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(1) Why does attrition create the opposite effect as does attention and what is that effect?

(2) When should attrition be used?

(3) Name three things that attrition is a useful tool in destroying.

There is a time and place for all things. There is a time to pay attention and create, but there is also a time to release attention and let go. This creates the power of attrition, which causes creation to fall apart or disintegrate.

We put these two next to each other because they are opposite principles. The focusing of attention draws elements toward a center producing creation. Attrition takes attention away from creation and causes the elements of a thing to dissipate and become unorganized.

Both of these operate under the principle that energy follows thought. Attention is merely focused thought and such focus becomes a magnetic center, which causes all things necessary for creation to gather.

The question arises as to why we would want a creation destroyed. The answer is that all of us have many creations that by the power of our negative thinking and fears cause us more harm than good.

Here are some things we may want destroyed through attrition:

(1) Bad habits. Let us say you smoke or drink too much and want to quit. You reach for that cigarette because your attention is drawn to it. Release yourself from attention on the habit and the desire will die through attrition. Admittedly this is easier said than done, but if the person releases attention through force of will it will happen.

(2) Fears and worries. We fear because we give too much attention to pain and negative repercussions of things that may happen to us. If we release ourselves from sending attention toward the cause of fear, the fear will die through attrition. If you are not thinking of losing money, love, appreciation etc then you will not fear losing them.

(3) Bad relationships. We often give attention to the wrong people and draw them into our lives, which hinders our happiness and progression. Many are amazed at how, when they end a bad relationship, that they seem to jump into another one which may be worse. To end this vicious cycle the person must take his attention off the things that draw negative people and the power of attrition will cause bad relationships to cease. Then the person must shift his attention to thoughts that will draw to him a better quality of associate.

In my book, the Lost Key of the Buddha I wrote about a higher use of the Principle of Attrition in overcoming The Dweller on the Threshold. The dweller is a composite life whose body is the negative astral energy of all your past fears and negativity. The Dweller is your personal devil and can bother you many times before your final test. In your encounter where you overcome him he battles for his life because he sees that your consciousness is merging with the Christ Consciousness where he will be left behind to wither and die. He thus does all in his power to divert your attention back to your fears and concerns of the world where he can continue to feed on your thoughts and survive.

Attrition is the key to overcoming the encounters with the dweller but the more intense the encounter the more difficult it is to withhold energy from him.

Those who have been given no teachings about the Dweller are particularly handicapped as they are very confused about what is going on during an encounter and often the Principle of Attrition does not seem occur to them. Readers of my words will have a great advantage as they at least will have an idea of the direction to proceed. Even so, an intense encounter will be difficult to tune out making a powerful act of the will necessary. Just like it is difficult to ignore all your thoughts or have none during a meditation even so it is difficult to tune out all negativity in an encounter with the Dweller, or for that matter a bad situation..

“Men who never get carried away should be.”

— Malcolm Forbes (1919 – 1990)

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