Past and Future Lives, Part 4

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Regression Experiences

You looked like you really zonked out there, what did you see?

Audience female member: It was strange because before we got to the first door when we were walking through the forest I felt this instant fear and I wanted to run and scream, that was real intense and then when we went through the first door the only thing that came to me was my name was Jenny I seemed to on a farm and I do not what the time period was for sure maybe the early 1900’s but there was there huge apple tree and there was this little boy and I was his mother and that is all I got from the first time period and then when we went through the other door I was a guy and my name was Josh and I have no clue what else.

JJ: Okay everybody that got a name raise your hand. Okay what did you get?

Audience female: Gwyneth and I felt like it was a medieval period and my first husband was there in the first door and it is interesting because in this life my husband has always been fascinated with the medieval period.

JJ: There is a good chance that he lived there and you did too then.

Audience female: All I got was my last name and it was O’rath.

JJ: That is an interesting name.

Audience female: That is very different.

Audience female: I just remember getting down the steps and I as I got down the steps there were more steps and then as I got down these I saw a picture of these chains and irons hanging off the wall as I went down the steps and then as far as coming back goes I saw him smiling at me and then nothing after that.

Wayne: I got two names but the first one would not translate very well into English and it was something like Schvet.

JJ: Scandinavian maybe?

Wayne: Yes maybe something like that, and the second one I went back to a very primitive time and my name was more like a sound I made and people had individual sounds that were associated with them like in caveman days and when you wanted to get somebody’s attention you made a sound that was associated with them.

JJ: I wonder if dogs do that. Okay anybody else?

Audience female: I was struggling at the first door and really trying to concentrate and see him but by the time I got to the second door the name Jennifer came to mind and I think I was a baker, I had a big white apron and was in front of a big brick oven and that is all I remember.

Female member: The first door I did not get a name or much of an image and the second one I got Ialeila and all I saw was light.

Female member: The first door I was a little girl named Sarah Jane Proctor and it was around the turn of the 19th century and I was on vacation with my parents at a lake and the second door I was a man and my name was Hector and I was in a war and completely repelled by the savagery of humanity.

Male member: I saw this knight who rode off into battle and I was kind of broken up about it. When you said that I was an observer than I saw this princess and then saw this image of a naked female baby but she had these big man hands and feet. Laughing!

JJ: Were you the princess?

Audience: Laughing!

Male member: the second life I got something like Ashley and she looked like she could have been a maid the way she was dressed.

Female member: I thought my first one was really disturbing and what I got out of it was that I was a person that had died in the Holocaust in one of the incinerators and I could not get an age, (sobbing) it was disturbing. The second one I got the name Margret Shaw and I got the message, do unto others and this was really disturbing to me.

JJ: A friend of mine whom I don’t know where she is now but she remembered her past without any meditation or anything and she had died in the Holocaust and she was re-born shortly after she had died and was one of the few who remembered her past life without having to go back to retrieve the information. So yes it can be disturbing, did you get anything about your parents or any close to you?

Female member: maybe Margret Shaw has something to do with that, I don’t know.

JJ: Do you think you were killed by a Nazi?

Female member: that was the only thing that made sense to me when I woke up and at the time it did not make any sense. It was like a horror movie and maybe I was a child because I could not rationalize it as an adult.

JJ: You really captured the feeling and that is strong evidence that you had a real past life experience.

One time I regressed a lady who had a disturbing one too where she was in an orphanage in the middle ages and when they had too many kids they just took them down in the basement and chopped their heads off. They had taken her down and chopped of her head and in this life she had neck aches all her life. When I learned this I realized the current pain was caused by this past life and I told her she had to go back and relive this. So I took her back and had her go through it a couple times until it was no longer disturbing. Afterwards her neck pain seemed to have vanished. I met her about 10 or 15 years later and she said that since I had done regressed her she had not had any neck aches and that it took them all away, so that was very interesting.

A lot of our painful experiences of the past leave an imprint on us and we must somehow work through them. You may want to reflect on that when you are going to sleep. It is important that you be able to see anything in your past and be able to handle it and not only in past lives but also this life. When we have something very painful happen to us we will often try and run away from it and try to escape being hurt by that experience but when I find out somebody does not like a certain word said well then I say it often to them because I figure that it is some type of trigger word that is giving them a problem in this life so it is important that you be able to go back and face whatever it was that terrified you. Then you can look at it like it is just something that happened. You will feel a lightness when you do this and it will be a like a burden that has been weighing you down for so long is suddenly lifted and you will feel light. One thing that seems a little unfair is that the bad guys can take good people and give them problems that linger with them for a number of lifetimes but, on the other hand, in the far past we all probably did some bad things so it is all related to karma somehow.

Female member: The first life that I went back into what seemed like Biblical times and all I could see were these huge brick archways and I was stuck inside of the archways in the shadows when you said to be the observer I could see myself as a child and see myself on my death bed so I could see myself in the archways and I know that means something but I did not know what it means right now. When you asked me to look for somebody that I cared about it there was a young girl waiting but it was like she was my sister and I was a male in that life and then in the next life I was a shipbuilder Silar was the name that came to me and the issue had to with trust.

JJ: Very good.

Midge: When I went through the first door and I was going down the steps all of a sudden I realized there was somebody in front of me and we were at the tenth step I heard my mother and when she says my name she says Margret and she says it in this voice that just hits you. It looked like somebody in a big robe that I was following down the stairs and the second time I was in a forest and I was walking through something like moss and then I got caught up there because I was cold and I could feel my feet. Then I got the words, “Take Care” and that was all I got.

Female member: I did not get much in the first door and I think I was a small child in a Quaker family because of the clothes and then I fell asleep.

Female member: I just remember looking down and there is the door and then I see symbols and then I see light and then I am gone.

Female member: I got things but nothing that surprises me; which surprises me.

JJ: Had you been back in the past before?

Female member: Well no but the first one I was an Indian on horseback and I was a man.

JJ: And that did not surprise you at all?

Female member: No, not really and the second one I was a monk and extremely happy, oh I said that tonight didn’t I, that I was just very happy! My name was Michael and I was looking and talking with friends and the only word I got was abundance.


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