The Intuition, Part 7

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There is a story is about certain entities when this earth was formed that refused to incarnate because they felt that the material world was too course for them and they received a punishment through karma because they refused to incarnate when incarnation was something that was beneficial for the universe itself. So we have this balance that is difficult and in past ages these rebellious spirits did not seek for the balance. In this cycle, especially the Age of Aquarius, the key note is service and to truly serve our fellow man we have to balance spirit and matter because our fellow man is in matter and since our essence is spirit.

Audience: I myself had to overcome a prejudice because somehow in my head those with abundance are bad, I had this thinking that if you had money then you are a snob and you think that you are better than me I mean I had some really major things to overcome and I think that learning of abundance for me now is truly spiritual so it is material but it is also spiritual and it is a hard lesson to learn.

JJ: That is a good point because a lot of people who are spiritual people are just poor as field mice and they reach a point where they almost think that the rich are just the scum of the earth because they do not see the vision that they see and if they did they would give them all their money. Laughing! And, yes, people do this. When I have been struggling financially I have caught myself in that trap somewhat as well and it is really easy to do if you are struggling financially. The balance is very important to achieve and it is very difficult and this is the reason that we have not progressed more than we have. People often look out among the world today and say, where are the Buddhas, and the Jesuses and the Gandhis today? They do not seem to be around at all. Well they are around but they have not learned to balance spirit and matter. So Gandhi could be out there right now not accomplishing anything if he has already re-incarnated.

Audience; If I understand correctly the whole point of the eastern spiritual philosophy is get away from duality.

JJ: We are never away from duality, Buddha learned his great lesson with duality when he was sitting under the Bodhi tree starving to death on two grains of rice a day and a bunch of singers came by and they were singing this tune about a musical string. Now if a musical string is too tight then it will not play right and if it is too loose than it will not play right either. It has to be tuned just correctly. Now you have to concentrate on duality to be able tune a string. You have to go be able to go from one extreme to the other.

If you ever tuned a guitar string you pluck it and may find it is too tight and then adjust it and it may be too loose. Then you go back and forth until you get it just about right. A lot of Buddhists do teach the idea that there is no duality but they teach this while teaching duality at the same time. So you can’t really escape from duality. If there were no duality then none of us would be here at all because every atom in your body is created by duality of a positive and negative force interplaying. Form is created by the interplaying of the positive and negative forces that are just a little bit out of balance. If the positive and negative forces in the atoms that you possess were in perfect balance then we would all disappear and we would be no more and we are only here because matter is out of balance. There can only be creation when there is not perfect balance.

So what happens when the little atoms create and they put things together? The atoms the molecules and cells is the result. After they are created they are more balanced than the atoms were alone but they still are not perfectly balanced so the atoms join together to balance themselves off a bit more. When they create a molecule they are more balanced still but still not perfect so the molecules join and they create a cell and they are more balanced still but still not perfect. This process goes on and on and on and we are always in search of the perfect balance but the duality is always there.

Now the Eastern religions will often teach there is a place between right and left, up and down, between hot and cold that point exactly in the middle. This is the great void that they teach and we all have to find this great void and then we will be happy.

Audience: Isn’t that Nirvana?

JJ: Buddha did not really teach that was Nirvana but some of the eastern teachers have taught it and they called it the great void. There is always duality in the fact that this world is founded on it and it came even from the formless worlds – the world of greater ideas. This shows us that even the formless worlds, where ideas manifest, that there is even duality there. Everything is in reality, duality exists in reality and the point in between the duality is a reality also to which we go when the universe unfolds itself and then goes back into Pralaya. We go to a place, which DK describes this way, “It is not a place which is not, it is a place which is esoteric.” In other words, when we do finally go back to our source it is not a place which is not, it is a place which is esoteric and esoteric means hidden. In other words, there is something there but we do not know what it is, but it is the source of all things.

Audience: Did we finally figure out how to become more intuitive?

JJ: That is a good question and a good way to wrap this up. The way to get more intuitive is this one rule, you just have to do one thing like Curly said in the movie “City Slicker” you just have to do one thing, “Follow the Highest You Know.” Now you think, well the highest I know is not very good. It may not be very good and you may make many mistakes but when you make a mistake you will see what you did wrong and then you can correct it. Then you can take your next step and eventually if you follow the highest that you know then you will follow your intuition.

There will come a time when you will be tempted not to follow the highest you know. The highest you know will be very difficult to do and so you will be tempted to take the easy road and this is a temptation that besets us all. If there is such a thing as sin then this is the one true sin and that is violating the highest you know. There have been a couple times in my life when I knew what I had to do and it was really hard and I didn’t do it and I really regretted it.

This is like the story in my first book about these guys on the path, they did not know which path to choose but when they made a choice they just went with it and the guys that really suffered were the ones who just could not choose. They were afraid to choose. People that are paralyzed by fear because they can’t choose are the ones that are really in hell on this earth. We must never stand still and we must always pick the next step and if we do not know what it is, then guess. And in that guess make the best guess that you can make and then go with it and then you are going to learn something.

When you have to take another step you are going to be wiser and wiser until eventually you will continue to follow the highest you know and you will develop all your higher abilities. You will develop your higher psychic ability, your intuition. Once you develop your intuition and it is developed then you can draw back on your other abilities that you have had in past lives. If you want to recall your instinct abilities then you can do that, if you want to recall your psychic abilities then you can do that. In recalling your psychic abilities and then blending them with the intuition you can be extremely accurate. There are a handful of psychics that are also intuitive that are accurate but this is very rare.

Audience: If I wanted to recall something that is below the threshold of consciousness, lets say that in a previous life I spoke French and if I wanted to bring that up, other than putting attention on it is that the only way to bring it to surface is by putting attention on it?

JJ: Mozart, when he started playing the piano; he could instantly play it and we hear about prodigies today that can just look at a piano and immediately play it. Obviously they knew it in a past life so it is below the threshold of their consciousness but they bring it back almost instantly. If you have not used the things below the threshold of your consciousness for a while then it may take a little while to get it back but you can get it back fairly quickly if you concentrate on it.

Audience: And also if you tap into your need, your desire then this will bring it up to a conscious level.

JJ: That is a good point because if you just half-heartedly toy around with the idea then you will not accomplish much. If your soul sees that you need to bring back something, it will assist you. But if your soul sees that you are trying to retrieve something and it wants you to move on to something else then you will have obstacles in the path and be frustrated.

Wayne from the audience: My understanding is that in actuality the universe is not based on duality but triplicate, you have the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost and you have the physical, metaphysical and pray-physical anything that you put a duality to has a third aspect.

JJ: Well like the atom you have the protons, electrons and neutrons; the neutrons are neutral, so you have the neutral and then the positive and the negative. I have a lot of discussions with duality people on the Internet and some of them have the idea that all you have to do is reach a certain state of mind and you can go beyond duality. The thing is if you really went beyond duality then you would just disappear and you would not be here anymore.

Audience: So what you are saying is that is an unattainable goal?

JJ: I would not say it is unattainable and you might be able to disappear if you put enough attention on it but I do not know of anyone who has and not even Buddha disappeared.

Audience: But it is a goal to move toward where you learn to overcome your duality.

JJ: Not necessarily because we came from the place that is beyond physical duality and we came here for a reason and if we were to just to give up duality and go back then we would miss what we came here for. Now Buddha reached Nirvana and people think that He reached the ultimate. We have the three worlds, we have the physical, the astral, and the mental then the intuitive and then we have three more worlds above that. He reached the Atmic world, the one just above the intuition and that is what He called Nirvana, well there are two more formless worlds above that.

Audience: So what is the Atmic world if that is the world above intuition?

JJ: The Atmic world is the world where ideas float around and the intuitive world serves as a conduit that bring ideas down into the physical and it is like the pipeline that brings it down and the Atmic is where the pipeline taps in. And the above that you have the Monadic world and then the Divine and the Divine world can be compared to space itself. In space, space is one and there is only one space and that is how oneness exists. Within space there are all kinds of points and each one of these points is a Monad and each one of these Monads develops into a life form.

Audience: The Monad is a group of entities bonded together right?

JJ: No, you are thinking of soul, the soul itself is the binding force that can bond many but each one of us has an individual Monad and this is your personal Father in heaven.

Audience: My Higher Self?

JJ: It is part of your Higher Self. I will end with this point, follow the highest you know and if you do not know what to do then follow the highest you know even if it seems a little bizarre and crazy because at least then you will learn something and then sooner or later you will be making wise choices. You have to start where you are and follow the highest you know even if everybody criticizes you and even if they think you are a mindless person. Make some decision, any decision is better than no decision. The worst thing you can do is to not make a decision and not take any control of your life.

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2 thoughts on “The Intuition, Part 7

  1. JJ: “There are a handful of psychics that are also intuitive that are accurate but this is very rare.”

    Just out of interest sake, I was wondering if you knew who the names of the handful of psychics are that are also intuitive?

    Over here they are screening a TV show soon called “The One” where they have a group of psychics and they test them to see who the best ones are and the most correct ones.

    As most psychics can tap into other peoples’ auras or memories, then I am wondering who those psychics are in the World that can tap more into the intuitive level and can read the soul, rather than personality or emotional bodies?


  2. typos:

    “There is a story **is about certain entities when this earth was formed that refused to incarnate because they felt that the material world was too **course” take out is and coarse.

    “Now you have to concentrate on duality to be able ** tune a string. You have to **go be able to go from one extreme to the other.” **to tune **take out go

    “JJ: Not necessarily because we came from the place that is beyond physical duality and we came here for a reason and if we were to just **to give up duality and go back” take out to

    “And **the above that you have the Monadic world and then the Divine and the Divine world can be compared to” then

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