The Last Life, Part 5

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Before the person makes the breakthrough to access the Spiritual Internet he goes through the Dark Night of the Soul and in order to plug into the Spiritual Internet he has got to have new petals unfold and new energies added to circulation. When these final energies begin to unfold it creates a tremendous disturbance in the force, so to speak, and he will often undergo an encounter with the dweller in the threshold which we do not have time to go into right now. He will often encounter very disturbing energies. Even though these energies are good because we have not felt them before it takes a lot of adjustment to adapt our selves to these new energies.

The seeker will be very isolated and wonder what is happening to him and he will maybe even undergo depression and he will feel a tremendous sense of isolation like he is the only person in the universe that God has picked on to undergo this tremendous disturbance in the force that surrounds him that is making him feel so weird and so strange. There is nobody he can talk to about what is going on so he will go through this period of the dark night of the soul to where he feels isolated from everything and everyone and he will even wonder if God is his enemy and if God is just picking on him. But if he continues then he adjusts to these energies and creates a conduit to the Spiritual Internet and through the oneness principle he blends his soul with other souls in a group, a group of entities that is associated with every other spiritual group of souls on this planet.

He will have a particular group that he will blend with. There is quite a number in each one of our groups. But there are people on our wavelength that have progressed farther than us and there others who maybe living in different places on the earth that are in a similar state of progression to our selves.

Audience: Can this be done in one lifetime?

JJ: There is one particular lifetime that you will have this happen and then in another lifetime it will often repeat what we have learned in a past lifetime but it will be a little bit quicker and easier each time we achieve it. It is like every time we are conceived we go through all of our evolution and neural patterns illustrated in the growth of the fetus. In the beginning, the fetus even has a tail and it’s development from conception to birth shows how we evolved through the animal kingdom. We also repeat our spiritual evolution but the more times we repeat something the more times it much quicker and easier to master it.

Back to the group mind. The seeker tunes in and he goes through this sense of isolation and extreme loneliness. Has anyone here ever gone through a period where they just felt really alone and it did not make sense as to why? A period of extreme loneliness – all disciples who work through a period of this dark night go through a cycle of extreme loneliness and isolation then they will make a breakthrough. Their mind will merge like when Spock talks about a Vulcan mind meld so to speak. You have a mind meld with a number of entities and it could be hundreds or thousands, I am not sure exactly of the number but it is quite a number of entities and the number that you are connected with are connected with others, so it is really a very large number that you are linked with all together.

When this connection is made the disciple then draws down a tremendous amount of inspiration and knowledge and what is good for the disciple is that he will never feel alone again. He can be completely alone or he can be with a group but he will never feel alone because he will always be in the presence of his friends and this is why people like the Master Jesus for instance, no matter how much or how many people criticized Him, He was patient and always talking like He was in the house of His friends. The great entities that have been upon the earth have been this way. They are always talking like they are in the house of their friends because they are connected to their spiritual group and they never feel isolated.

Then when they are connected to their spiritual group the next step in all things is to do a great service for mankind and their service begins to multiply in each lifetime and their ability to serve becomes greater. When they develop the ability to selflessly serve then they get excited again! Every new wave of evolution we get excited. When we were in our selfish mode we were not excited about serving at all and we just wanted other people to make us feel good and now it is the other way around. Now we serve others and the more we can serve and lighten the burdens of others the better the disciple will feel.

This is completely opposite of what he was when he developed his selfish side. I will not go through all the details but we go through a series of initiations until we have proven that we are master of everything in the physical world, the emotional world, the mind, reason, the intuition, spiritual manipulation and mastery of spiritual powers. Of course the great example of the person who achieved this is Jesus, He set the example of what a person should be like when he has overcome.

Even so, that may not be His last life. Do you think that once a person reaches this stage that if he wants to go back and be born again that he can do it? What is there to stop him if he has something that he needs or wants to do? If he has some reason that he needs to come back and be born again where he can accomplish a great mission that may be his choice. It is interesting that the Christian world thinks that He just would not do that. Well can you read His mind? Do you think that He will never want to be born again and if He did want to do that what would prevent Him? Once a person has mastered an area if he wants to delve into the area he has mastered and play around with it or perform a service there is nothing stopping him.

The Christ himself is a great example for us to look for and most of us has many, many lifetimes to go before we reach this point and if we don’t know where our place is we probably should not assume that we are close to reaching our last life. We should assume that this lifetime is preparation for the next lifetime. That is one thing that I like about re-incarnation.

The criticism of re-incarnation is that well if you know you have another chance then you can just screw around in this life, I do not feel that way at all. If I am going to come back in another life I want it to be a good one so I am going to plant some good seeds and learn my lesson here so that I do not have to repeat them in my next lifetime. I have learned some hard lessons in this life and I do not want to have to repeat them. Hopefully I have learned them so that I do not have to go through them again. When you look at reincarnation in the right light it makes you try all the harder.

Now when a person is on a lower level of his evolution and centered in the emotional vehicle then he may think that, “I have another chance in my next lifetime so I can screw up and do anything I want in this lifetime.” Some of the people in the East do that and I think this is one of the reasons a lot of the prophets have emphasized the one life because a lot of average people have more incentive. But when you see the whole picture, nothing gives you incentive like the truth. Because when you see the whole picture and see that you are preparing for a better life with this life and everything that you do now will have repercussions for many lifetimes to come then we might as well prepare for many lives that will be happy and productive ones.

Okay that pretty much covers the basics, are there any questions?

Audience: Were there any other qualities that we should work on besides the ones that you mentioned such as do not be a hypocrite and speak against hypocrisy, always speak the truth, spiritual oneness and spiritual powers?

JJ: What do you think some others are Wayne he always has an insight or two.

Wayne: As we incarnate we come back in each lifetime not in retrograde to the place we were in evolution. We come back to the place where were when we expired from our previous lifetime, that each lifetime is an improvement no matter how gradual in our mental abilities. As the mental abilities progress we also come back physically more perfected. So I would expect a person who is on final turn of the spiral in his life cycles that he would have a perfected mental and physical body, He may be perfected spiritually but for us that would be hard to see but it is not hard to see physical beauty and mental acuity and clarity of thought and living a life of harmlessness and so on. Having lived with myself for several years now I figure I probably have a lifetime or two left to go.

Audience: Laughter

JJ: It is interesting that so many people think that Jesus was perfect but did you realize that the Bible does not say He was perfect. The word perfect as we use it in the English language comes from the Greek word Akrabella and do you know who was striving to be akrabella in the Bible? The people who crucified Jesus. They were the ones who put the attention on being flawless. But when it speaks of Jesus being made perfect – when it says that or to be perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect – it does not use the word akrabella. It uses another Greek word “Teleios” that means to finish the job you are given to do. So, if we translate that right, “Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect” here is what that means, “Do the job you are given to do even as God completes the job he has to do.”.

Audience: So you could say perfect and you could say that I perfected it and it is not perfect but it is done.

JJ: Right you accomplished your job but that is not the end. So Jesus came here he had a job to do and He finished the job and that was the meaning of the Greek word. He finished His job. But as far as being flawless the Bible says that whoever is nailed to a tree is cursed of God and what did they do to Jesus? They nailed Him to a tree, a cross. According to the Old Testament Jesus was cursed of God right there. Perhaps he had that happen just to illustrate that he was imperfect in the standards of His day even in His death. He was supposed to be cursed of God according to the laws of Moses.

The Jews had all kinds of regulations on how to be perfect. On the Sabbath you could not wear any sandals with nails in them because that created extra weight and made you work more. You could only take so many steps like 140 or something and they had all these silly regulations of what you could and could not do on the Sabbath. Jesus and His disciples went through this wheat field and grabbed a few grains for them selves because it was the custom of the day that if you went through a field you could grab a few for your self so it was not really stealing. Anyway His disciples grabbed some and someone saw them and said ah-ha they are working on the Sabbath, they are harvesting.

Wayne: An example I find kind of amusing that even today if you go to Israel on the Sabbath and you go into an elevator all the buttons for the floors would be pushed because that is work.

JJ: So they are still pretty fussy about that?

Wayne: Yes they are pretty ritualistic on how they eat and work and things like that.

JJ: So, if Christ were to appear again as a regular guy to the religious leaders do you think they would think He was perfect?

Audience: No

JJ: Probably not.

Audience: When your heart petals or any of the chakras open does it hurt?

JJ: Well, the reason some fairly evolved people have a lot of heart problems is because their heart petals are opening and they having a hard time adjusting to it. It is difficult and painful trying to adjust to the new energies and in each lifetime we have one or more of the petals open. Now sometimes we have a Sabbath were do not have to adjust to an energy and I believe we have a Sabbath approximately every seventh life where we just kick back and relax and everything goes really smoothly but the other six lives are work and the fact that new energies are unfolding and when the new energy unfolds it is disruptive and it leads us to something that we have never done before that is difficult.

We like to do the old and familiar but our soul is always leading us to new things. If you were a musician in your last life and this comes to you very easily then you want to be a musician but the new energy will lead you in an entirely new direction like maybe an astronaut or something. When the heart energies open and the spiritual love begins to flow through us and if we resist then this will cause heart problems. There a lot of people that have heart problems in this country, which shows that there are spiritual love energies that are flowing through them that they may be resisting.

Now everything is not black and white either and there are other problems that cause ailments but the blockage of energies or resisting of energies can certainly stimulate various problems. If, for instance, people that are having their third eye open will often have sinus problems. You can tell by looking at the human body because where you have physical problems will be around some center that is opening up. Now the thing to realize is that they do not open up all at once. You do not have the heart center open and then the solar plexus open and throat center open. You may have say you ten petals in the solar plexus and you may have six of them open and then you may have two of your heart centers open and a number of them in throat center and so on. So they open up not one after another but one of them begins to open and then like a fire it starts in a small area and then lights another. Not all the petals will open at once but the one you want to look at is the one in the area that is giving you physical problems.

JJ: I appreciate all your time today and you have been a good audience.


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