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When many students come across the metaphysical teaching on detachment, which is necessary to apply the principle of being the observer, many get discouraged because they mistakenly think one would have to be a cold person with no empathy to be detached.

Fortunately, this is a mistaken notion.

Right now in Casper Wyoming there is a child being abused. Has this been bothering you? Then again, in Tallahassee Florida there are a number of children going to bed hungry. Has this caused you to lose any sleep? Unknown to you there is another planet in this galaxy, similar to earth where a civilization is fighting for its existence and millions are suffering. Has this problem caused you any pause?

Probably not.

What causes one to be distressed about the abuse or pain of another?

It is not the event that does this but the knowledge of the event entering into your consciousness – and then how it is registered by your consciousness.

Before creation of the worlds of form we were all embraced in the Life of God. Because there was no pain or suffering we were able to access all other lives and realize a oneness with them. There was no pain to share, but only light, love and bliss.

When it was decided that we would descend way down to physical matter we realized that a major problem had to be solved. Even though the material world indeed offered many opportunities for growth, it was also going to be the source of untold pain and suffering for the descending spirits. If all the entities were allowed to share in consciousness life would be completely unbearable. Just imagine feeling the suffering of millions of other souls. Even one or two others besides yourself would be bad enough, but universal sharing of pain would be unfathomable.

To overcome this problem a causal body was designed for each incarnating soul. This is the vehicle the soul uses to create its own individual identity, which also creates a barrier between it and all other souls. In a higher reality all souls are one, but through the use of the causal body, those who participated in the One Life became the many.

The causal body makes it possible for us to incarnate as a separate entity in the physical and only have full access to our own pain. Even if a loved one has a backache, and cannot sleep, and this fact is in your consciousness, you may be very concerned, but you still do not feel the pain and are able to get your work done and sleep well.

I may stub my toe and let out a howl and my wife may find my discomfort somewhat amusing.

Why? Because her toe does not hurt and she feels no pain from my toe. Her consciousness is more on watching my reaction with amusement.

New souls entering incarnation are so shielded from other souls that they can do great harm to others with little or no concern for the pain they cause. Then after many lifetimes of learning the nine outer energy petals of the causal body vibrate and unfold revealing the inner three and the central point of energy that is linked to pure spirit. As this occurs over a long period of time, the person slowly reacquires the ability to tune in to other souls.

As this evolution proceeds we become increasingly in tune with the thoughts, feelings and pain of others. The only way to be able to handle this return to the qualities of our spiritual self and yet remain in incarnation is to understand the principle of detachment, for without detachment intelligently applied, spiritual advancement could be unbearable.

To understand how to use the Principle of Detachment one should ask this question. Why are those in higher realms able to exist engulfed in great joy when there is so much suffering on the physical plane? Are they not aware of us?

Yes, they are aware, but our suffering does not disturb their peace.


They are aware, but detached.

How can they be detached?

Because their attention is not on this plane, but on a higher one.

And this is the key for us to achieve detachment. We must follow the advice of Christ and be in the world, but not of the world. In other words, as we make progress on the path and become more sensitive and able to tune into the feelings of others we must, at the same time move our center of consciousness to the soul. In doing this we may be aware of the pain that is out there, but not adversely affected by it because this world is not where the focus of our consciousness is. By centering oneself on the Christ Within one can be aware of need and lovingly serve the need, but not be controlled by it or share in the misery.

He who is aware of the need and serves the need, but detached enough to be free of the pain behind the need can serve with the greatest of warmth and love.

“To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own.”

Abraham Lincoln

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