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The Gathering Principle

The gathering principle has had a powerful effect on all evolution in the universe since creation began, yet few give acknowledgement to this important principle.

In addition, many of the writings of the Bible deal with this principle, yet it is rarely taught in any church.

The Gathering principle is basically this:

All evolution in the universe is driven forward through gathering. Small units gather together and create greater units more complex with greater powers than themselves alone. This process will continue until the body of God is completed and all lives see themselves gathered into The One Great Life, of which they are a part, yet see the whole.

Our knowledge of creation verifies this principle. In the beginning subatomic particles gathered together and created atoms. Later atoms gathered together and created molecules. Molecules gathered and created all kinds of beautiful geometric forms and compounds. Later these particles gathered and created living cells. Cells gathered and created all kinds of living things. The living things gathered and created greater life forms.

Humans, being the most advanced lives known to us, gathered into families. The families gathered and created tribes that offered more advantages to secure survival. Later tribes gathered and created kingdoms which offered more advanced civilization. More recently we have had a gathering of freedom loving people throughout the world to America which created a government more advanced than one ruled by an authoritarian king. A new system of representative democracy was created that greatly advanced free market competitive enterprise, freedom of speech and freedom in general.

We are now in an age where the speed of human evolution is accelerating and we are already approaching the next great advance by the human kingdom. The next great gathering will be the gathering of lights. Those aware of the inner light will seek each other and gather together and create societies with cooperation as the keynote rather than competition. The new system will incorporate the best of those of the past.

There will be a sense of family

They will cooperate on a higher level than the tribes.

They will exercise a right use of authority while securing freedom.

Competition will still be used, but in a friendly, constructive way, rather than dog eat dog as it often exists today.

To comprehend the gathering principle as it applies to humanity at this time visualize numerous scattered seekers of wisdom living in a blackened night separated by considerable distance, and each is holding a lighted candle. Their candles are not that bright, but they allow these individuals to see a little in the dark, unlike their neighbors with unlit candles.

Now visualize those with candles gathering together and uniting their candlelight. Now that which was a dim light becomes like the light of the sun and all the surrounding area is well lighted. The blended light allows the group to see further in the darkness than ever before.

We also see that those outside the gathering are dwelling in greater darkness than ever because the lights have been gathered from their midst. Many begin to seek for light and the gathered ones take their candles and light the candles of those wanting to see.

Thus light is added to light until the earth is full of light and love and brotherhood.

“When the Sun of compassion arises darkness evaporates and the singing birds come from nowhere.”

Amit Ray, Nonviolence: The Transforming Power

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