What is Love? Part 5

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A number of the miracles that happened back then were pretty fantastic. For instance shortly after Pentecost the Jews were upset with Peter and so they captured him and had the Romans put him in prison and they must have figured he was a pretty slippery character because they chained his arms and feet in irons and put him behind bars and on top of all this they placed 16 guards to watch him day and night. The guards fell asleep and Peter gets up and the chains fall off of him and he then walks through the wall and finds a place nearby and preaches to them.

Audience: With all this power ushered in why would there be arguments and disagreements and chaos between the twelve apostles?

JJ: For one thing these twelve were trained, Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest prophet that ever lived and I used to wonder why Jesus called him this because we hardly hear anything about John the Baptist – there are only a couple small versus about him. But when you understand the John the Baptist was the one that prepared the disciples and when Jesus showed up he turned them over to him. So John spent a lifetime preparing these twelve disciples to work with Jesus. The common thinking is Jesus was just strolling one day and he says hey come and follow me and they followed him. Why did they follow Jesus so easily? Because John prepared them, he taught them that the Messiah was going to come and when they were called they were to respond.

This is why Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest prophet that ever lived because he actually prepared people to unite their soul energy. It just did not happen easily and even with all that preparation they still had some difficult times and they had arguments and they had a hard time believing what Jesus was teaching them but they also performed amazing miracles. There is also the story where Phillip was teaching a eunuch and then the eunuch turns and Phillip disappears and then he learns that Phillip was in a nearby city 50 or so miles away and he was beside himself how Phillip was able to get there so quickly. So this shows that when these people were united by the soul and connected with a Master, such as the Christ, that they became something more than human.

Audience: Does it work the opposite way too; do the dark brothers work with twelve as well?

JJ: What they do is work with the personality energy and groups – like if you are in a business and there is like 12 people in it then it is not going to produce the spiritual molecule because it does not use pure soul energy and it is not linked to a Master. But if you get a group of people together it does produce an energy where you have a sharing but it does not call down a higher life form. This is what the dark brothers work with quite a bit – they work in group formation but it is only to benefit the guy at the top the guy at the top is only willing to bless everybody below him if it benefits hiself.

They have mastered how to siphon energy out of people. The story of the vampires really applies to the dark brothers because the dark brotherhood understands vampirism – that they can take life energy from other sources. This is why they like to work with fresh blood so to speak because they get fresh people in and siphon off their life force and that is how they work. The brothers of light work by creating new life and the dark brothers work by destroying life and by destroying life they take the energy to them selves.

Audience: Speaking in tongues is being revived and Pentecostal being the one at the Ezekiel conference and they are saying that evidence of the spirit as you are describing here is the existence of prayer language and so you are saying that it is coupled together with an act.

JJ: supernatural manifestations by themselves are not evidence of a molecular relationship of a higher life form.

Audience: Or even spirituality?

JJ: You can get in touch with parts of your self that can speak in tongues and maybe an astral entity can occupy your body and speak in tongues but that is totally different than the molecular relationship.

Audience: People can also fake this.

JJ: Wayne faked it one time and I don’t know if he can do it again.

Wayne begins to speak in tongues in a very funny way.

JJ & Audience: Laughing!

JJ: That sounds good Wayne and hey maybe we can make some money off of this!

Audience: If Jesus had twelve disciples would that not be thirteen in the group?

JJ: Yes.

Audience: So then our molecules would have 12 plus a Master.

JJ: Yes and no.

Audience: Did Jesus have a female?

JJ: What produced the strong authority of the Piscean age was the physical presence of Jesus being the thirteenth and now that we have grown as a human race we need to go beyond the physical authority and find the inner authority so the thirteenth is the invisible Christ, rather than the visible Christ and instead of having the Pope being in the place of the son of Christ, we have no one in the place of the Son of God and we have no physical person in the middle of the circle. In the middle of the circle is the invisible Christ. In this way the true Christ is found within. In that day they needed a physical authority and now we have reached a point where authority has to be outgrown. So in this day the thirteenth will be a Master but it will be the invisible Christ.

We diverted away from love a little but love is really kind of a boring subject in a lot of ways.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I know our friend Bryan has had a little problem and we would like to have a little healing period for him and for any others that have need. We want to keep our people in good as shape as possible so we will finish off with one of the greatest services by sharing spiritual energy with our friends that we love, respect and want the best for.

Audience: Before you change the subject though you said that were three aspects of love and so far you have said love is an attractive force.

JJ: We were talking about friendship respect and trust, which are kind of sub-aspects. The true major divisions of love are love wisdom and understanding. These are the three main branches of the love aspect of God.

Audience: How do we create a molecule?

JJ: Well that is the main purpose of everything I have ever taught and that is to draw people together and eventually find twelve male female units that are capable of soul contact between each other and totally able to overlook the flaws in the other individual and that is the hard part. Almost everybody has difficulty in overlooking the flaws and almost everybody reaches a point where he says, “Well yes but what about Jim over there. He has something wrong with him so how can we create a molecule with a lazy person like that in the group?”

Overlooking flaws is one of the last things that the disciple has to learn and also one of the most crucial. You can see that even Jesus had a problem with it, James and John, two of the lead disciples were arguing over who was going to be found at the right hand of God and Jesus said to them that it is not his place to decide who is going to be at the right hand of God but just be happy where they were.

Another time they were with Jesus and they were rejected at Jerusalem. They said well, you know Jesus you are a greater prophet than Elijah and he made fire come down and destroy his enemies so lets make fire come down and consume this city. And Jesus said, “Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are. The son of man came not to destroy but to save.”

I thought to myself that is a beautiful statement. Yet what does everybody expect at the last day? They think that the non-Christian is going to be out mowing his lawn and the Christian is doing the same next door and the non-Christian is going to be zapped and burned up right there with his lawnmower in hand and the Christian is going to be next door saying boy I am sure glad I am not going to get zapped like that. And all the wicked are going to burned to a crisp because Jesus said this. Yet Jesus said, when he was with his apostles who wanted to burn a city because they were rejected, he replied, you know not what manner of spirit you are. I did not come to destroy but to save. In other words, these people that think that when Jesus comes that He is just going zap everybody and burn them to a crisp it is they who do not know what manner of spirit they are according to the Master’s own words.

Audience: So is it that I do not become a god but I become one with God?

JJ: Yes and depends on how you define God. If you define God as a super human then you become a god and if you define God as the one life that permeates all things then you become one with that in your consciousness.

Audience: Why did Jesus weep when Lazarus died?

JJ: Because he was his friend.

Audience: So was He really sad then?

JJ: Probably.

Audience: Okay the problem I have with that then is that I was reading this book and it said that if Jesus knew He could restore life. You wouldn’t think he would cry then.

JJ: Well maybe He doubted Himself a little.

Audience: So maybe He did not know He had these abilities.

JJ: No He knew that He had it and here is my belief on that, When He came to Lazarus He didn’t know for sure that He was going to raise him from the dead. He waited three days and some would say well He waited three days so He could really perform a great miracle but maybe He waited three days because He was seeking permission from God for the power to do this. He stands there before Lazarus’s tomb and do you know what He did?

Audience: He asked for Mary’s permission.

JJ: He turned to Martha and said “Believest thou that I can do this?” and she said I know lord that if you command him to be raised then God will give you the power to do it. And then He says Lazarus come forth. In other words, it was a combination of male and female energy and He needed that female energy to be able to raise Lazarus from the dead. He may not have known for sure that there was somebody with the faith of Martha to tap in to and He needed more than just His male energy or faith. He needed to tap in to the female faith of somebody in the group and He picked the person that He thought had the most faith, “Believest thou that I can do this?” And Martha answered, I believe that you have power over life and death and I believe you can do this. He did not wait because maybe the belief would have faded a bit, but He said immediately afterwards, “Lazarus come forth!” And he came out of the grave all wrapped up and looked like a mummy coming out of there.

I do think He cried because He was sad and at that time and maybe He did not know for sure that He could tap in to somebody’s faith but at the right moment Martha showed the faith that could be tapped into to raise Lazarus from the dead.

Audience: For God there is no order of difficulty for miracles but for human beings I believe that there are. The greater the fear is that is attached to something than the greater the difficulty for it to be healed. For instance 40 years ago cancer was a death sentence and now people believe that it is not necessarily a death sentence and that belief alone makes a huge difference in the healing process.

JJ: Yes and I have always wondered about that statement from Course in Miracles because certainly it would take a bit more energy to part the Red Sea than healing a wart or something like that or to raise Lazarus who was dead for more than three days.

Audience: Well Jesus must not have known for sure that He could raise Lazarus because he cried.

JJ: The trouble with people is that they think that Jesus knew everything that was going to happen like me snapping my fingers right now and that He knew I was going to do this at this moment right here, right now 2000 years ago. Nobody knows all the details of the future, not even the highest life.

Audience: We all have free will right, and what if Jesus did not know if Lazarus wanted to come back.

JJ: Yes that is possible too though he most likely tuned into to Lazarus before he raised him up and received his permission to bring him back.
End of class


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