What is Love? Part 4

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Audience: you are saying that I am not going to become a god but I am going to become one with God?

JJ: I will cover that in just a minute. Now the various lives in the animal merged the lower lives in the animal kingdom like the insects merged to create higher forms and those forms merged to create higher still until we get to the higher animals and we eventually take the in the higher animals into group formation within our own bodies. The American Indians recognized this because when they healed somebody using their methods they would often call forth the animal within the person whether it be a fox, eagle bear or whatever is associated with that person to heal the person. They also use animal’s names in relation to them selves because Indians instinctively recognize that we are created from lower animal lives. We have had a number of lower animal lives blend together and create a structure of which we can incarnate.

But here is the key as an entity you never existed in form until all the elements were put together so that you could use them. Lets pick something that is eternal. I like to use the song, “Yesterday” because everybody knows it. Before Paul McCartney wrote the song Yesterday it existed and it has always existed and there had never been a time that it did not exist but he had to put together the right combination of notes and when the right combination of notes were put together then the song incarnated. After that, other people took it and created various arrangements and this was comparable to various lifetimes of the song. It has gone through hundreds of different versions or lifetimes but it is still the song Yesterday.

No matter who has got a hold of it and changed it around, it still has the essence of the original song Yesterday. There will never be a time that the song Yesterday will be destroyed. It doesn’t matter what you do – you could rip up every copy in existence, every album that the Beatles ever wrote and the song yesterday can still be re-created by providing a vehicle which is composed of the physical notes. We play them and viola – there is the song Yesterday again.

You are a song in the mind of God and you have been waiting since the days of the creation of this universe for the elements to come together as a vehicle for you and these elements started way back with the little tiny atoms and when they graduated the preparation went through the mineral kingdom then the vegetable kingdom and then the animal kingdom and when all the elements were put together correctly then you came down and incarnated.

You as the life force (Monad) were drawn down when you saw a vehicle that could be created for you to manifest here in physical matter.

Audience: You mean that this body is reincarnated over and over again?

JJ: Not your body, you are. Think of the sheet music for the song Yesterday as your physical body, when you play it that is you living upon the earth but when you say destroy the piano or the sheet music the song still exists. If you destroy your physical body and your astral body and everything that we can see that is about you, you still exist. You can just find another body to incarnate in.

Audience: Then what part of me went through the minerals and the animals?

JJ: The Yesterday part of you. Now visualize if you tear up everything there is to do with the song Yesterday. Does sit still exist?

Audience: Yes.

JJ: Can you feel it?

Audience: Yes

JJ: Right it is there but it needs a vehicle in order to express itself in this world. Your essence, you have seven bodies all together and the highest part of you is that essence that has no form and that is the divine part of our selves called the Monad.

The soul energy is that which connects us to the upper triad. It is confusing because the higher worlds are so high that we may as well not even think about it because it is beyond our comprehension right now. We are not as far along as some people would like to think. So just concentrating on the three lower worlds, the physical, emotional and mental and then the soul that takes us to the higher that is about as far as most of us can comprehend. So when we talk about the eternal part of our selves we are going higher up – a few more notches still.

But the best way to visualize is to think of a song. There is no way you can destroy the song Yesterday. Its essence had no beginning and will have no end and can always be recreated when provided a vehicle of expression. You are a song in the mind of God that cannot be destroyed and was never created and will manifest again and again and again when the right combination of form and vehicles are put together and you can jump in. Now with a song like Yesterday you may have a had a measure or two manifest say maybe in the Middle Ages or back in the Roman Empire maybe a piece of it but then Paul McCartney got a hold of the whole thing and put it together and he provided the right vehicle for it. Have you ever heard a song where maybe a measure or two of something that sounds familiar? That is often the case and that is the way you are, there are pieces of you that are like pieces of other people and what makes you unique is that you are the human song and you are not just a measure or two. You are thee whole song.

Audience: Was yesterday part of a bigger song?

JJ: It is part of my collection! Laughing!

Audience: Laughing!

Audience: So JJ is the next step going to get us a little closer to becoming super human?

JJ: First of all we are not the end of evolution and the next step up is what we call the Molecular Relationship in that we take different human units and put them together just like different atoms are put together to create something more advanced and this can be done with humans. So we take different human units and put them together and then link up with God and we will produce a vehicle for an entity that is not me or Artie or James but that has been waiting for billions of years for a vehicle so that it may manifest. It will be like a super Yesterday song of which yesterday is just a piece.

This molecule will be composed of twelve males and twelve female units. A male and female together produces what we call one molecular unit. They don’t necessarily have to be married or have a romantic relationship. They can be either in a close relationship or a working relationship where they blend their energies and they can create something greater than themselves. When the vehicle is put together they will draw this higher entity which will say, “ah somebody has finally put together a vehicle for me.” He will come down and incarnate in that vehicle.

So, these 24 units will produce a vehicle for this super entity to come down and he will have properties unseen since the days of Jesus. He will incarnate into a physical form and you are atoms of that physical form. They have to be blended with soul contact and if the form is interrupted then the form dissipates and the entity will have to return from whence it came.

This is what happened in the days of Jesus. You see Jesus was a great chemist in the fact that He put together the first working molecule. There have probably been others but this is the only one that we have a significant record of. He put this together and He said now go out and see if you can do what I have done. The apostles found out that they could do what Jesus had done but they leaned on Jesus quite a bit until the last supper. We notice that Judas betrayed Christ who then they went out into the garden of Gethsemane. We are told that Jesus suffered nigh unto death, He was almost ready to die and it says that as Jesus was near death an angel came and strengthened Him. Who was this being that came and strengthened Him? It was person of the molecular order, one of the Masters. He was part of the molecular link and was able to strengthen Him.

Now after the crucifixion there were no miracles and the apostles turned back into ordinary men because they lacked one ingredient. Their were 11 units instead of twelve. So they decided to get together and add the twelfth unit. They added the twelfth unit whose name was Mathias and right after they added him to the group it says tongues of fire appeared over the apostles heads and there was a rushing of a mighty wind. The sound of the mighty wind was so intense that it attracted the attention of many people in Jerusalem.

They were having a conference of 16 different nations at that time who spoke 16 different languages so the representatives of these 16 different groups came to see what this sound was and when they approached Peter went out to speak to them and when he did everybody heard him speak in their own language inside their own mind. Now all of a sudden Peter was not a normal human anymore, he was something more than human because they put together the twelfth unit and suddenly the tongues of fire appeared over their heads which was a symbol of this entity coming down and manifesting to the group.

Audience: So was it the physical body that the entity manifested?

JJ: Yes the physical body of the entity was composed of the twenty-four people.

Audience: Do you mean that the 24 people were combined into one person?

JJ: No they are separate just bonded like little atoms and little atoms do not touch each other. Peter was part of his body, James was part of his body, John was part of his body, and these 12 males and 12 females represented the whole body.
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