it and bring with it impurity in the heart circulation. The ones who are pure in heart are those who are able to tune out all those outward voices, even if it be mine and even if it be my wife’s which is really hard to tune out sometimes (chuckling) even if it be your spouse, even if it be your most beloved teacher. You have to tune everything out in order to hear the still small voice within.

I may say some really good stuff and I may say the same thing that your still small voice within is saying but you will not know it until you tune everything out along with me and listen for yourself. When you listen for yourself and you hear the same thing that I am saying then you can say, he is right but I know he is right not because he says it, but because I hear it vibrating within myself. Or you could say that I am wrong because of the voice, but this is how you will know that anyone is correct. If two people speaking and communicating and both of them listening to the voice at the same time and tuning out everything else they will have a very powerful spiritual experience together.

Like it says, “where there are two or more gathered in my name there I am in the midst of them” and He is in the midst of them because they are hearing the same thing at the same time and tuned into the same station to the same upper worlds of contact. There is a spiritual Internet out there. Now on the Internet you can find just about anything these days which is great if you want to know about some type of flower or unusual fact, All you have to do is type in the name on Google and it gives you about 110,000 pages of information on it which is amazing. Well the spiritual Internet is a bit like that. You can find anything you want to know.

The language of the Holy Spirit is the language of principles and it does not deal with data. When you can understand the principle then you can understand the data behind that principle. The Holy Spirit is the language of principles and when you understand a principle then you understand the whole concept about something. This is why the higher lives can communicate in a minute what may take us years because they communicate with the language of principles so they can understand so much more than we can so much more quickly because their communication level is on such a higher level.

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