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The Principle of Free Will Over Force

There are two types of people on this planet. Those who believe in implementing their cherished ideas through maximum use of free will and those who desire to use the easy route and merely use force if they should have the power.

There is a major difference between the two in the planning and the implementation thereof.

The force group are very idealistic and authoritarian and when they create or accept a plan they do so thinking that it is the best of all possible worlds and seek to literally implement it by force. Anyone who seeks to change it or make it better is seen as a heretic and punished to the maximum allowed.

The free will group also seeks for the ideal plan, but is non authoritarian and realizes that many details of the plan may have to be altered for the better before a perfected final plan is created. Those who come up with improvements are not attacked but welcomed and rewarded.

Unfortunately true free will groups are rare. Usually the best you get is some free will mixed with more force than necessary. Even so, groups using some free will create much better results than the force groups

It is interesting to compare the evolution of the two.

The force group starts out by preaching an ideal that sounds great to the unthinking. Maybe someone writes up a book or a plan outlining how things are to work. Eventually, an idealist person or group gets in a position of power and put the plan before the people.

They do not say the plan will be implemented by force but proceed as if they have majority support whether they do or not. Those few who will benefit from the plan, whether it works or not, put their energy and money behind it and do all in their power, including deception, to get the support necessary to force the plan on the masses. There is no promise of free stuff that is beyond them making.

Once the plan is carried out major problems start to surface. Instead of admitting there is something wrong with either the plan or the planners they take the approach of the infallible religious fundamentalist that the plan is as good as if it were inspired of God and move forward without changes.

Then when things become worse the authorities are forced to take a look and make some type of seeming change, supposedly for the better.

Instead of changing what does not work to that which does work (which goes against their belief system) they start throwing out blame stating that the plan has not worked as desired because:

(1) Heretics are interfering.

(2) Those supporting it are being lazy and not working hard enough.

(3) More effort and funds need to be directed to the failing work to make it succeed.

True believers support this approach, but many do not. Many of the opposition are afraid to speak up because of retribution of some kind. How bad the fear is depends on the power possessed by the leaders. If they have ultimate power to imprison or decree death then the fear and suppression will be great. If their power is not absolute then there may be fear of tax audits, legal charges or mere ostracization.

Even with little opposition, and getting what is called for, the plan still does not work and deteriorates in quality. Instead of making changes supported by the people, the leaders just decree more of the same and the cycle is repeated until there is stagnation or collapse.

An example of collapse of such a system was the fall of the old Soviet Union. Another lesser example is the fall of Prohibition in the United States.

Examples of stagnation are North Korea and Cuba, though both of these will eventually collapse and experience a change in their system when weaker leaders surface.

So, what happens when there is a collapse? Unfortunately, often the unworkable ideal is replaced by another unworkable ideal effected by force.

Once in a while, the force group is replaced by a freedom group. When this happens there are many problems at first because those used to being controlled do not understand how to use their freedom. If the freedom group is not nipped in the bud then progress is made and begins to accelerate and prosper. Many changes are made along the way for the better.

Just as everything seems to be progressing well many of the idealistic force people materialize attacking the system explaining to the people why their ideals are better and that they need to be enabled through force. They do not use the word “force” but this is implied, as it is the only way they can activate their plan.

Step by step these people implement more force into the freedom group until a crisis is reached. When the crisis arrives the freedom group will sometimes come to their senses about the threat and restore a degree of freedom. This does not stop the threat as the force group resurfaces again and again.

Jefferson is proved to be correct: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

Sadly, the force group will sometimes overthrow the freedom group and take full control. If they are fully successful the freedom people will be greatly persecuted and suppressed and great will be their sorrow and distress. Eventually the force group will fail and he freedom people will seize another day of opportunity.

Other times of crisis, when freedom still swells in the hearts of many, the freedom people will gather and fight back to restore their freedoms. If this is the situation the conflict will be fierce and the struggle difficult indeed. These will be times that will try the souls of men and women.

There is a ray of hope as our civilization moves forward. There is a pendulum that swings back and forth between freedom and slavery and the force toward freedom is increasing with each swing. Eventually all people will have the freedom to fully express themselves in harmlessness. May that day arrive sooner rather than later.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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