Zion, Part 9

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One of the things it says about Zion in the scriptures is that there are no poor among them. Now you can have poor in a number of different ways. You can have the mentally poor, poor because they lack understanding, poor because they lack money – there are all kinds of poverty in all aspects of life but in Zion there will be no poor because there will be abundance not only of physical goods but of all goods things.

Now I do not have time to go into how a system in Zion will be set up so that there will be no poor but basically the only way a system can be created so that there will be no poor is if people are pure in heart. Poverty for a person who is willing to do his share and work hard is unacceptable.  The key to having no poor among us is to truly love our brother as ourselves. No matter what system is set up if the people governing things are overly selfish then there will always be poor among us. But if the people, the gathered lights, are pure in heart a system will be set up so that there will be no poor physically, there will be no poor spiritually, knowledge will be freely given and the ability to sustain ourselves will be available to all those who are willing to labor. Thus Zion will be possible and ensured when the people love their brother as themselves.

When you gather a group together and 80 or 90 percent of the people have the attitude that a thing should be then it will be. If you have 80 or 90 percent thinking a negative something should be, then that will be also.

It is interesting that after our Constitution was created many nations have copied it but what is fascinating is that many of the nations that copied it are run by an iron fisted dictator. This means that a piece of paper by itself is worthless. Some of the third world countries have a constitution as good as ours because they have copied it but they still have an iron fisted dictator that controls their every move in every aspect of their lives. This tells us that it does not matter what kind of piece of paper the system is written down on, if the consciousness is not there then it will not happen. This is why the people that are gathered to build Zion must be Zion material because even though we have the most beautiful things about Zion written down in the scripture or on a piece of paper or we have the greatest new constitution that one can come up with, it will mean nothing if the people do not have Zion in their hearts.

The average person must have the attitude of Zion, to love their brother as they love themselves and if they have that attitude and listen to the still small voice within and have the realization that the Kingdom of God is within then that gathered people could actually have a Zion society. There is a lot more I could say on Zion and I have written quite a bit more on it. I do not really have time to go into where we will gather but I will say this, that I do not believe that there will be a gathering in Jackson county in the near future, that time has passed. The prophecy was made and it did not happen, it was not practical so the Christ, the Masters and the powers that be have moved on. This is what is difficult for religions to understand and this is why many religions hold on to prophecies for thousands of years and they never come true because those who gave the predictions have moved on to new plans.

We were talking about perfection earlier and perfection is not an absolute thing. The Christ and the Ones who assist Him are a lot more advanced then we are but they are not perfect in the way that we think of perfection. They have their problems and failures just like we do and They work with us and sometimes they succeed and sometimes They fail.

The dark brotherhood does the same thing. They work and sometimes they succeed and sometimes they fail. The dark brotherhood worked through Hitler and thank God that they failed but if we had not done our part then Hitler could have succeeded. When you read the history of World War II it is amazing really how close it was. If Hitler had done just a couple small things differently he would have won that war and it is almost scary when you study it closely. Victory was made possible only because we awoke and did everything within our power to defeat him but this is not always the case. Sometimes the wrong people win the war and sometimes the wrong people make an advance and it is only when we awaken to the power of decision within us and make the right decision and then follow the decision through that we can be assured of the dominating good.

There is a principle which is called the “Principle of Dominating Good” and some people say that good and evil are two sides of the same coin and are equal, but they are not equal. Good Dominates. The reason good dominates is that there is intelligence in the universe and intelligence recognizes that which is good and follows that path over that which is not good. This is why good dominates because the “Principle of Intelligence” dominates the universe. “The Glory of God is intelligence” and because the Glory of God is intelligence, intelligence recognizes good.

The good always dominates in the long run but in the short run evil can dominate. But it is always a short period of time and then people wake up to their terrible situation and they eventually progress then good will dominate. So good eventually dominates and Zion will eventually be established. It will probably take about a thousand years for Zion to be established in fullness and hopefully to get Zion started will probably take about 20 years from now or a little bit more to have a good start among humanity. Before I leave the scene I want to see Zion get a foothold upon the world and if that can happen I will be a happy man. I appreciate your attention and you have been a really good audience I can feel a really good spirit among the group here with great vibrations. Are there any questions that anyone would like to ask before we close?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: She wants to know if I see more people of Zion type consciousness in the last 5 years.

I do not know if I see that so much of that as I see that people are slowly awakening. There have always been good people but people are awakening a bit more and we are seeing a dichotomy in this world. Look at our political system that we have. There is such tremendous division that people are almost hating each other politically and this is really sad that we can’t recognize that there are good people on both sides of the fence and synthesize things so that we do not wind up hating each other. The situation now is a lot like it was before the Civil War, which is interesting but I do think people are starting to wake up a little bit more over the past 5 years. It is not so much because the people are better but it is because there is an energy that is pouring into the human minds, a Spiritual Energy that is gradually increasing and as it increases people are waking up.

Audience: What are some of the characteristics you would expect to see in a group of people that would gather and create a Zion society?

JJ: What will happen when people gather together and create a Zion society? One of the main things that will occur is the creation of the molecular relationship, have you read my book on this yet?

Audience: Yes

JJ: So they will create a molecular relationship and the molecular relationship in a nutshell is the type of relationship that Jesus had created with his apostles. For instance, in order to create water you need two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Now hydrogen and oxygen are totally different than water but you put them together in a bonding situation and you create a totally new substance with totally new properties.

So Jesus took these scroungey fisherman, a tax collector and just regular common workers and put them together in a particular type of relationship with a specific number and all of a sudden they were no longer regular mortals. They then had properties that were different from the regular human being and the gathering of the pure in heart will make this possible.

When Jesus was talking about John the Baptist one time He called Him the greatest prophet that ever lived and when I was younger and first read that I thought this is weird, He did not seem as great as Moses and all He did was say, “Prepare for the Lord” and that seemed to be about all His message was and I wondered why Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest prophet that ever lived. Then when I learned about the Molecular Relationship I saw why He was the greatest prophet, because he prepared 12, actually 24 people, 12 units of people, two people in each unit, He prepared them for a molecular order that Jesus had and John the Baptist turned them over to Jesus.

The Bible makes it sound like Jesus was just walking along one day and He says hey John, Peter and all you guys come and follow me. It did not quite work that way. John the Baptist had spent His life looking for these people and gathering them and preparing them so when Jesus came along they were all ready. Jesus called him the greatest prophet because He was able to gather together the 12 apostles, 12 people that were ready to be apostles of The Master. To find even twelve apostles was a great undertaking. Jesus called this the greatest work that any prophet had ever done in history.

Audience: Sterling talked about a group of 92.5% pure in heart and is this what we are talking about here?

The  apostles were far from perfect when you read about them and, for instance, they came to a city one time and they were rejected and one of the apostles came to Jesus and said “Master when they rejected Elijah he called down fire out of heaven and it consumed his enemies so lets call down fire out of heaven and wipe the city out because they rejected us.” Jesus shook his head and He said, “You know not what manner of spirit you are. The Son of Man came not to destroy but to save.” So they were really screwy on that item and they were really far from perfect.

What is interesting is that many of the religions teach that Christ is coming to burn everybody to a crisp! But what did Jesus say when the apostles brought this up? He said, “The Son of Man came not to destroy but to save.” Yet all the religions in the world are waiting for Him to come and destroy. They just cannot wait for Jesus to show up from the clouds of heaven. Imagine there is the good Mormon with his food supply or a good Christian or whatever mowing his lawn and “oh he is okay” but the neighbor next door has smoked a little tobacco or read a Playboy and zap, he and his family are burnt to a crisp!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: This is the vision that many people have, that Jesus Christ is coming not to save but to destroy. But when He comes, He is coming to save.” He is called the Savior is he not? So He is coming to save not to destroy. There will be destruction through our own frailties but it will not be because He is going to come and “ZAP” everybody. He is coming to save and before He can come the world has to be in a stable enough condition and the Middle East has to be stabilized enough so that He can be able to visit there and not be kidnapped and have his head cut off by a dull knife.

So the situation has to be somewhat stabilized here upon the earth before He can come because He is coming not to destroy but He is coming to walk among us as a regular human being to save. And there is a lot of misunderstanding about His coming just as there was last time. All the Jews were expecting Him to come in the clouds of heaven to ZAP the enemies and to set them up to build the Kingdom of God and set the Jews up as leaders over the world.

But how did He come? He came in a manger that legend says was in a cave. This is where the spirit of Christ is born, in the cave of the heart and that is why He was born in a cave because it symbolizes the cave of the heart where the Christ Energy is born in us and it eventually grows and flowers up until we become like He is. He is coming to save us in such a way that will stimulate us so that we can go to our own cave in our hearts and verify what He says. He is not expecting us to believe anything just because He says it but He is expecting us to believe it because we can go and touch the God within ourselves and verify that which he says. When we verify it we will feel the burning from the fire within. Just like some of you have felt here as I have said a couple things that were right. Thank you for your time.

Audience: Applause


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