Knowing the Truth, Part 4

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Now I was asked a question about aliens and hybrids, we see all these shows about aliens and so I will give you my thoughts on aliens and if you want to believe it or not believe that is fine. Almost all the encounters with aliens are illusionary. You will notice that in most of the encounters that they are woken up at night and have you ever noticed that when you are between awake and asleep that is when you often see and hear things. I am not saying that what you are hearing or seeing is not real but it is usually not in the physical plane. Another thing about many of the space ships that people see is they are zipping along and then stop on a dime or often they say the ship will turn at a right angle. These claims seem to break the laws of physical reality – so one wonders how this could happen.

There are UFO sightings that have a natural explanation such as seeing the planet Venus or a hot air balloon or something like that. There are some that they have not be able to explain and a lot of the ones that they have not been able to explain are the ones that do these fantastic maneuvers that is pretty much impossible in our physical reality. This is because what they are seeing are ships made of etheric matter and etheric matter is capable of performance that we can’t do here on the physical plane.

Audience: According to DK and some of your teachings as well we can develop our vision to see these etheric vehicles and doesn’t this indicate an evolutionary step in the etheric?

JJ: Yes many of the people that do see these things in the etheric matter are sensitive people and are often people that have psychic abilities and a lot of these guys are not only UFO buffs but also will admit they have psychic abilities. If you come across something in the etheric or astral planes it is because your vision has crossed over into a higher plane. I don’t know if I ever shown you guys but it is really easy to see etheric matter, I will put my forehead right here and everybody stare at me for about a minute. Then I will tell you what to do. (A few seconds pass) I am going to pull away now but keep staring where I was at. Do you see it?

Audience: Yes.

JJ: Okay just about everybody saw it and it is like looking at a light and then closing your eyes and still seeing the light.

Audience: I have seen that all the time and I just thought it was a function of my normal vision.

JJ: Well it is your normal vision and you see a bit more than just your normal seeing in the fact that the etheric light burns a little stronger and you will also notice that when you see this you will see different shades that are not in the physical plane. Often times in the throat area you will see a little dark area when you have a cold and that is not visible on the physical plane. It is because of the etheric light that you are able to see that. You get someone that is really vibrant and in good physical shape and their light will be a lot brighter. Somebody that just got out of the hospital or is in bad physical shape – their light will not be as bright.

Now if it was just the physical light that was causing this then it would be the same with both people because physically they look the same but the brightness of the light you see will vary with each individual and that is because there is an etheric light. Place the end of your thumbs together and put them up against the light and then pull them apart slowly until they are about a quarter inch apart and look at the empty space between your thumbs and as you look at the empty space between your thumbs look at the right and left and you will see your etheric body it is extended about a millimeter from the skin and kind of a bluish hue. It is best to do this on a white background because you can see it more clearly. Go home and do this on a white background and you will be able to see your etheric image and like I say it is kind of bluish hue usually. For somebody that is not very healthy it will extend just a small space away from their skin and for somebody that is very healthy it will be a couple millimeters away.

Audience: Why is it important that we develop our vision to see the etheric vehicle?

JJ: It is not that important. Laughing! It is just the fact that we are getting a little more sensitive in seeing a little more. What is much more important is developing the intuition where you can pick up things that are true, pick up principles and pick up what is correct and what is not and pick up who represents the outward god and the God within.

Now going back to aliens I believe that the only ones that have developed the power to travel in the physical with interplanetary flight is the Brotherhood of Light and the dark brothers are not capable of interstellar flight. This is why the star systems are so far away. The nearest star system to us is 4 ½ light years away and is probably not even inhabited but most of the ones where there is a strong possibility of life like ours are 20 or so light years away and that is long, long ways. Light travels at 186,000 miles per second and if you were to shine a flashlight in that direction it would take 20 years for the light to reach them. That is a very long period of time. The only way to go faster than the speed of light is to fold up the physical body and incorporate it into the higher vehicles. Then, when the brotherhood in doing such traveling and reaches a destination they unfold again into the physical.

The dark brotherhood is incapable of doing this. They can travel in the etheric and they can contact people in the etheric body but they cannot travel from one star system to another and then materialize in the physical. The brotherhood of light can and I believe the only time that they come here is at end of one age and the beginning of another like after the destruction of Atlantis I think we had visitors and there is a scripture that talks about Adam which is many and I believe that we have had many Adams and each Adam is a new beginning after there has been great destruction on the earth – and that this has happened many times.

As a matter of fact Jesus was called the second Adam in the Bible. He was called this because He was the beginning of a new spiritual life. The first Adam, the physical Adam, was the beginning of a new type of physical life. And so we have the various changes that occur and when these changes occur I believe we are visited by beings from other star systems, often without the use of space ships. They just come in their spiritual bodies. They are capable of visiting other planes and capable of exchanging bodies. For instance, if you are an advanced being you can be contacted and you can go visit his planet in his body and he goes and visits the earth in yours.

My best estimate that over 99% of UFO contacts are not physical contacts. There is a handful I read about that make me wonder the possibilities but I think most of them have a lot of illusion in the accounts. I also believe that there are people on other planets. I believe that physical people on physical planets like the earth are few in number in the universe – that our universe is quite young and this planet is like a seed planet and one of our purposes is to develop interstellar flight and populate other planets. We will seed sections of our galaxy starting with our solar system. We just had a probe that went to Titan, the largest moon of Saturn and the only known natural satellite to have a dense atmosphere – the only body other that the earth for which clear evidence of stable bodies of surface liquid have been found. It is interesting that it still has an atmosphere and if it was warmer it may be able to harbor life like the earth. We will eventually do some interesting things like remove a moon like Titan from around its orbit around Saturn and move it closer to the sun and eventually populate it. We will be like gods creating a garden of Eden so to speak. This is possibly how the earth was started by other beings similar to us and maybe the earth was in a different orbit far back in our past. As a matter of fact ancient Biblical times has a year being 360 days rather than 365 days and if that were really true then that would mean the earth was in a different orbit way back in Biblical times which is very interesting.

What you want to look for in any new inspired teaching is this; is there any new principle being taught or any new elaboration on an old principle that sheds more light that was not there before. All kinds of people often ask me what I think of this book or that book and what I will often say is that I read it and I did not find any new principle or I read it and there are some new principles and I think it is good. They will often be disappointed if I am not impressed and tell me how good it was. I tell them yes but there are not any new principles or teachings there and they say well yes but it is so good. I say, I will tell you the reason you thought it was good, it is because this particular writer developed a new fancy vocabulary and he uses all these fanciful words but if you substitute an ordinary word that means what the author is really saying and then you read it you will find no new principle there. He is just saying the same thing over with a fancy vocabulary. Many of the writers think that if they create a new vocabulary with fanciful sounding words that they are actually bringing forth new knowledge.

Instead of the Christ principal if I were to use say “the force” then it does not change anything does it? That is one thing Star Wars did was they used the word “force” that captured the imagination of kids and it did not really teach anything new but it captured their imagination with a new word that everybody liked. Sometimes a new word is helpful like that where it does stimulate the imagination and make them examine something a little closer and in that way Star Wars was helpful. But we all have the force within us and it is called by many different names from the Holy Ghost to the Christ Principle to the solar energies – lots of things that may be the force that he was talking about. At least the Star Wars trilogy had a purpose with using a word like that and that was to create an interesting story. What many writers do when they use fanciful words is they use them to take us farther into illusion and make us think that they have more to offer than they really have. They are just giving an old philosophy a new coat so to speak and it is really the same old philosophy.


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