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Principle 101 – Humor

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Principle 101

The Principle of Humor

Those with an obvious good sense of humor are sometimes looked down upon by religious and other authorities as non conformists that need to be set straight. On the other hand, some great spiritual teachers recognize the value of well placed wit and humor. Not the least among these is DK through Alice A. Bailey who said this:

“There are two things which every disciple must some day learn, my brother. One is to cultivate the ability to “sit light in the saddle” (to use an old proverbial injunction) and the other is to develop a sense of humour, a real (not forced) capacity to laugh at oneself and with the world. This is one of the compensations which comes to those who can succeed in working in the light upon the mental plane. When you can do this, the constant tension under which you labour will adjust itself.

Discipleship in the new Age, Vol 1, Page 414

Lucille Cedercrans had this to say:

“Achieve to that perspective which is able to see yourself lalopping and laugh. It is a sense of humor that you need as you go into this training. See yourself in all of your failings, in all of your little miseries, in all of your ridiculous positions, then laugh. You see, it is this ability to laugh and to laugh particularly at one’s self which is the healing, the cure. It is this that makes it possible for you to pick up and to go along with whatever task you are presented. If you can laugh at yourself you can keep your head up in that Wisdom, regardless of where your feet may be walking or what your astral body may be doing (how much lalopping is going on). Still, if you are able to laugh you will keep your head in the Wisdom. If your head will stay up in the Wisdom, you can reach up every now and then and take a breath of it into yourself. Then it has to rub off; it has to come down to the feet and be grounded where you walk. It meets with the earth upon which you walk.”

Applied Wisdom, Page 813

Indeed. One of the hallmarks of the worker in the light is the ability to see humor, even in difficult situations. Many of those who have not yet transitioned into light and love take themselves and life much too seriously.

Humor is a somewhat illusive quality that is difficult to define, similar to that of love. You can read every dictionary definition and still not be able to put a finger on exactly what it is.

For instance, a common definition is, “Something that is funny or makes you laugh.” Overlooked is the real question which is: exactly what is it that makes something funny? A short black and white answer will not do here as a thing that is funny in one situation may not be funny at all in another.

For instance, a guy may offer some good-natured ribbing of a teammate in a locker room that draws a big laugh, but if the same thing were said at a Jane Austin book club meeting there may be outrage instead.

So what is the illusive principle that makes us laugh? In a nutshell it is this:

Humor, or that which is funny, is created when the dialog takes an unexpected, but pleasant twist. There is an element of mild surprise and often subtle truth in those statements that make us smile or laugh.

Let us examine a couple jokes from one of my favorite comedians, Steven Wright.

“OK, so what’s the speed of dark?”

This is a play on the speed of light which was discovered after a very serious scientific investigation. It is unexpected that anyone would even consider that darkness has a speed and the fact that it makes light of a serious subject adds to the humor.

Here’s another:

“Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now.”

It is unexpected that anyone would think of being lazy as rewarding, but when you think about it there is some immediate reward to it. The unexpected but pleasant twist to thinking makes it funny. Don’t tell this joke to your boss while you are working on a deadline as he may not think it is funny.

Here’s one more example:

“I intend to live forever – so far, so good.”

Again we see humor here because of a pleasant but unexpected twist. The reader may smile and say to himself, “The guy has a point. So far so good for me too.”

Let me tell you of a time that an unexpected statement really made me laugh. At one time I was thinking of going into the insurance business and I attended a presentation given by the owner of the company. Now I expected this guy to be very serious because selling insurance was a very serious business and as he began his presentation everything was proceeding about the way I expected until the guy just stopped and brushed his hand against his nose and made this statement, “Hmmm,” he said, “I think I have a booger in my nose.” That not only made me laugh but the whole room just exploded in laughter. That was the last thing that I ever expected to come out of his mouth at that time.

Overall then here are some, but probably not all, of the ingredients of good humor.

  1. The unexpected
  2. A subtle truth isn’t always necessary, but helps.
  3. It should be a pleasant thing to hear for the receiver.
  4. It should not insult the receiver’s belief system. For instance, a joke making fun of God may be funny to an atheist group, but not to a church group.
  5. Timing. This is very important and perhaps the most difficult to learn. Sometimes a statement said at just the right time may be hilarious, but fall completely flat when the timing is off.

There are many benefits of laughter, not the least of which is one’s health.

I first became aware of the healing qualities of humor many years ago when I read about the experience of the famous writer and editor, Norman Cousins. In 1964 he was diagnosed with a terminal and painful disease called, ankylosing spondylitis. The doctors told him that he only had a few months to live.

After concluding that the orthodox treatments he was given was accomplishing nothing he decided to treat himself. He felt his disease was triggered by stress and the best anti stress medicine is laughter. He checked himself out of the hospital and sealed himself in his room and read every comedic writing and watched every funny movie he could get his hands on. When something tickled his funnybone he went with the laughter as much as possible.

Within a month he had greatly improved and his doctors were amazed and couldn’t believe that laughter had anything to do with it. Within six months he was completely cured and went back to work full time.

His story inspired a movie and stimulated significant research. Since then they have concluded that humor stimulates a number of health benefits such as”

  • It relieves stress and relaxes your whole body
  • It boosts the immune system
  • It triggers the release of endorphins causing a natural high relieving distress and pain.
  • It increases blood flow making for a healthier heart and circulation.
  • Laughter helps you live longer according to a study in Norway. It is particularly helpful for cancer victims.

In addition to health benefits there are many spiritual ones. Those without much humor in their lives tend to focus on the negative and keep their attention there so much that their mood is soured and negativity seems to fill their lives. They tend to be quite pessimistic.

Laughter shifts ones attention away from the negative and causes the consciousness to put things in perspective. Yeah, maybe you’ve had a bad day, but after a good laugh you see that, all things considered, it wasn’t so bad after all.

A good sense of humor helps the spiritual seeker stay focused on the essential of reality and avoid pitfalls such as;

  • Taking himself too seriously
  • Trying to assert too much control over other people
  • Avoiding a messiah complex
  • Being an unpleasant associate.

If he ventures into teaching a little humor goes a long way into making the presentation more interesting.

Overall, there is no downside to humor in right proportions. May we all add some of its spice to our lives.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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292         BARB COSTELLOE              USA          9/29/01

293         SASCHA                   UK            9/29/01

294         DAVID & SUSAN LUCE    USA          9/29/01

295         BARBARA BENNETT         USA          9/29/01

296         WOLFGANG MATTHEWS                  UNITED KINGDOM             9/30/01

297         TOBY      ISRAEL   9/30/01

298         LAURIE POWERS-SHAMON             USA          9/30/01

299         FRITZ SCHREMMER           THE NETHERLANDS         9/30/01

300         ANITA SCHMETTERLING                  USA          9/30/01

301         DENISE LEWIS   UNITED KINGDOM             10/1/01

302         DANIEL PINNINGTON      UK            10/1/01

303         SARA MINNIS      USA          10/1/01

304         NIGEL CATTERSON           UK            10/1/01

305         STEVEN K GLASS                PHILIPINES           10/1/01

306         LYNDA DOUGLAS                USA          10/1/01

307         HELEN K. DAVIS                 USA          10/1/01

308         JULIAN HOBBS    UK            10/1/01

309         ANNICK WILLEQUET        MAURITIUS            10/1/01

310         JEAN-LUC WILLEQUET     MAURITIUS            10/1/01

311         LINDA PAUL         USA          10/1/01

312         JOSEPH REITZEL                 USA          10/1/01

313         AUDRA BURGE    USA          10/1/01

314         MARIA DIMAGGIO-CARPENTER    USA          10/1/01

315         AMY SCRABIS      ENGLAND              10/1/01

316         GRETCHEN GESELL REDROW      USA          10/1/01

317         KATHLEEN DENZEL BOAZ              USA          10/1/01

318         INGRID BERNING                NAMIBIA                 10/1/01

319         PAM TOPPING    USA          10/1/01

320         JAYANA CLERK   USA          10/1/01

321         DANTON MARY JOAN      SOUTH AFRICA   10/2/01

322         DIANE FIELD       AUSTRALIA            10/2/01

323         CLIFF THOMPSON              USA          10/2/01

324         NOEL AND ELAINE CAZALET       SOUTH AFRICA   10/2/01

325         MERVYN FELDMAN           SOUTH AFRICA   10/2/01

326         AUDREY INNES  UNITED KINGDOM             10/2/01

327         E. CLEVELAND   USA          10/2/01

328         INGRID DOBBELAERE      BELGIUM                10/2/01

329         ANDREW J JOHNSON       USA          10/2/01

330         MIGUEL RAMíREZ LIZáRRAGA       MEXICO                  10/2/01

331         ALI DUDGEON    UK            10/2/01

332         RIGOBERTO          MEXICO                  10/2/01

333         GISELA BEJARANO GOMEZ LLANOS            MEXICO                  10/2/01

334         DIANE FIELD       AUSTRALIA            10/3/01

335         MARI KINTARO  USA          10/3/01

336         RAQUEL FRIAS    ARGENTINA          10/3/01

337         KIM STANLEY     US             10/3/01

338         WENDY EIDMAN                USA          10/3/01

339         CAROLE KEENE                   USA          10/3/01

340         SHARLEEN BAZEGHI         USA          10/3/01

341         KIM MCKAGUE    USA          10/3/01

342         BARBARA KüPPERS           SOUTH AFRICA   10/3/01

343         ROMAN ORESTANO          USA          10/3/01

344         PATRICE GORMAND         USA          10/3/01

345         THOMAS N. ROBERTS     USA          10/3/01

346         THOMAS N. ROBERTS     USA          10/3/01

347         PAMELA LAULAINEN        USA          10/3/01

348         ARIEL KY               US             10/3/01

349         JORGE/LYDIA HUERTA    MEXICO                  10/3/01

350         KRISTEN VON NEILING  BRAZIL   10/3/01

351         SUSAN LANPHEAR             USA          10/3/01

352         CARMEN TAIT    USA          10/3/01

353         LAURA SMITH     CANADA                 10/3/01

354         MICHAEL TAYLOR              USA          10/3/01

355         M. E. AHEARN    CANADA                 10/3/01

356         JO TYLER               UK            10/4/01

357         JENNIFER REED                  USA          10/4/01

358         CHAUNTEL CHENEY         USA          10/4/01

359         JERI REED             USA          10/4/01

360         RACHEL REED    USA          10/4/01

361         ANNE GROGAN  UNITED KINGDOM             10/4/01

362         FRANK SAULTER                 USA          10/4/01

363         MANDY IRELAND                10/4/01

364         KEN         EIRE        10/4/01

365         GORDON MCALPINE         SCOTLAND            10/5/01

366         DENISE W CLARISSE        MAURITIUS            10/6/01

367         FIONA LEE            UK            10/6/01

368         HELEN WHITING                ENGLAND              10/6/01

369         JUDY K. REESE   USA          10/6/01

370         HELEN SCHUCK                   SOUTH AFRICA   10/6/01

371         REV PAMELA JACKSON   USA          10/6/01

372         STERLING D. ALLAN         USA          10/6/01

373         LAURA SHORTRIDGE        USA          10/7/01

374         WILLIAM WERELEY           UNITED STATEA                 10/7/01

375         CHARLENE FRANCIS         USA          10/7/01

376         DONNA GALVAGNI             USA          10/7/01

377         MICHAL ANN LUNCSFORD              USA          10/7/01

378         BARBARA C. BYRD             USA          10/7/01

379         CHERYL L.SORTORE         USA          10/7/01

380         KRISTI A. DYER USA          10/7/01

381         SHARON RONA  CANADA                 10/8/01

382         JUDY A. LASLIE  USA          10/8/01

383         JOHN THACKER                   SOUTH AFRICA   10/8/01

384         HILARYTHACKER                SOUTH AFRICA   10/8/01

385         MAYELLA JOHNSTONE    UNITED KINGDOM             10/8/01

386         BARBARA KEMP                  USA          10/8/01

387         CLYDE RANNEY                  USA          10/8/01

388         ARTHUR DUPAS                   CANADA                 10/8/01

389         REV. LYNDA PORTANOVA              USA          10/9/01

390         CASSIE ZIEVERS                  USA          10/9/01

391         JANET    USA          10/9/01

392         REV. CAROLINE N. WOOD              USA          10/9/01

393         DAWN    USA          10/10/01

394         DONNA FRANK  USA          10/10/01

395         ELIZABETH KOHNEN       USA          10/10/01

396         LINDA WEST       USA          10/10/01

397         JOANNE                  USA          10/10/01

398         MAYA KALISH     ISRAEL   10/11/01

399         CJ RIKARD

400         SUE DILLON         USA          10/11/01

401         YVONNE S. PIETTE           USA          10/11/01

402         ANGEL ZAPPANTI               USA          10/11/01

403         HELEN CHARPENTIER    USA          10/12/01

404         MELVA BRODERICK          USA          10/12/01

405         BUFFY L. BERRY                  USA          10/12/01

406         RACHEL CRANE                   AUSTRALIA            10/13/01

407         BENITA FIELD    AUSTRALIA            10/13/01

408         CARLA HOLLINGSWORTH                USA          10/13/01

409         TRAVIS OLIPHANT             USA          10/14/01

410         DEBBIE FRANCIS GIBSON               USA          10/14/01

411         BRIAN LAWRENCE             USA          10/14/01

412         SUZETTE D. SANTOS        UK            10/14/01

413         MICHELE NEWSUM           USA          10/15/01

414         LEE MCGREW     USA          10/15/01

415         CHRISTOPHER WESTRA                   USA          10/15/01

416         CLAIRE ELLIS      USA          10/17/01

417         ISHIA ALMA R     MEXICO                  10/20/01

418         LORRAYNE D. MILLS        USA          10/20/01

419         AMICHAI KALISH                 ISRAEL   10/20/01

420         BETH WILLIAMS                  USA          10/20/01

421         BRENDA                 MEXICO                  10/22/01

422         ANGELA R. SPELL               USA          10/23/01

423         BARBARA WALBRIDGE    USA          10/23/01

424         KAREN NAISMITH ROBERTSON  UK            10/24/01

425         J RINA DEAN       USA          10/25/01

426         OREN KENNER  ISRAEL   10/28/01

427         SINAI MITKI         ISRAEL   10/29/01

428         RYAN WOLANIN                  USA          10/31/01

429         MARIA    USA          11/3/01

430         SARA NOGGLE    USA          11/5/01

431         MEDRETH THOMAS          USA          11/6/01

432         LYDIA PARIS        ENGLAND              11/6/01

433         PATRIK  USA          11/7/01

434         JO ETTLES            AUSTRALIA            11/7/01

435         DOROTHY EVANS              USA          11/8/01

436         CATT FOY             USA          11/8/01

437         NORMA IRMA ESTRADA DE ZAMORA       USA          11/8/01

438         MARGRéT GíSLADóTTIR  ICELAND                11/9/01

439         INGIBJORG RAFNSDOTTIR               ICELAND                11/9/01

440         EITAN KALISH    ISRAEL   11/10/01

441         SUSAN ZARZYCKI                USA          11/10/01

442         DESMOND GERTY              CANADA                 11/11/01

443         MARY ANN ELF CANADA                 11/11/01

444         LOUISE-MARIE BéDARD  CANADA                 11/12/01

445         DAISY G. TORIBIO              CANADA                 11/12/01

446         DAISY G. TORIBIO              CANADA                 11/12/01

447         BLAKE POLAND                   USA          11/12/01

448         LINDSAY NASH  UK            11/13/01

449         MICHAEL ADKISSON         USA          11/13/01

450         VALERIE ADKISSON          USA          11/13/01

451         NANCY SVIENSON             CANADA                 11/13/01

452         ROBERT L. IAMS                 USA          11/13/01

453         ROBERT HOUSTON           USA          11/14/01

454         SNJOLAUG STEINARSDóTTIR         ICELAND                11/14/01

455         CHERI ALLAN      USA          11/16/01

456         SHONDA PONDER             USA          11/16/01

457         SHONDA PONDER             USA          11/16/01

458         DAVID H. FINKE                  USA          11/16/01

459         MARK PHILLIPS USA          11/17/01

460         CATHY O’BRIEN-PHILLIPS               USA          11/17/01

462         PHYLLIS M. BROWN         USA          11/18/01

463         PURITA BURRIS  USA          11/19/01

464         DANELLE OLESON             USA          11/22/01

465         AY            JAPAN    11/22/01

466         KATE DANIELS   AUSTRALIA            11/22/01

467         LIBBI ARMATI     AUSTRALIA            11/23/01

468         MARILYN TRAVER              USA          11/23/01

469         CHRISTEL GREEN               DENMARK             11/23/01

470         KEN U. GOODWIN              USA          11/23/01

471         RAMONA                ROMANIA               11/23/01

472         GIORGIA MESCHINI           ITALY     11/23/01

473         KAREN ECK          USA          11/23/01

474         JAMES M. MINIUM              USA          11/23/01

475         REBECCA MORRIS              USA          11/23/01

476         JANET C RISTIC                   AUSTRALIA            11/23/01

477         CARMON ELLIOTT             USA          11/23/01

478         SANDY CLOWES                  USA          11/24/01

479         LINDA YUHNKE USA          11/24/01

480         SHARON ELENA SAGE     ITALY     11/25/01

481         JUTTA MENTZEL                 EUROPE                  11/26/01

482         LANCE CHALLENOR          UNITED KINGDOM             11/27/01

483         JOHN MILLER      USA          11/27/01

484         LORI STONE        USA          11/30/01

485         XISHAAN KHAN ENGLAND              11/30/01

486         PATRICK O’CONNELL       USA          11/30/01

487         AMBER DONGES                 USA          11/30/01

488         DOROTHY E. NORTHRIP                 USA          12/1/01

489         BARBARA WEXTED           USA          12/2/01

490         KATHY WATSON                 USA          12/4/01

491         ANDREW RUNDLE             NEW ZEALAND  12/4/01

492         DEBORA Y. EDHOLM       USA          12/5/01

493         DONEL LINCOLN                USA          12/6/01

494         JANICE M. DAVIES             UNITED KINGDOM             12/6/01

495         DANA JERUSHKA                 USA          12/7/01

496         AMBER SATTERWHITE   USA          12/7/01

497         KATHLEEN SCHMIDT       USA          12/8/01

498         DR. MARK A. FOSTER      USA          12/10/01

499         RAYCHEL COYLE                REPUBLIC OF IRELAND  12/14/01

500         DAVID LUTZ         USA          12/14/01

501         STEVE NATION  NEW ZEALAND  12/15/01

502         JOHN M DEININGER         USA          12/18/01

503         TRAVIS BURNS   USA          12/21/01

504         DIANE    SOUTH AFRICA   12/22/01

505         DONNA M. FIKE                  USA          12/23/01

506         MIMI SCHROEDER             USA          12/26/01

507         MARK R. DUDO  POLAND                 12/28/01

508         KENNETH LADUBEC         CANADA                 12/28/01

509         JANET CRISWELL                USA          12/28/01

510         KATIE LAWSON USA          12/29/01

511         LEE GLENDINNING            ENGLAND              12/30/01

512         JACK BELL             USA          12/30/01

513         ANDREW WERNER            AUSTRALIA            12/31/01

514         TRI MA GIA          USA          1/2/02

515         HAMMOND ROBINSON   USA          1/2/02

516         JACKIE GENTZ    USA          1/2/02

517         VALDEMAR GONZALEZ SR.             USA          1/4/02

518         ROSE MARIE GARLAND  USA          1/5/02

519         EZABELLA              USA          1/5/02

520         GARY MUNN        CANADA                 1/6/02

521         S. MEAKIN             ENGLAND              1/6/02

522         JAMES C. WINEGARDNER                USA          1/6/02

523         MAHONRI              USA          1/6/02

524         MADLYN CREEKMORE    USA          1/6/02

525         CAROL NEGRETE                USA          1/6/02

526         CHER WITT          USA          1/6/02

527         STEPHANIE SNYDER        USA          1/8/02

528         CHARLIE SNIDER                USA          1/9/02

529         AMINA ORAEFO                   USA          1/9/02

530         RENALDO AZOTEA            USA          1/9/02

531         OLIVIA JOSEPHINE WEINBAUER                   NEW ZEALAND  1/10/02

532         DIANA HAY          USA          1/10/02

533         B.C. SUKUT C/O CHF        USA          1/12/02

534         “JANET C. NOVAK, M.A.”                  REP. S. KOREA   1/13/02

535         VIRGIL A MICHALSKI        USA          1/15/02

536         LEON      CANADA                 1/17/02

537         MARGARET STINSON       CANADA                 1/18/02

538         PAM COBLE         USA          1/18/02

539         RYAN PATRICK BATTLE                   USA          1/21/02

540         LAUREL BURNS  USA          1/21/02

541         NIKKI PONS         USA          1/22/02

542         ANG         USA          1/23/02

543         MARSHA SHEARER            USA          1/23/02

544         PETER G. KAROUNTZOS                   USA          1/24/02

545         SHADOW FAITH                  USA          1/25/02

546         GEOFF WILDBUR                 CANADA                 1/26/02

547         VIRGINIA REAMES              USA          1/26/02

548         CHARLIE SNIDER                USA          1/27/02

549         KATE FREEMAN                  USA          1/31/02

550         LANCE R. FRIZZELL           AUSTRALIA            2/1/02

551         MICK O’NEILL     ENGLAND              2/5/02

552         BRETT   CANADA                 2/7/02

553         DAN WATSON    USA          2/8/02

554         CYNTHIA WRIGHT             USA          2/8/02

555         RUTH      AUSTRALIA            2/11/02

556         KENNETH LADUBEC         CANADA                 2/12/02

557         JAMES LEE            USA          2/12/02

558         MARILYN PHILLIPS            NEW ZEALAND  2/13/02

559         LORA SPIVEY      USA          2/13/02

560         JEANENE                USA          2/14/02

561         MARGARET           CANADA                 2/15/02

562         TZVI SHERF          ISRAEL   2/18/02

563         STACIE LYNN DUNN        USA          2/18/02

564         MIKE W TURNING              USA          2/19/02

565         VIVIENNE MIAU                   AUSTRALIA            2/20/02

566         ZIVANAI KAREKWAIVANANE         ZIMBABWE            2/25/02

567         MARCUS                  US             2/26/02

568         DONNA RIVERA                   USA          3/4/02

569         EITAN ODENTZ ISRAEL   3/6/02

570         SHARON KEYS    AUSTRALIA            3/9/02

571         ROY TAYLOR SNIFFEN    USA          3/9/02

572         SOLOMON AGAH                 NIGERIA                  3/9/02

573         LIGIA FEIN            USA          3/9/02

574         VICTOR O. FERAREN        PHILIPPINES        3/10/02

575         JEAN MARTIN     USA          3/10/02

576         JEAN-MARC MOUNIER     FRANCE                  3/12/02

577         GILL WILSON       ENGLAND              3/16/02

578         WENDY RICKET                  USA          3/18/02

579         AINSLIE BRUN    WESTERN AUSTRALIA     3/20/02

580         CYNDY PRICE     USA          3/24/02

581         BENJAMIN BROWN            USA          3/24/02

582         MICHELLE HUTCHINS      USA          3/26/02

583         SHELLY PETTIT                   USA          4/1/02

584         CRAIG IVERY       USA          4/3/02

585         SOLOMON AGAH                 NIGERIA                  4/5/02

586         DJ JOHNSON        USA          4/10/02

587         JAMES M OUTLAW             USA          4/11/02

588         CLARA    USA          4/15/02

589         BARBARA A. STAHLY        USA          4/17/02

590         SUE-MAREE HEELAN        AUSTRALIA            4/19/02

591         JODIE RHODES  USA          4/21/02

592         RAMONA VANCLEAVE     USA          4/22/02

593         SUSANNE E. DILLON        USA          4/22/02

594         JULIE ABELLA      PHILIPPINES        4/22/02

595         DOLLY   USA          4/26/02

596         MANRANJAN AGRAWAL  INDIA     4/27/02

597         CHERYL WEATHERFORD                 USA          4/27/02

598         RAYMOND MUNOZ            USA          4/28/02

599         NNYOMBI RICHARD          ITALY     4/30/02

600         ROSS SMITH        AUSTRALIA            5/2/02

601         STEVEN VANCLEAVE       USA          5/2/02

602         DEE VEE                USA          5/2/02

603         MURIEL DENMARK             5/3/02

604         LUCA PINTILIE   ROMANIA               5/5/02

605         VIRGINIA REAMES              USA          5/7/02

606         M.TITUS NIRMAL KUMAR                 INDIA     5/8/02

607         DONEL LINCOLN                USA          5/12/02

608         VICTOR USA          5/13/02

609         HELEN YATSKO                   USA          5/14/02

610         BARBARA A. LIGHT            USA          5/14/02

611         MARK MULLIGAN                USA          5/15/02

612         SHEILA J. DAVIS                  USA          5/18/02

613         MICHAEL REGAN                ENGLAND              5/21/02

614         GLENN STEWART               USA          5/22/02

615         ANNE FORD         CANADA                 5/23/02

616         LOGAN MILLER  USA          5/23/02

617         FESTUS S. OGUHEBE        NIGERIA                  5/24/02

618         LINDA    CANADA                 5/27/02

619         BILL HEBERER   USA          5/28/02

620         RANJIT BASU       INDIA     5/29/02

621         KH. M.HISHAM    PAKISTAN              5/29/02

622         “LOUIS E., JR., DEBROUX”                USASD    6/4/02

623         CATT FOY             USA          6/6/02

624         MICHAEL ALLAN NAVARRO           USA          6/6/02

625         LIV EVENSEN      NORWAY                6/7/02

626         JOHN HARRELL  USA          6/7/02

627         ABDUL KARIM KEARNS   UK            6/7/02

628         “TERENCE OSRIC BARNABY, JR.”                 USA          6/9/02

629         BILL HEBERER   USA          6/11/02

630         LESLIE S. ANDERECK       USA          6/11/02

631         MICHAEL DAVID FINGARD             USA          6/12/02

632         PAULA DORFMAN               US             6/12/02

633         AARON BRANDLY               CANADA                 6/13/02

634         RICKY CHRISTMAS             USA          6/19/02

635         PATRICIA PARENT             USA          6/21/02

636         JOSEPH ORTIZ    USA          6/21/02

637         KRISTY BIANCHI                 USA          6/21/02

638         E KAT    USA          6/23/02

639         ROBERT JAMES NICHOLS                USA          6/24/02

640         PETER METELSKI               US             6/24/02

641         SARAH SADEGHI                 USA          6/30/02

642         JANICE ADAY      USA          7/2/02

643         TOMMY                   USA          7/3/02

644         ANNA BRAITHWAITE       USA          7/5/02

645         HIRO SUDA           JAPAN    7/10/02

646         BRUCE CUNNINGHAM      USA          7/13/02

647         DARLENE PORTER-GOODMAN     USA          7/15/02

648         ALISTAIR JANES                   CANADA                 7/16/02

649         GEORGE LEMON                 USA          7/17/02

650         MOHAMMAD ALI IRANI  IRAN       7/17/02

651         JANET J. FAIR      USA          7/19/02

652         ELAINE GOLDSMITH         USA          7/20/02

653         SERENA GOLDSMITH       USA          7/20/02

654         N.JAGANNADHA RAO        INDIA     7/22/02

655         BOBBIE ANDERSON          USA          7/24/02

656         STEFAN JOHANSSON        SWEDEN                7/25/02

657         LIN M. WEISS      USA          7/26/02

658         FILIP SCHOETERS              BELGIUM                7/27/02

659         JACQUELINE SCHMIDT    USA          7/29/02

660         THOMAS KIRBY USA          7/30/02

661         PATRICIA PARENT             USA          7/31/02

662         SHARON FLYNN                  REP. OF S. AFRICA             8/2/02

663         RAHUL KUMAR   USA          8/8/02

664         JUTTA TOBKIN   USA          8/10/02

665         KIMBERLEY A. SEGRAVES               USA          8/10/02

666         JAMES WINEGARDNER    USA          8/10/02

667         JOHN CRANE       USA          8/13/02

668         ALISON HARSH  USA          8/15/02

669         DON PARDEE     USA          8/16/02

670         THOMAS SCOTT KIRBY  USA          8/16/02

671         PETER JOY           UK            8/21/02

672         JOHN A. SZYMANSKI         USA          8/21/02

673         LIZI STUART         ENGLAND              8/21/02

674         CATHERINE MARIE BALDINO DUNCAN   USA          8/22/02

675         JAQUI FREUND   USA          8/22/02

676         DEAN TAZI           CANADA                 8/22/02

677         KELLY GORE-KAUFFMAN                  USA          8/23/02

678         MARGE FREUND                  USA          8/23/02

679         ADA KASPRZAK  USA          8/24/02

680         ELYSE BELANGER              USA          8/24/02

681         BRIAN H SIVERS                 USA          8/26/02

682         LORENE                  USA          8/28/02

683         PIERRE NUNNS  AUSTRALIA            9/1/02

684         DUANE GOULBOURNE     USA          9/4/02

685         DANIEL J LEACH                 USA          9/4/02

686         CATHERINE TAVERAS     USA          9/5/02

687         ROMAIN GATEAU                USA          9/5/02

688         SHAYLA MCCALLUM          USA          9/6/02

689         PEGGY   USA          9/7/02

690         SOLOMAN              USA          9/9/02

691         AMITAV MALLIK                  INDIA     9/9/02

692         DYAN GREEN      AUSTRALIA            9/10/02

693         SHARON SIBLEY-WEIS     USA          9/11/02

694         ADRIAN BRADLEY              UK            9/12/02

695         SUE ADCOCK       AUSTRALIA            9/12/02

696         APRIL ISOM          USA          9/12/02



699         SHERI PENNEY  USA          9/18/02

700         JEREMY ELLIS     USA          9/19/02

701         LEAH S.                   CANADA                 9/21/02

702         JOHN AHRENS    USA          9/22/02

703         INGRID BERGER                  USA          9/25/02

704         NORMAN RANDALL           USA          9/30/02

705         CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON              USA          9/30/02

706         JOE          USA          9/30/02

707         LESLIE FRASER  USA          9/30/02

708         CHARLENE            USA          10/2/02

709         BARBARA KEMP                  USA          10/5/02

710         DARREL DYER    USA          10/6/02

711         DEEANNA              USA          10/7/02

712         DANILO MARIANO             SAUDI ARABIA    10/8/02

713         BARBARA A. WOLFMAN  USA          10/8/02

714         IAN ELLIOT          USA          10/9/02

715         CYNTHIA MO      USA          10/9/02

716         JOE BEM                USA          10/10/02

717         LYNNETTE THREDGOLD                 USA          10/16/02

718         KENT HUNT         USA          10/21/02

719         DONNA ROHLF  USA          10/21/02

720         KATIE WEAVER US             10/23/02

721         “CHARLIE WEAVER, JR.”                   US             10/23/02

722         JAMES NICHOLAS WEST                  AUSTRALIA            10/24/02

723         SCOTT WERNER                 USA          10/24/02

724         LAURA AMACHER               USA          10/27/02

725         RICHARD A. LARSEN        CANADA                 10/27/02

726         NIGEL KIRKWOOD             AUSTRALIA            10/30/02

727         “BEN EKIYOR., JR”             NIGERIA                  11/1/02

728         MARIA TERESA GRASSO                   ITALY     11/1/02

729         MARCELLA BOYD               USA          11/12/02

730         DEBRA   USA          11/14/02

731         CHARLES DAVIS                  USA          11/15/02

732         BRAD CULLEN    USA          11/17/02

733         CAROL MARRS    USA          11/17/02

734         KATIE LAWSON USA          11/17/02

735         DONNA COURNOYER       USA          11/17/02

736         MYRNA P. JENSEN             USA          11/22/02

737         MARC A. HILL     USA          11/22/02

738         DENNIS RUTHERFORD    USA          11/23/02

739         JULIAN ROSCOE                   USA          11/24/02

740         JAMES P. DEGAETANO    USA          11/24/02

741         JUDY ALMUSNINO              ISRAEL   11/27/02

742         IMMANUEL ALMUSNINO                   ISRAEL   11/27/02

743         JAMES OLUSANMI               GERMANY              11/27/02

744         JEFF DAWSON    USA          11/30/02

745         STEVEN SAKAGUCHI         USA          12/1/02

746         SILVER MELTON                 USA          12/1/02

747         G. K. NICOL          AUSTRALIA            12/1/02

748         MARY-ANN IBEZIAKO       USA          12/4/02

749         TOH SWEE-CHUAN            USA          12/8/02

750         CLYDE HARMON                 USA          12/10/02

751         VLAD LUNGU       ROMANIA               12/19/02

752         GARY-GEORGE: MAY         USA          12/21/02

753         PAULA ARMKNECHT         USA          12/24/02

754         CHRIS MORGAN                   AUSTRALIA            12/25/02

755         JEWEL DYER       USA          12/25/02

756         ARIC GALLOSO   USA          12/27/02

757         SUSAN HALL        USA          12/27/02

758         LYNNE PLANT    NEW ZEALAND  12/27/02

759         ALJUANA NEAL   USA          12/28/02

760         ROY K. AKERS    USA          12/29/02

761         FRANCIS THOMAS JANKECH JR   USA          12/31/02

762         JAMES M. OUTLAW            USA          1/4/03

763         JANICE L. JONES                 USA          1/4/03

764         ISABEL GALLEGO                USA          1/5/03

765         ANNE JOHNSTON               USA          1/7/03

766         JEFFREY ROTH   USA          1/8/03

767         CASEY ROGERS  USA          1/11/03

768         THOMAS SKAYHAN           USA          1/11/03

769         MICHAEL HOLMES             ENGLAND              1/13/03

770         WAYNE CALLISTER           AUSTRALIA            1/15/03

771         ANNA PAVLOVIC                 USA          1/17/03

772         E ALAN SHADFORD          NEW ZEALAND  1/23/03

773         RUTH M.ANISCALCO WINOCUR   USA          1/24/03

774         SOLOMON AGAH                 NIGERIA                  1/25/03

775         BRINN MAR BENTLEY     USA          1/25/03

776         DENNIS G. DAVIS               USA          1/25/03

777         LARRY C SHORT                 USA          1/27/03

778         SCOTT PETERSON             USA          1/28/03

779         INGRID RAWLING               USA          1/29/03

780         TATJANA TURIN                  CROATIA                1/30/03

781         CHRISSIE KRONKE             USA          2/3/03

782         DAVID PEACHAM               AUSTRALIA            2/4/03

783         BRIAN FREUND  USA          2/10/03

784         DAVE THOMPSON             USA          2/10/03

785         CARMEN C. FERNANDES                 USA          2/11/03

786         RUFINO A. SABA                  PHILIPPINES        2/12/03

787         EUGENE L. ASIDAO           USA          2/13/03

788         MS. LANE W. TYLER         USA          2/13/03

789         ROBIN OLESZAK                  USA          2/14/03

790         JEANETTE NILSSON          USA          2/15/03

791         JIP WHITEFIELD                  USA          2/15/03

792         JARMO NEVALAINEN        FINLAND                2/17/03

793         MARY J HARPER                 USA          2/17/03

794         ANTHONY V. WOJNAR    USA          2/18/03

795         CAROL L. LAIDLER             USA          2/21/03

796         ADRIANA SHIMABUKURO                 BRAZIL   2/22/03

797         BEVERLEY FORTUNE       CANADA                 2/25/03

798         JOSé LUIZ DE CARVALHO                BRASIL   2/26/03

799         PETER GROSE    AUSTRALIA            3/2/03

800         KATHY O’PELLA                  USA          3/2/03

801         EFRAT    ISRAEL   3/3/03

802         GERRI A ZIEGLER               USA          3/5/03

803         STEEN CHRISTIAN             BELGIUM                3/6/03

804         MELISSA LARSON               USA          3/6/03

805         CAROL WININGER              USA          3/7/03

806         DIANE FIELD       AUSTRALIA            3/9/03

807         LISA SIMMONS   USA          3/11/03

808         RHONDA SMITH                  USA          3/11/03

809         RAMAKRISHNAN THAVIU                 MALAYSIA              3/11/03

810         BRIAN DRUMM   USA          3/13/03

811         LELAND LEAVENWORTH                 USA          3/14/03

812         MELISSAE BLETSIAN        USA          3/15/03

813         MARY JEAN HENDERSON               USA          3/16/03

814         EXISTELCITEL     NIGERIA                  3/16/03

815         EMILY SIMMONS                 US             3/19/03

816         PAULA D. RAYNER             USA          3/22/03

817         KATHY WESTMORELAND                US             3/23/03

818         REVEREND GERHARD     GERMANY              3/23/03

819         BEVERLY JONES                  USA          3/26/03

820         JOHN NATHAN GEORGE                  USA          3/29/03

821         AMELIA M. ALBA                 USA          4/1/03

822         JASON BARNES  UK            4/9/03

823         GENE VAUGHAN                  US             4/9/03

824         CAROL L. LAIDER               UTAH      4/11/03

825         APRIL BLASH       USA          4/11/03

826         RAINBOW ANGEL               USA          4/16/03

827         CLEMENS SCHROEDER   GERMANY              4/21/03

828         LISA MILCHMAN                  USA          4/21/03

829         CAROL COVINGTON-HACKNEY    USA          4/26/03

830         MATTHEW S. STEELE      USA          4/29/03

831         KARMENDRA KEVIN ROSSY           USA          4/30/03

832         KEN KIRK              USA          5/4/03

833         DINA ROKA          CANADA                 5/8/03

834         PHIL HARRIS       AUSTRALIA            5/12/03

835         MANFRED STEIN                GERMANY              5/12/03

836         RONEN  ISRAEL   5/12/03

837         OSEMENE GAVIN I.           NIGERIA                  5/19/03

838         ALLAN J. BYER   USA          5/19/03

839         VALERIE GRIFFITH             USA          5/20/03

840         PAUL A BODMER JR.        USA          5/22/03

841         PAUL       AUSTRALIA            5/23/03

842         AMAYAH MORAZ                 ISRAEL   5/31/03

843         D ALLEN                USA          6/1/03

844         RICHARD W. MITCHELL USA          6/2/03

845         ANGELIE B MASON           USA          6/6/03

846         H. DICKERSON   USA          6/8/03

847         KIM CALKINS       USA          6/14/03

848         ROSALYN GOH   USA          6/17/03

849         LEEN JOSEPH     BELGIUM                6/18/03

850         REBECCA STEVENSON    USA          6/24/03

851         ELA MARY LEOS                 USA          7/13/03

852         HAUS      US             7/14/03

853         PHILIP STEVENSON          USA          7/15/03

854         FRANCES KOSAC                 USA          7/17/03

855         DAVID PILEGGI  USA          7/18/03

856         SHERRY TAPKE USA          7/19/03

857         JOERN BJERAGER               DENMARK             7/20/03

858         JENNIFER CAMPBELL       USA          7/21/03

859         BARBARA ANN LIGHT      USA          7/28/03

860         MIRNA MIRANDA                USA          7/30/03

861         SRIRAM BALAJI   USA          7/30/03

862         JOYCE CHILDRESS             USA          7/31/03

863         SPENCER POWELL            USA          8/1/03

864         L. BAILEY               USA          8/2/03

865         SHANEL NEFF     USA          8/6/03

866         THOMAS MAY     USA          8/7/03

867         FRED MARSH      USA          8/10/03

868         JOSEPH GERAGHTY           GERMANY              8/10/03

869         JOEL PACKARD  USA          8/14/03

870         CAROL ANN KINGBURY-REED      USA          8/20/03

871         DANIEL EDWARD               AUSTRALIA            8/31/03

872         LORIN HOWARD                 USA          9/1/03

873         JAIME QUINONES               USA          9/5/03

874         CHAR COOPER   USA          9/9/03

875         KATHRYN ROCHA              USA          9/11/03

876         TAMMY RENO    USA          9/13/03

877         MARY AXELROD                  USA          9/14/03

878         JANIE BOYD         USA          9/18/03

879         SPARROW              USA          9/18/03

880         BETH MEYER      USA          9/19/03

881         CARL BOND         USA          9/20/03

882         SUY          USA          9/21/03

883         DAVID ROBERT WISDEN                 USA          9/24/03

884         MELISA LEIA AMILLA LAURITZEN                DENMARK             9/28/03

885         DONNA WALKER                USA          9/30/03

886         “LINDA WALL, BA”             CANADA                 10/5/03

887         JUDY C. GROSS   USA          10/8/03

889         HOLLIE HOLLOWELL        USA          10/28/03

890         JENNIFER WOOD                AUSTRALIA            11/1/03

891         JAMES RILES SR                  USA          11/5/03

892         JAMES RILES JR USA          11/11/03

893         CAT CASTELLANA              USA          11/23/03

894         CHRISSIE KRONKE             USA          12/4/03

895         PAMELLA ALLEY                 USA          12/7/03

896         “A,M. HOFFMAN”                 USA          12/8/03

897         OLAGO   KENYA   12/9/03

898         STEFFEN NIELSEN             DENMARK             12/13/03

899         HENRY UNGA      USA          12/13/03

900         ANN CHEW          USA          12/20/03

901         CARL WOLTZ       USA          12/23/03

902         ARLENE                  NEW ZEALAND  12/26/03

903         SHARON LYNN MILLER  USA          1/2/04

904         KADIJEH AWICK                  AUSTRALIA            1/4/04

905         RUTH      AUSTRALIA            1/5/04

906         STEFFEN NIELSEN             DENMARK             1/5/04

907         JOHN WAYNE KLINE        USA          1/11/04

908         MARY SWANSON                USA          1/19/04

909         KRISTA CHRISTENSEN    USA          1/19/04

910         BETTY P. COGGINS           USA          1/20/04

911         BRYAN ARTHUR SMITH  USA          1/21/04

912         GEORGE T WEILENMANN               UNITED STATES                  1/24/04

913         JURE GRAHOR     SLOVENIJA            1/29/04

914         ELISABETH SAND YANEZ                USA          2/6/04

915         MATTHEW ENNOR            ENGLAND              2/7/04

916         TERRY K                NEW ZEALAND  2/10/04

917         KELVIN XU YUAN CHENG               SINGAPORE          2/12/04

918         SEVINCYAZLA      TURKEY                  2/20/04

919         SEVINC   YAZLA  TURKEY                  2/20/04

920         GLEN REICHWEIN              CANADA                 2/20/04

921         MARIEKE VAN LEEUWEN                THE NETHERLANDS         2/22/04

922         CHARLES DAVID HEINEKE             UNITED STATES                  2/24/04

923         CHARLOTTE SIGLER         USA          2/24/04

924         ANNE KOUVAS   CANADA                 3/1/04

925         TONY RACZ          CANADA                 3/7/04

926         CHRISTINE PLATTEN       AUSTRALIA            3/8/04

927         K. KEELEY             USA          3/10/04

928         PHILIP D. SMITH                USA          3/21/04

929         STEPHEN DAVID HALLS                  USA          3/22/04

930         HARRY DSCHAAK               USA          3/22/04

931         STEVEN D. FLOYD             USA          3/25/04

932         CLAUDE VEZIAU                  CANADA                 3/26/04

933         PATTY MCINTOSH             USA          3/30/04

934         DEBORAH GOODRICH     USA          4/22/04

935         HELGA SIGURDARDOTTIR               ICELAND                5/6/04

936         VIDAR ADALSTEINSSON                   ICELAND                5/6/04

937         MICHAEL LUCE  USA          5/18/04

938         KIESTEN MCCAULEY        AUSTRALIA            5/27/04

939         TAMZIN MCCAULEY          AUSTRALIA            5/31/04

940         MICHELE MAGEE-NELSON              USA          6/3/04

941         ARIT EFIONG       NIGERIA                  6/15/04

942         BRYAN BRABENDER         USA          6/15/04

943         BRETT ALTLAND                USA          6/15/04

944         ANDY MECCA     USA          6/16/04

945         JOHN WITTAN    CANADA                 6/22/04

946         AARON  UK            6/23/04

947         SHARON FLYNN                  AUSTRALIA            6/28/04

948         PETER BENGTSSON          SWEDEN                6/28/04

949         STANLEY J BOTMAN        SOUTH AFRICA   7/7/04

950         PHILIP D. SMITH                USA          7/7/04

951         MARC SULLIVAN                  UNITED STATES                  7/9/04

952         MRS. APRIL LEANNE SULLIVAN   UNITED STATES                  7/9/04

953         WAYNE F. WINTERS         U.S.A.       7/9/04

954         JANECE CURTIS UNITED STATES                  7/9/04

955         DANIEL JAMES MIKOLAJCZYK       USA          7/11/04

956         DRUE COLLARD                   UNITED STATES                  7/12/04

957         DAVID JOHN MIKOLAJCZYK           USA          7/12/04

958         T.L.FLENNER        USA          7/12/04

959         SAMUEL D. BARLOW        UNITED STATES                  7/12/04

960         RICHARD MIKOLAJCZYK LUCAS    7/13/04

961         KENNETH SORTORE        USA          7/31/04


963         WILEY CARR        USA          8/2/04

964         TATOMIR ION-MARIUS    ROMANIA               8/26/04

965         HEATHER NOELLE PUHL                USA          9/15/04

966         DEB WILLIAMS   USA          9/16/04

967         GODSWILL TOMMY UDOH              NIGERIA                  9/25/04

968         LORETTA MILLS                  UNITED STATES                  9/28/04

969         JESTON MCARTER   LLL  USA          9/28/04


971         BOB GREENWALT              USA          10/1/04

972         JOHN HIATT        USA          10/4/04

973         MICHAEL ELSNER              UNITED STATES                  10/8/04

974         BEN FOSTER       USA          10/9/04

975         JONATHAN            UNITED STATES                  10/15/04

976         KIM PISCIOTTA  USA          10/19/04

977         MALCOLM BOWDEN         AUSTRALIA            10/21/04

978         CATHERINE MASCARI      USA          10/26/04

979         SANCTUARY OF LIGHT    USA          10/31/04

980         BEN         US             11/5/04

981         BRIGITTE PLISKA                USA          11/7/04

982         JUSTYN HO WEI SHEN   MALAYSIA              11/10/04

983         STEPHENIE ANDREW      MALAYSIA              11/11/04

984         “I-HUA, LIM”         AUSTRALIA            11/12/04

985         DERVIN DRISCHAL FRANK             MALAYSIA              11/13/04

986         DIANE KIRK         AUSTRALIA            11/24/04

987         JOHN PRENTISS                  USA          11/24/04

988         KATHY PEARSON               AUSTRALIA            11/24/04

989         CORI WONG         USA          11/25/04

990         CAROLINE D.LOUIS            MALAYSIA              11/28/04

991         MICHAEL GLYNN                AUSTRALIA            12/2/04

992         LISA BAKKER       THE NETHERLANDS         12/31/04

993         CARLA BECERRA DE RAMíREZ    MEXICO                  1/1/05

994         KATE INGRAM    USA          1/2/05

995         JOHN KENNEDY                  US             1/2/05

996         D DARRAGH         USA          1/8/05

997         OLIVIA WEINBAUER          NEW ZEALAND/ AOTEAROA         1/9/05

998         OSCAR ARMANDO PINOCHI          ARGENTINA          1/19/05

999         JOETTA ABO        UNITED STATES                  1/19/05

1000      JASON HULL         USA          1/20/05

1001      ASHLEY EASTLAND           USA          1/20/05


1003      JONATHAN GUEST             UNITED KINGDOM             1/25/05

1004      JENNIFER SLAUGHTER    USA          1/28/05

1005      KARIN BOM          DENAMRK             1/29/05

1006      JAMES LARRY STELL        USA          1/30/05

1007      KIMMBERLY         USA          1/30/05

1008      DAVE BRUNETTI                 USA          1/31/05

1009      BEATRICE ALLAIN              BRAZIL   1/31/05

1010      NORAH C. ALLAIN              BRAZIL   1/31/05

1011      RHONDA SMITH                  USA          1/31/05

1012      GALE T. FORD-MELLOW                   USA          2/1/05

1013      TERRY PARKER UK            2/2/05

1014      RICH METANOIA                 USA          2/5/05

1015      MONIKA SZIGETI                 AUSTRALIA            2/6/05

1016      JANE THADEN     USA          2/7/05

1017      ERIN JUDD             CANADA                 2/11/05

1018      MARTINE MOEYKENS       IRELAND                2/13/05

1019      SHAINA SMITH    USA          2/16/05

1020      MICHAEL ANTHONY HIGGINBOTHAM         USA          2/16/05

1021      RICHARD CHUDERSKI       USA          2/19/05

1022      HEATHYR BROWNLEE     USA          2/22/05

1023      SHOSHANNAH CATHERINE TURNER           USA          2/22/05

1024      PINTILIE OANA   ROMANIA               2/28/05

1025      CHRISTOPHER AUSTIN    USA          3/3/05

1026      JEANETTE AMBROSE        USA          3/4/05

1027      JEFF T DAWSON USA          3/8/05

1028      ANDREA LEA        USA          3/15/05

1029      NG WANG FENG  SINGAPORE          3/15/05

1030      RAIS NEZA BONEZA            NORWAY                3/15/05

1031      LAILA MARTINA HANSEN                  DENMARK             3/16/05

1032      MICHAEL SZEKELY             USA          3/16/05

1033      JIMMY RANNHOLM             SWEDEN                3/17/05

1034      GLENDA BISBEE                   USA          3/23/05

1035      LIANNE MARY MONTALBANO        USA          3/24/05

1036      SUSAN M WILLIAMS            USA          3/30/05

1037      GORDON L TRUEMAN       USA          4/17/05

1038      CAROLINE             USA          4/21/05

1039      STACY TEDESCO                 USA          4/21/05

1040      LARRY CONTE     USA          4/22/05

1042      CAMILO PAGES   MEXICO                  4/25/05

1043      DANIEL ARREDONDO       MEXICO                  4/26/05

1044      CLAUDIO GIOSEFFI             ARGENTINA          4/28/05

1045      CARMEN SANTIAGO           VENEZUELA          4/28/05

1046      GORDON LOUIS TRUEMAN               USA          5/11/05

1047      JAN KEES IJSPEERT            NETHERLANDS  5/12/05

1048      ALMETA KILGO   USA          5/13/05

1049      “UDOH, MONDAY EKANEM”            NIGERIA                  5/16/05

1050      VICTORIA PROCOPIO        CANADA                 5/23/05

1051      RACHEL NELSON                 USA          5/24/05

1052      CHRYS BODEN    UNITED KINGDOM              6/6/05

1053      WOODY STANFORD           USA          6/8/05

1054      JASON GUEST       CANADA                 6/17/05

1056      CONSUELO I DE CASTILLO               USA          7/1/05

1058      MANUEL ALEJANDRO SARAVIA      USA          7/2/05

1059      APRIL MCCORMACK           USA          7/5/05

1060      ARISTID HAVLICEK             SLOVENIJA            7/21/05

1061      DENISE AVELLINA              USA          7/25/05

1064      ADAM CLAYTON                  USA          7/28/05

1065      BRUCE MAY          USA          7/28/05

1066      LORELLE CHORKEY           USA          8/8/05

1067      RAYNELLE MALIK                USA          8/13/05

1068      EDWARD LEE PEREZ         USA          8/16/05

1069      BRANDON COREY PEREZ                 USA          8/16/05

1070      KRISTA DAWN MALIK        USA          8/16/05

1071      KATARA SEIFERT                 USA          8/27/05

1072      GAIL RABY             USA          9/1/05

1073      DEBRA MCCLURE                AUSTRALIA            9/2/05

1074      DAN HOWELL      USA          10/16/05

1075      SVEINUNG SCHNICOLAISEN            NORWAY                11/3/05

1076      KIMBERLY MINK                  USA          11/29/05

1077      STEPHEN D BONN              USA          12/9/05

1078      TIM BENSON        UK            12/14/05

1079      LIS SOERENSEN DENMARK             2/23/06

1080      CHRIS SHAW        USA          3/7/06

1081      LEIA LAURITZEN                  DENMARK             3/17/06

1082      TOVE NIELSEN   DENMARK             3/17/06

1083      RUTH MARTIN     USA          3/26/06

1084      FLOWER                 USA          4/7/06

1085      SHADY MASSALHA              ISRAEL   4/10/06

1090      ROBERT SMITH  USA          4/30/06

1091      ANDREW HODGEL BAKER                USA          5/7/06

1092      VICKI BARLOW    USA          5/9/06

1093      MATT GOTTLIEB                  USA          5/15/06

1094      SAIKAT BANERJEE              INDIA     9/14/06

1095      RUTH      AUSTRALIA            10/12/06

1096      BILL BROWN        USA          10/13/06

1097      JIM LANSFORD    USA          11/5/06

1098      PATRICK TAYLOR                USA          11/19/06

1099      MATTHEW GAGE                 USA          12/4/06

1100      VESSELIN STAMATOV       CANADA                 2/11/07

1101      JANA BOBO           USA          4/15/07

1102      JOHN WILLIAMS USA          4/20/07

1103      DUKE LEJEUNE   USA          4/25/07

1104      BHARAT KHOBRAGADE   INDIA     5/14/07

1105      JAREK POLA          POLAND                 5/21/07

1106      KRISTIN LOFGREN              USA          7/9/07

1107      CORRINE M JOHNSON      USA          7/13/07

1108      THOMAS GAIL HAWS         USA          8/5/07

1109      SAMUEL GONZALEZ            USA          8/15/07

1110      JOHN JOHNSON  USA          9/3/07

1111      BLAKE HAYNER  USA          9/5/07

1112      CODY WOODWARD           USA          10/28/07

1113      PER FOSGRAU JOHANSEN                 DENMARK             11/6/07

1114      CRAIG A HURST   USA          11/22/07

1115      JAMES PAUL RECTOR II    UNKNOWN            12/5/07

1116      ABHYUDAY PRATAP SINGH             INDIA     1/1/08

1117      DEBORAH POPPELL          USA          1/3/08

1118      SUSAN WRIGHT  USA          1/3/08

1119      JOHN DOMINICK                  USA          1/4/08

1120      CAROL SUCHECKI                USA          1/4/08

1121      EDWARD SUCHECKI          USA          1/5/08

1122      CLAYTON THOMAS LYNCH              USA          1/21/08

1123      MICHAEL YAVORSKY         USA          1/24/08

1124      SAMUEL L HENNIS              USA          2/24/08

1125      LARRY WOODS   USA          3/7/08

1126      PETER CARMAN                   UK            4/5/08

1127      BARRY LE MON   NZ            4/13/08

1128      YOUNGJU LEE      UNKNOWN            4/18/08

1129      NATALIA ROSE    USA          5/7/08

1130      BEATRICE CHELLE             FR             6/2/08

1131      ZENON TELATYCKI            UNKNOWN            6/3/08

1132      RUTH SCHRAGE  USA          6/8/08

1133      DONALD PELLETIER         CANADA                 6/28/08

1134      JILL ANN ANDERSON         USA          7/4/08

1135      MARIE IPPODIMONTE      AUSTRALIA            7/12/08

1136      ANNELISE STEFANSEN    DENMARK             7/15/08

1137      ANNE PEDAS       DENMARK             7/16/08

1138      SAMUEL L HENNIS              UNKNOWN            7/31/08

1139      STEVIE STEPHENSON      UK            8/10/08

1140      TAMMY ERNST   USA          8/23/08

1141      CATHI BURKE      USA          10/17/08

1142      KEITH JONES       USA          10/19/08

1143      MARY KATHLEEN ZURKOWSKI      USA          11/16/08

1144      ATHEENA ROMNEY           USA          11/20/08

1145      SHARON KAHL    AUSTRALIA            8/5/12

1146      STUART PRINGLE                USA          8/13/12

1147      MARY MARTIN    SOUTH AFRICA    8/13/12

1148      BRITNI MEASOM                  USA          2/19/14

1149      JOSÉ LUIS SALAZAR             “SANTIAGO, CHILE”            9/26/16

1150      RUTH WILSON     “ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA”                   9/26/16

1151      GINGER PARKE   “SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ, USA”             9/27/16

1152      RULEENA L.ROBINSON     UTAH USA              9/28/16

1153      DARCY SESSIONS                “TAKOMA PARK, MD USA”                 9/29/16

1154      SAURAB MARJARA               “KOLKATA, INDIA”              10/4/16

1155      ROBERT D. HAROL              “TUSTIN CA, USA”                10/4/16

1156      REBECCS ZOLLO                  “SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA, USA”                 10/5/16

1157      CURTIS HARWELL               “Idaho, USA”         1/1/17

1158      GAYLE DOLLMAN                South Africa          4/19/17

1159      RUTH WILSON                     AUSTRALIA         9/27/171159

1160      NATALIE S. WRIGHT         USA              9/27/17

1161      EDWARD SCHENET           USA        9/27/17


Principle 100 – Service

This entry is part 97 of 98 in the series Principles


Principle 100


Principle 99 was sacrifice, the keynote of the Piscean age. We are now moving on to focusing on service, the keynote of the Aquarian Age.

First, let us put into words the principle behind this word. The average person merely thinks of service as one person performing a beneficial labor for another that may or may not involve monetary payment.

This is well and good but the principle goes deeper.

The Principle that motivates service goes right back to the Source, the Life of God Itself, and was symbolically taught by the Master himself in these words: He said that God “maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?” Matt 5:45-46

The sun is a symbol of light and life, and the rain a symbol of love and giving. Together they represent the great all-encompassing principle of service rendered to us by our Father-Mother God. We receive all that we need to make life worthwhile whether we deserve it or not by means of the greater servant – God.

Then Jesus tells us to follow this example and extend this service, not just to the ones we love, but to all.

One only truly applies the principle of service when he sees himself as a servant of the whole rather than just the part.

During the Piscean Age we placed our main attention on sacrificing for a cause with service being kind of an afterthought. The service that was emphasized was directed toward the part, the group, the brothers in arms so to speak. Now we must learn the lesson demonstrated by our Great Lord and serve both the part, but the whole.

After all is it not written:

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son…” John 3:16

And who is in the world?

All of us – the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. All are loved by God and all are served by the Father of Lights.

The true servant will look for opportunities to assist and to help whether the person, group or people are deserving or not. If the part is elevated the whole is elevated.

Even though the servant needs to look at the good of the whole he must still allocate his energies wisely or else few if any will benefit. Unlike the sun we, as individuals, are unable to be of service to everyone on the planet. Instead, each of us has a circle of influence within which we are capable of serving in a beneficial way.

And when you think of it even the sun has its limitations. Yes, it is a great light for our solar system but there are over 200 billion solar systems just in the Milky Way Galaxy alone. The sun serves us with its great energy, but provides negligible heat and light for other star systems.

The efficient servant then must discover his circle of influence and concentrate his efforts there while always having the good of the whole in view. Here are some people to consider.

(1) His or her family. Our parents, our children, our brothers and sisters and extended family are all prospects for true service. Most of us have several family members in need of some kind of help.

Then too, often a certain family member will be difficult to accept or love, but we must do our best to serve them impartially without enabling them.

(2) Friends. Friends are a lot like family. There is always someone in need of help and some seem deserving and others maybe not so much. Again, seek to serve in a way that benefits, not enables.

(3) Charities, the homeless, and others in need. Their names are legion and there is plenty of opportunity to help here.

(4) Others who have a beneficial vision. Maybe you come across a person or a movement that can be of great benefit to humanity. No one can do a great work of service alone so it is sometimes wise to join forces for a good cause.

(5) Service groups, churches, associations etc. There are many groups supporting good causes that need help.

(6) Yourself. Some people of good will just stretch themselves too thin, neglect their own needs, suffer ill health and an early death, thus severely limiting ability to serve. Each of us must realize that we as individuals are a part of the whole and we must take are of our basic needs so we can have strength to be of assistance to others.

And what are the avenues available to be of service? Here are a few:

(1) Giving money. For many on the receiving end, this is all they may ask for – money. Now some have a legitimate need for money, but there are many who are only enabled if merely given some cash, especially if the situation comes up again and again.

Giving of our money is a simple act, but difficult to do when in short supply. Money is an energy and, as such, needs to be allocated wisely. The amount of waste in the distribution of money is beyond belief.

(2) The giving of time. Maybe you do not have extra money, but you do have just as much time as anyone else on the planet. There are hundreds of ways to use it in the service of others. The great part is that good deeds creates good will that causes the effect to return with interest.

(3) A special skill. You may have a skill needed by many where an hour spent in assistance mat be worth many hours of unskilled service. He who wants to be an effective servant needs to maximize his time in such usefulness.

(4) Giving praise, a moral boost, love, or maybe just a hug. Think back to a time when you were feeling down, discouraged or sorrowful and someone came along and said or did just the right thing to lift your spirits. Didn’t that seem to be worth a million dollars? Indeed, the true servant must keep an eye open for such opportunities for they will never be forgotten by the receiver.

(5) Sharing light. We all have certain degrees of understanding, light and lessons learned that others are lacking. The wise servant will seek to share when appropriate. You may save others a lot of wasted time through such sharing. This sharing can be very beneficial as long as one works with those willing to receive and does not impose himself on others.

I’ll end this book with these words of encouragement.

The Servant

If you follow the highest you know there will come a time when you will be visited by a Presence, either visible or invisible. It will come at a time that you least expect it and a time when perhaps you feel the least prepared spiritually, but it will come.

To dream and wish for the experience will only delay the happening. But if you take the highest you know and go forward in the vineyard of the Master and serve with no end in sight, in season and out of season, in good times and bad; if you serve with love in the dark of night with the same strength as in the light of day, if you continue with loving service through the fiery darts of hate, malice and betrayal and above all if it appears that even your Master and your God seem to completely ignore you as if you do not exist… Through all this you continue to serve with the highest you know. You continue even if God himself seems to be your enemy putting every obstacle possible in your path and laughing at you as you stumble and fall. You rise up and continue.

The time comes that it will not seem to matter to you any more if friends, God or the Masters approve of you or not. It matters not if you are some great chosen one or are looked upon by the Master as the least and most needy of the brethren. You will now serve for the sake of selfless love alone because the need is out there and you sense the need. When this stage is reached one of the Great Ones will take notice and speak: “Behold, the servant! He has become as one of us. Let us invite him into the circle of higher friendship, brotherhood and service.”

But even here the invitation comes not as you expected. All your expectations are shattered and soon replaced by newer ones and the groping in the dark is replaced by walking the path with vision. The reward for your selfless service is sight and as you see the path ahead your heart is filled with joy for that which you see is not what you imagined, but more than you imagined.

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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Principle 99 – Sacrifice

This entry is part 96 of 98 in the series Principles


Principle 99


We’ll end this book with a look at the basic principles incorporated in the passing age of Pisces and the new age of Aquarius.

First we’ll look at the guiding principle of Pisces, which is sacrifice.

When we look back at the more than 2000 years of Pisces we see the common thread of sacrifice manifesting many times. The Keynote was set in place by Jesus with his great sacrifice on the cross.

After this many of his disciples, inspired by his example, sacrificed their lives and fortunes.

Then, after the churches obtained a foothold the people were encouraged to sacrifice e all the wealth possible to the church. Many of the great cathedrals were built during the Middle Ages by the sacrifice of the common people.

Then in the midst of the Piscean Age Islam was established which also demanded great sacrifice from followers.

Then in the political world there has always been some sort of tribute or tax of increasing size demanded of the people.

Indeed, the lesson to be learned in this passing age centers on sacrifice, but has the appropriate lesson be assimilated? To understand we must look at the principle which is this:

Sacrifice is the giving up of the lower for the higher, of things that are desirable for something better.

In other words, making a sacrifice is not a lose-lose situation. Instead it is one of lose-win with the win being greater than the loss.

There is no such thing as giving and getting nothing in return. There is always a return, but not always in kind.

As with all principles there are two ways that it can manifest: One is in reality and the other in illusion. In both situations the person is hoping for a greater benefit than the required sacrifice, but only in the first is the full benefit possible.

Here are some examples of the two sacrifices.

Sacrifice in Illusion

(1) Giving money and time to religious authorities thinking you will obtain a better spot in heaven.

(2) Supporting higher taxes thinking your money will be spent efficiently

(3) Giving your life in a suicide bombing thinking God will give you a hero’s welcome after death.

(4) Sacrificing your virgin child to the Gods so your people will have good crops.

Sacrifice in Reality

(1) Sacrificing money and time to a sound business idea that may bring real financial rewards.

(2) Giving of your time to growing a garden in the hope of getting fresh and health produce.

(3) Spending time with your kids teaching them things they will find useful throughout life.

(4) Sacrificing time and money to learn a skill that will make your life much more rewarding.

It is interesting to note that though the sacrifice in reality brings more tangible benefits the sacrifice in illusion is not a total waste. In the evolution of the soul each of us goes through the sacrifice in illusion before we obtain the wisdom to become firmly set upon sacrifice in reality.

The very act of sacrifice, even in illusion, teaches the seeker discipline that he will find very useful after his eyes are open. During this path of learning then even sacrifice for a bad cause has its benefits as it is a part of the divine school that prepares us for later rewards.

During the past 2000+ years of the Piscean Age we seemed to have been centered on the sacrifice of illusion and our main lesson has been learning what not to do.

We are finally absorbing the idea that not all that which appears to be worthy of sacrifice is beneficial as advertised. We are learning not to give of our substance to one who merely claims to be Gods representative. We are learning that some type of “service” or benefit should be returned to us – not in some distant heaven, but right here upon the earth.

Many of the churches are still caught in the Piscean mindset on sacrifice, but every day more and more people are breaking away and refusing to donate or sacrifice unless there is understanding behind it and a good seen on the horizon.

The true principle behind sacrifice is much different than dreamed of in religious philosophy.

Instead of a giving up with no thought of return it is really a payment. To understand we must look at the reason we work.

We work in order to create or obtain a thing of beauty, a product or a desired goal beneficial to the individual or group.

Sometimes that work is a strenuous effort that we would just as soon not do, but because the end goal is seen we continue. The work is thus the sacrifice, but it is a sacrifice of joy because the end is in view. If there were no desirable end true sacrifice would not be made.

True sacrifice has its beginnings in the family unit where the parents work on behalf of their children so they can have a better life than they themselves have had. In the process of this work they will also benefit themselves as well as have joy in the achievements of their children.

The ministers, teachers and gurus are constantly demanding money time and energy from their followers and only giving illusion in return. True sacrifice occurs when you give up something on one level to obtain a greater good on another level. Through corrupt sacrifice, you give up something of value to a representative of the beast and only receive false images in return.

Jesus demanded sacrifice, even unto death, but He offered the reward of real soul contact and the lifting of much negative karma for the disciples.

The authorities of the beast today want everything from us and give us nothing real in return. Sacrificing everything for nothing is a sin against all that is holy if there ever was one.

Sometimes the only benefit is the discipline that becomes a part of our character.

Now we are entering the Aquarian Age the sacrifices made in illusion must be seen for what they are and be replaced with sacrifice in reality. We must keep the good from the passing age and press forward in learning the new.

Our attention must now shift from the keynote of sacrifice to service, the key principle for the Aquarian Age.

I think that the good and the great are only separated by the willingness to sacrifice.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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Principle 98, Inclusion

This entry is part 95 of 98 in the series Principles


Principle 98


We hear a lot about inclusion these days. There are a lot of spiritually minded people telling us how important it is. Then there are numerous politicians jumping on the bandwagon preaching it with the zeal of a revivalist preacher. Both groups are telling us that we are not inclusive enough that we need to open our hearts and doors and let all in who are selected as worthy by themselves.

The problem with these advocates is that they never define the principle so we have some guideline about what is the right or wrong approach.

Let us take illegal immigration, for example. An astonishing number are telling us that we should accept with open arms and take care of all who cross the border, that immigration laws should just be ignored. If we do not agree with them we risk being accused of being a racist and bigot.

So is this what is meant by inclusiveness – that we should accept all who encroach upon us no matter what the results would be?

In examining this principle the first thing we need to realize is that this and many other principles cannot be understood using a black and white approach. To be inclusive requires a degree of judgment and discernment. Obviously one needs to exclude some things in some circumstances.

Let us use the Law of Correspondences and relate immigration to a family home. For U.S. citizens the United States is our larger home, but in the microcosm the property we live in is our home also.

Now you may have a relative or friend call now and then asking if they can crash a few days. It may be an inconvenience but you accept them and figure you are being inclusive.

Now suppose an old acquaintance who you never considered a close friend shows up on your doorstep with a wife, six kids and three large dogs. Taking him in may indeed test your normally inclusive nature.

If one really wanted to be inclusive he could take in a few homeless people. The trouble is that even if one was willing he would be nervous about doing it since the homeless guy could be on drugs and dangerous.

But let us suppose that Billy Bob is one righteous dude and decides to open his home and resources to those in need. He invites three homeless people to stay with him. He is fortunate in that he chose three that were not dangerous, but he finds they do take much more advantage of his good nature than he planned. His favorite food and drink disappear very quickly.

Then a couple days later word spreads about his good nature and three more homeless show up on his doorstep with a very sad story. Billy Bob reluctantly lets them in, thinking it is good to be inclusive.

Several days later, after having his house trashed, three more show up. He is determined to be inclusive and again lets them in. Then it becomes a daily occurrence for more to show up until his house is overflowing with all kinds of strange individuals who were more concerned with getting than giving. Finally, after sustaining more grief and expense than he could handle he throws his arms up and orders all of then to leave. Several become angry and threaten him and say they are staying no matter what. Billy Bob is beside himself and decides the only thing he can do is move out and let the bunch fend for themselves.

He gets a room at the Motel 6 and waits. Within a month the home has suffered so much destruction and abuse that it was not even fit for the homeless to live in. The bunch then leaves the house and moves into a shelter that at least has running water and some food.

Was Billy Bob inclusive?

He seemed to be.

Should our nation take the Billy Bob approach with refugees and illegals?

Obviously if we do not operate with some limitations too many people in need entering the country could wind up creating much damage as happened to Billy Bob.

Did Billy Bob practice the principle of inclusion and does our country if it uses no judgment as to who may enter?


So what then is the true principle and how do we practice it?

Inclusiveness is a state of mind where one sees all people as brothers and sisters and looks beyond race, religion, beauty, age, intelligence, social standing, education, wealth and all other differences to similarities in the struggle of life. The inclusive one tries to follow the Golden Rule and attempts to see himself living in the shoes of another and what his needs are.

The inclusive one asks himself this: “If I were in need, of a different race or social standing how would I desire one such as myself to treat them?”

The inclusive one will be friendly or at least civil to all people, even those who are unfriendly to him.

The inclusive one recognizes his limitations. He gives and helps the world as he is able but he includes himself as one that also has needs to be met. He meets his own needs so he can be a better stronger world servant and make his inclusiveness count.

The inclusive one uses discernment as sees the difference between:

(1) Helping and enabling

(2) Being friendly and becoming friends.

(3) Accepting people for who they are and bringing them into your life.

(4) Overlooking flaws and accepting those flaws.

(5) General inclusion and allowing your space to be invaded.

The first part of each point is a part of being inclusive, but the second is not. Inclusiveness is constructive, not destructive. When actions become destructive the principle of inclusiveness is not being applied.

The life of Jesus was a great example of true inclusiveness. He helped all classes of people to the best of his ability. But he did some excluding when good judgment required it. He picked out twelve disciples and taught them many things that were not given to the masses.

The inclusive person will try and follow this example. He will give as his circumstances will allow but will use judgment and assist those who are ready to receive and appreciate.

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Jesus Matt 11:28-30

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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The Slingshot Principle

This entry is part 94 of 98 in the series Principles


Principle 97

The Slingshot Principle

When NASA planned the New Horizons spacecraft to make its rendezvous with Pluto they decided they needed an assist or the trip would take an unworkable amount of time. To speed the craft on its mission they decided to first send it toward the largest planet in the solar system which is Jupiter. The plan was for it to approach Jupiter’s tremendous gravity and, as it swings by, the force of the planet’s gravity would produce a slingshot effect and speed the craft up around 9,000 extra miles per hour. This extra boost caused the spacecraft to arrive at Pluto four years earlier than would have been the case without the assist.

So, does this Slingshot Principle only apply to objects in outer space or is there a wider application that extends to us mere mortals?

Indeed it does apply to us humans. Let us use the Principle of the Law of Correspondences.

The small Spacecraft corresponds to the lone and weary pilgrim who is traveling to a far away destination of liberation. On his own through trial and error he makes some progress but often gets discouraged, feels alone, and sometimes it seems as if he is going nowhere or making little progress.

As he struggles forward, sooner or later he comes across another human who has greater gravity in certain areas than himself. This person corresponds to Jupiter.

This person has knowledge and understanding that is lacking in the pilgrim and for a time they will share the same orbit and gravity. When the sharing is complete the pilgrim will then break away on his own, not needing further assistance, and move with greater speed toward his destination.

Unlike the New Horizons spacecraft though the pilgrim has gained an added responsibility for receiving an assist. He exercises this by assisting others upon his way. Unlike inorganic spacecraft, living humans receive assistance through the Slingshot Principle and then give it back along the way. At one time they correspond to the spacecraft and at another time they become the Big Brother Jupiter helping a weary traveler to lift his spirits and speed up his journey.

Another difference is we humans have such a long journey home that we need a number of assists to enable us to complete the journey. We are assisted by one and then move on and, after assisting others with the knowledge gained, we then encounter another with even greater gravity who is able to assist us again and the cycle continues until the journey is complete.

For more on this subject go HERE to a previous principle.

I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.

Rabindranath Tagore

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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Principle 96 – Trinity

This entry is part 93 of 98 in the series Principles


Principle 96


All creation begins with a trinity of relationships or triangles of energy. If we look at nature through the most powerful of microscopes we see triangular groupings from atoms on up through many forms that comprise the world as we know it.

The most famous Trinity is that used by the Christian religion to describe the Godhead which is said to be the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

The description is somewhat confusing to those who just do not accept what they are told on faith. God is sometimes described as one yet three, and three, but one, one in three and three in one. Some skeptics just about tear their hair out after hearing the semantics and exclaim, “God is either one or three. He can’t be both at the same time.”

This conundrum is somewhat explained by Paul who tells us that God is not just three but one body with many parts. So one could explain the Trinity by stating that the highest part of the body of God is composed of three parts that are the ingredients of one whole.

The idea could be compared to a hamburger, which is composed of the patty, the bun and condiments. When you eat the hamburger you do not say you are eating a bun, or ketchup, or lettuce. Instead you just say you are eating the one whole item that we call a hamburger.

The three parts of the Trinity are often called aspects for they manifest the divine energy with different characteristics.

The Father aspect relates to power and this divides itself into another Trinity of Will, Power and Purpose.

The Son aspect is related to Love and this has divisions of Love, Wisdom and Understanding.

The Holy Ghost is related to light and has sub aspects of Intelligence, Knowledge and Light.

These three major aspects with their sub aspects and rays project many triangles into the universe creating all the forms and living things we see around us.

Understanding that the Trinity or triangles with different qualities is behind the principle of creation can be very useful to us mere mortals as we go about attempting to acquire success on our own levels.

If you want to start a project find two other like-minded souls who can expand your base of talent and intelligence. Creating a triangular relationship produces a base of power not available to a single individual. This Trinity must be one in purpose as they say God is or creation may not take place. If the individuals in the group are just seeking their own interest and not that of the whole then the creation will have difficulty getting off the ground.

On the other hand, if you can find three individuals, or couples, who all seek to contribute to the good of the whole and focus in their area of talent then great success can be achieved.

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matt 18:20

Once you have three people gather in oneness superhuman abilities can manifest.

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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Principle 95 – The Sabbath

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Principle 95


The Sabbath

Few consider that the Sabbath is a principle. Instead, many merely see it as a strict commandment from God. It is pretty simple. God rested from his work on the seventh, or Sabbath day and we should follow his example and do likewise.

This commandment was taken so seriously in ancient times by the Jews that a person was put to death if found working on the seventh day.

After Christ the Christian church changed the day of rest from the seventh day to Sunday, the first day of the week. The Jews and some Christian rejected this. The Seventh Day Adventists and a number of other sects believe it to be an item of extreme importance that we rest and worship on Saturday. We just have to get the day right or God will be angry at us.

So the question is this: Is the Sabbath just a letter-of-the-law, black and white thing, or is there some type of principle involved?

It is interesting that key scriptures revolving around the Sabbath suggest that it is not to be taken so literally as some assume. After God had worked for six days of creation it is written:

And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. Genesis 2:2

Here we see that God did two things on the seventh or Sabbath day. He ended his work and then he rested. And what was the ending of his work? Just a few verses later we learn that he created man as well as the Garden of Eden. So it appears that God continued working on into the seventh day and when finally finished He finally rested.

Even Jesus acknowledged that God worked on the Sabbath:

And therefore did the Jews persecute Jesus, and sought to slay him, because he had done these things (healings) on the sabbath day. But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work. Therefore the Jews sought the more to kill him, because he not only had broken the sabbath, but said also that God was his Father, making himself equal with God. John 5:16-18

Jesus here acknowledged that he was working on the Sabbath and was just following the example set by God who also works on that day.

Paul also had problems with people being too literal and judgmental about the Sabbath:

Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days: Which are a shadow of things to come; but the body is of Christ. Col 2:16-17

So Paul had a problem with his people judging whether or not a person was righteous by how exacting they followed the Sabbath. Interestingly, he said the holy days were merely a “shadow” of things to come.

What was it a shadow of? A clue is given in the fact that Sabbath and rest are virtually identical and interchangeable in the Hebrew.

And what is the promise given to the righteous? They are promised that they will enter into the “rest” of God. The promise of rest and heaven are very similar in the scriptures.

After a period of intense labor here on the earth we will enter into a Sabbath or rest in one of the “mansions” of the spiritual worlds. Similarly, keeping the true spirit of the Sabbath while here on the earth is taking a rest and enjoying the fruit of our labors.

Is there anything more heavenly or enjoyable than finishing a difficult, but useful work and then just kicking back and savoring a time of rest and reflection?

When we do this we catch a glimpse of heaven on earth.

The principle of the Sabbath is this.

We labor for six cycles and rest and reflect on the seventh. If the work needs a little fine tuning we can finish our work and fine tune it during a part of the seventh.

Is a Sabbath suppose to occupy just one seventh of our time?

Not necessarily, if we correspond it to Genesis. Notice that the six days of labor had a set beginning and an end. Each one had a morning and evening attached to it. Not so on the Sabbath. No morning and evening were mentioned which is to say that there is no specific beginning and end as there is to work. When entering into the true Sabbath the seeker takes whatever time he needs to rejuvenate, rest and prepare for the next cycle of endeavor.

Each of us knows internally when a time of rest is needed and sometimes, as they say, a change is a rest. If we tune into the rest that we need and take it when possible we will all live healthier and happier lives as well as living the true spirit of the Sabbath.

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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