Zion, Part 8

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Whenever you go upon a higher path, the storms will come, and they will come at you hard and wear you down and people and things will come out of the woodwork and try to wear you down in many ways. A really good example of this is when I started pursuing my wife Artie. Everything came out of the woodwork to try and bring distance between us. Her daughter was very upset and she did not like me at all at first. Fortunately, now she likes me, thank God, but first she thought I was like a Jim Jones character that was going to take her and her Mom to some God forsaken place and have her drink Kool-Aid.

She was so against her Mom’s relationship with me so she called up her grandmother and told her that her Mom was going with this guy who was a cult leader that was going to take her off to who knows where! Artie’s Mom bought a plane ticket and flew here the next day. Next her daughter called her Dad who was living in California and scared the daylights out of him putting creepy thoughts into his mind. Everybody that knew Artie descended on her and told her she was crazy and that this guy (Me) sounds like an absolute maniac and you can’t have anything to do with him!

Then Artie calls me up and she says, “I am getting a lot of flack over having a relationship with you and I think maybe we should just lay low for a while until the storms blow over.” Immediately I tuned into to my soul and my soul says, “if you wait then it will be a disaster and you must change her mind now or you will lose her.” I thought well, what can I say and so we started talking and as I was talking to her I felt the Spirit descend upon me and I knew that she felt it too and after a silence I said, “what do you feel right now?” She answered, “I feel really peaceful” and I said how did you feel when you were putting your attention on all that static out there? And she said, “I felt really disturbed.” Then I said do you want the peace or do you want the disturbance? She said, “I want the peace.” I said, “Then we need to continue the relationship. Are you willing to continue with me?” She said “yes.”

To Artie’s credit she is one of the few that did not turn back because of pressure. She continued steady in the light and did not pay attention to the outside static and we resumed the relationship and still continue it but without that confirmation from the soul, from the Spirit we may not be together today because she had so much outside static. Then after that, all the negative powers descended; her Mother arrived the next day and she was a very powerful woman and she thought Artie was absolutely crazy. Her ex-husband was going to file legal papers to try and save her daughter from a madman like me. This was the way it was portrayed, so it was interesting, she weathered all these storms.

Now I am good friends with her daughter, her ex-husband and all her family and friends like me now that they have gotten to know me. The impression that everybody received was totally wrong and it could have destroyed our relationship but what saved our relationship was tuning out all the outward static and tuning into the voice within. If we can do that it will always lead us to peace no matter what is going on out there. Artie had the peace inside of her even though everything outside her self seemed to be falling apart. The peace sustained her and she had enough oil in her lamp to sustain her through the turbulence and this is what each one of us needs to do to be pure in heart. We have to have enough oil in our lamps to sustain us so that we can listen to the inner voice even though the whole outside world seems to be collapsing and descending upon us. Even though there are storms and hurricanes and people shouting at us, people that are mad at us, people demanding our attention, we need to tune them all out and if one listens to that inner voice then he will have the peace that passes all understanding and that is priceless.

The next step is to gather the pure in heart and this is what must happen next in this age. There has to be a gathering on several levels in the pure in heart and it has already happened on higher levels. Beyond this earthly sphere there are several degrees in the spiritual worlds and in the spiritual worlds greater knowledge descends from the world of greater ideas down through what we call the worlds of form, the higher mental levels and the emotional levels and descends down to physical reality.

The gathering of the pure in heart has already taken place on higher levels and it is descending down to lower levels, down to the emotional and heart levels and now it is waiting to descend into physical reality. There is really no gathering of the pure in heart that has taken place to any degree on the physical earth. There’s been small degree like it says in the scriptures, “where there are two or three gathered in My Name there I am in the midst of them.”

The pure in heart generally are gathered together in groups of two or three, small groups of people getting together and having intimate discussions and feeling that soul connection. This group right here deserves a compliment for you have a  higher vibration than many groups that I have talked to. You are very open to the soul energy and the spiritual energy is flowing among you. You are very receptive and you are attempting to feel that inner fire and inner feeling. This is to your benefit and a sign that there are many others like you that want to feel that spiritual energy.

Getting overly emotional is not a sure sign one is feeling the Spirit. It does affect you emotionally but it produces that peace that surpasses understanding, that fire of the inner lamp, those intuitive flashes of knowledge that will come to the seeker and  many signs will follow those who are the true virgins who seek the feet of the Master. The time of the gathering is approaching and what we are following is a time of planting. Since the last attempt at building Zion failed it turned out to be a period of planting for many seeds were planted by the early Mormon and other leaders. The Spirit works where ever there is reception and not just through the Mormon Church or any other church, but in many different religions and many different organizations – where ever there is power of the people to receive and to be open. The seeds have been planted in the pure in heart.

There were many seeds planted by the early Mormons and many seeds planted by other religions and there are many seeds planted by people working outside of religions, people working in science, education, politics, all kinds of different areas and there are also many negative seeds. The true plants are growing up surrounded by many different weeds and the true plants have to be gathered up and brought together.

A successful example of what happens when the lights are brought together is the creation of the United States. What happened is the people with the greatest desire for freedom came to America along with some of the most reprobated characters with selfish reasons. So you had some of the best and the worst people come to this land and fortunately some of the best got together and created a government and an inspired constitution.

When they gathered together the government of King George was not good enough for them and so they created a constitution and a free government, which was a leap forward in social evolution because when the lights gathered together the old ways were not good enough anymore and they had to create new ways. When the pure in heart gather together again under different circumstances that which is old and governed things before will not be good enough and the lights will want to create a better way of doing things.

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