Past and Future Lives, Part 1

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The subject today is past and future lives. The course of time between the past and the future is sometimes called a time line or a time track. Visualize it like a railroad track where you can go backward or forward and the present is where the train is kind of stopped. A lot of people think that going into the past is possible but what about going into the future? Going into the future is a little tricky because the future is not created yet, but the future is projected and the end of certain of cycles is pretty much set in stone.

For instance this earth has a beginning, middle and an end. The end is set and there is no way the earth or any form is going to last forever. However, what is in the middle is malleable, flexible and changes according to decisions made. We have all seen the time travel movies where a guy travels back to the past and he does something in there that was different and all of a sudden the future and present are changed. Like the guy goes back and receives a wound on the face and he develops a scar immediately in the present. So what he did by altering the past was he changed the future and the future changed instantly.

The idea of the movie, the “Butterfly Effect,” comes from Ray Bradbury’s story, “The Sound of Thunder,” where they go back in the past and receive strict instructions not to touch anything and one guy falls off the track and he kills this butterfly and that was the only change they made like 200 million years ago. Then they came back to the present and they were ruled by a Hitler type government and everything had been changed because of one little butterfly. So it is interesting that what is in between the certain set cycles is still malleable. But there is a time track and a projection into the future and that projection into the future is what the psychics and the prophets see but they are often wrong and the reason they are wrong is because it is not set. But there certain things that are set, there are certain cycles and when the end of a cycle happens certain things will occur.

The Masters study these cycles and they predict the end and the beginning of various cycles. As a matter of fact the famous prophecy made by Jesus in Matthew 24 is really about cycles. In the regular version it says, “Tell us about thy coming in the end of the world,” but that is a complete mistranslation. “World” comes from the Greek word aonian, which means, “an age.” So what they were really asking here is tell us about the end of the age or the end of the cycle. So Jesus began predicting certain things at the end of a cycle. These are the easiest things to predict because cycles repeat. You have heard the term “history repeats itself.” He is merely talking about the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle when these prophecies were made.

Cyclic prediction is the most reliable and this is what astrology does as well but astrology is very complicated because you are dealing with cycles that involve all of the planets plus the sun and moon so you have a lot of complicated cycles to deal with. If a good astrologer understands the cycles and the symbolism he gives can be fairly accurate. So it is interesting that what is in between the various cycles is malleable. It is a little like you being Leonardo Da Vinci and you are going to paint the “Mona Lisa.” You have a vision in your mind what the painting is going to look like when it is done but when you start painting it you begin to make changes – say maybe the color here needs to be different and the eyes are wrong so you change them. In the between the beginning and the end you do a lot of things that you did not know you were going to do. You just knew how you wanted it to end but you had a rough idea of all the details. Maybe you knew your work hours, you knew the types of paint you were going to use, the type of canvas, how talented you were and what work you were capable of doing, but all the little mistakes that you make in between are impossible to predict.

I use to have arguments with the born again Christians sometimes and they would say, God knows everything and I would say, did God know I was going to snap my fingers right now and they would say yes! Well why would He even want to know that? Why would He want to clutter His mind up with such detail? If you were the creator of the Mona Lisa do you want to clutter your mind up with every little brush stroke and detail? Does God want to clutter his mind with future details like when people scratch an itch? No life form would have any interest in such trivia. But what all the greater lives are interested in are the cycles – the beginning, the end and then making the end good, making the end better than the beginning. This is probably the strongest argument for reincarnation; in the fact that if everything we observe goes in cycles then wouldn’t our lives go in cycles too?

Within a lifetime we have various cycles, you have seven year cycles, fourteen year cycles, you have your Saturn cycle which is a little over twenty eight years. You have several cycles within your life and when you examine them you can see how they have played out. It is a good idea to examine your life in cycles of ten years. You can examine your life for achievement and setting goals and this type of thing. So look at the cycles of decades in the past and then you want to project the next ten years and compare it to the last ten years. Cycles are a bit like wave lengths but also spirals. The wave length gets bigger and bigger or smaller and smaller depending on whether it is ascending or descending.

The end of the cycle is always different from the beginning. In the Book of Revelations God says, “Behold I do all things new.” Yet we always hear in church that God always does the same thing but He does not really say that. He only says the He is the same in the fact that He is dependable but He says “I do all things new.” He says this several times in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Now if God does all things new – that presents a much different idea than what we hear in the churches of the world. He does things new when a new age begins and it begins in a new wavelength that is a bit stronger or a higher octave than the old cycle. We are at the beginning of the Aquarian Age and it is more constructive than the beginning of the Piscean Age.

We look back to the days of Jesus and the average life span was 27 years and now the average life span is about 75 years for male and 77 for females. Females live longer because they give us guys such a hard time that we end up living a couple of years less!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I had to throw that in!

So at the end of an age things are always at a little higher vibration than the previous age unless there is a big mistake made for few things are 100% predictable. Every once in a while a new age is worse than an old age and it has to be compensated for. This does not happen very often but it happened in the days of Atlantis when it was destroyed. They had a great anti-Christ there which was actually Hitler in a past life and in that life he succeeded and so he paved the way for the destruction of the whole continent. So this is an example of an age that did not work out very well. In Atlantis the dark brothers had actually conquered The Brotherhood of Light and the only thing that the Lord of the World could do was to allow destruction and begin anew.

Audience: But it did not destroy the world it destroyed Atlantis.

Yes they did not destroy the whole planet but destroyed the continent. The continent went through several destructions but there was a core battle between what was called the dark lords or the lords of dark face, and the Brotherhood of Light. The Light Brothers in that life lost but then we came back and we corrected it here and this time Hitler was defeated by the Allies, but he was just barely defeated. If you study World War II you’ll see some of the things that could have turned and led Hitler to victory. There were about 5 or 6 bad decisions that Hitler made and if he would not have made them then there was a good chance that he would have won World War II. Driving Einstein out of the country, which led to the development of the atomic bomb by the Allies, is certainly something that we should be thankful for. Another example is the battle of Dunkirk where Britain had thousands of soldiers rescued so they could fight again. Then there was The Battle of Britain where they just had a handful of pilots in the air at the end. If Hitler would have known how few planes England had left he would have continued and won the battle. If he would have had a little patience and waited on invading Russia and concentrated on us instead he would have probably won. It’s kind of unsettling to thin k about it.

Rob: So when an age does not work out the way that it supposed to then you say there is some kind of compensation?

JJ: Well it is a little like a lifetime. If you screw up a lifetime then you must come back and repeat a similar situation where you succeed this time. Like if you commit suicide because you are depressed because you are not succeeding you come back and wind up in a similar situation. This time, when you are thinking of committing suicide you get a little déjà vu and you think, well I am sensing that this is not going to work. Because you have already done it and now you are right back there again. So this time maybe you do not commit suicide or maybe you commit suicide two lifetimes in a row but you keep coming back until finally you learn your lesson and you do it right.

Now most lifetimes we go through we do it basically right and we learn some lessons. It may not seem that way sometimes but we often learn more than we think we do. And then some lifetimes we do legitimately screw up and this is the same thing with an age. In most ages we learn something and then we go on and the next age is better. Then once in a while humanity will just screw up an age and become ripe for destruction. Civilizations in the past has been destroyed quite a few times on this planet and now we do have the power to destroy our selves like we have never done before. Hopefully we are smart enough to work through it together and develop peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

The main subject here is reincarnation and I will talk to you just a little bit before we take you back. I believed in reincarnation naturally, so to speak, and when I was young my parents did not take me to church or anything. My dad was a notorious drinker and he was not very religious at all. My parents were baptized in the Mormon Church and about once a year or so maybe Easter my Mom would haul me off to church and I would disrupt things because I did not know what was going on and I did not like it.

Audience: Laughing!

I usually embarrassed her so she only went on special occasions. I do not remember much about religion when young except for when I was a child about 5 or 6 and I remember thinking, 5 or 6 years ago I was not even here. I thought, where in the world was I? I used to think about that a lot and from the time.


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4 thoughts on “Past and Future Lives, Part 1

  1. JJ “The end is set and there is no way the earth or any form is going to last forever”
    Eke- From history the end of the earth has always been marked by physical destruction of some sort (eg-destruction of earth by water in Genesis and Atlantis), . Will the final end of the earthwhich has been set follow the same pattern of destruction or can the end be a transformation of the earth into a higher planet, without a physical destruction?

    1. There are several higher parts of the earth that will remain after the physical goes but all form in all spheres eventually disintegrates and is reborn. The earth did not end in the days of Atlantis, but the civilization did. Billions of years hence though the actual physical earth will disintegrate and be no more until it is reborn.

      1. Will the disintegration occur when people are no longer living on earth or will every one die or translate like the city of Enoch?

        1. Disintegration will begin when all human life has left the surface of the earth. They will have either moved to other planets or higher spheres.

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