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The Lever Principle

Archimedes made this famous statement:

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”

He referred to the Lever Principle many times and was quite enthused about it. The reason was that he saw that this could create a great advantage for those who understand how it works. If he could have seen how this principle is applied in millions of different ways to create the powerful machinery we have in our modern age then he would have been even more enthused.

It may be no coincidence that the word “clever” includes the word “lever.” Every clever person uses the Lever Principle.

The application of this principle goes far beyond moving things with a physical lever and fulcrum. Here are points to consider:

The lever principle is basically this: A fulcrum and force properly applied leverages, or increases, the power of a force to move a mass a small distance.

Therefore with very little force one can move a heavy rock, but the distance of the move would not be great.

The benefit of the principle is this. It is better to move a mass a small distance through the principle than have no effect when not using it. But by using the principle over and over any distance can be attained.

For instance, the push of a lever may just move a rock a few inches but by applying it again and again one can move the rock a great distance.

Most of us have used a car jack to change a tire. The average person could try until the cows come home to lift up the car with his hands, but with no effect. On the other hand, by using a jack and a lever one can easily lift up the car one step at a time and change the tire.

If one tries remove the bolts holding the tire with his fingers he will only get frustrated, but by using the lever principle with a lug wrench the bolts can easily be removed.

Similarly the lever principle allows one to steer a heavy car with ease or stop it with a small force applied with your foot.

Most of us are fairly familiar as to how this is applied to physical mass but does the principle have applications beyond the physical? Can we use the Law of Correspondences to see how it applies to life?

Indeed we can.

Let us say you want to learn Spanish. Well, you could go to Mexico and mingle with the folk there and attempt to pick up words, but that would be like trying to lift your car with your bare hands. If you’re smart you’ll get some leverage by getting some good learning materials such as a textbook, an audio program and a teacher. With these levers you can make solid incremental progress in mastering the language.

Similarly can we use the lever principle to enhance our spiritual progress?

Again, the answer is a solid yes. Whenever the seeker finds a good book, a teacher or a program that helps him learn faster he is using the lever principle. It is a problem indeed when the student has no levers and is left to learn on his own strength. In this situation his progress will be very slow or non existent until he finds a lever.

The Christ and other great teachers came to the earth to supply levers to those seeking greater light and knowledge.

These teachers have guided us to the greatest lever of all which is soul contact. One flash of inspiration through the soul can give the seeker knowledge of a greater value than a lifetime of struggle by many.

The language of the soul is the language of principles

Making them as a whole the greatest lever available to humanity. After all, one principle can reveal many facts and details. The language of principles can communicate many times faster than the transfer of data. This is why I have placed so much emphasis on principles as they are the most powerful levers known to the human mind.

Mind is the great lever of all things; human thought is the process by which human ends are ultimately answered.

Daniel Webster (1782 – 1852)

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