Principle 34: You Find What You Are Looking For

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This is an offshoot of the spiritual principle behind: “energy follows thought.”

The principle is this. If you look for verification of something that you have a preconceived notion is true, then you will find evidence to prove it, at least to yourself. This will happen whether the notion is true or false.

Energy follows thought. Because of this then when one places attention on proving a thing, even if it is false, energy will be sent forth to retrieve evidence to support the illusion.

Conspiracy theories demonstrate this and there is probably no better example than the belief that going to the moon was part of a conspiracy and fabricated. As soon as this notion was conceived those who were looking in this direction found dozens of pieces of evidence confirming we did not go to the moon. Even though scientists have refuted all of these, millions of people have been duped to believe this because we find that version of truth that we look for.

The same goes for the 911 conspiracy theories, the John F. Kennedy assassination, the coming one world order and many others. When a person looks for evidence of his belief with a desire to find it then he will find what he is looking for. Even if the evidence supports a falsehood the seeker will believe it until he drops his preconceived notions and looks with fresh eyes.

Many are deceived because this principle is not understood and experience problems such as:

  1. Falling in love with the wrong person.
  2. Starting the wrong business.
  3. Loaning money and expecting it back.
  4. Falling for “get-rich-quick schemes.”
  5. Seeing their religious leader as being infallible.
  6. Seeing only good in their political party.
  7. Believing those who lie.

People fall for these and many other deceptions every day because they find what they look for rather than being centered on finding the truth.

So why is it that many are sure they have found verification of something that is false?

The answer is there are two types of seekers. Type one seeks for verification of a preconceived notion and type two seeks for the truth no matter where it leads.

Once in a while a preconceived notion turns out to be true but even if this is the case the seeker has not learned his most valuable lesson. If preconceived notions are the guide then the seeker will not be aware of when the truth is found or when error is seen as truth. His whole belief system will be off key.

The true seeker must have the goal of finding the truth, even if it upsets his belief system. There is a silver lining in this quest, however, because truth, once discovered and embraced, leads to enhanced livingness.

It is indeed possible to find the truth but it only happens to the person who first loves the truth above his preconceived notions.

If finding the truth is possible then how do we go about doing it?

If I had to answer this in a nutshell I would give this advice: Disconnect yourself from all preconceived notions and seek the truth wherever it leads. This is much more difficult to do than many realize for many there are who think they already do this who are far from this ideal. Expose yourself to all points of view on a subject and see in your mind’s eyes why the various views are accepted.

In the past we have covered the Principles of Discovery which gives some good ideas on discovering true reality. If you want to check them out go HERE at


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