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The Beaver Principle

Odd name for a principle you say? Indeed it is, but an appropriate one. Here it is in a nutshell.

There are many grades of lives in the universe and humanity is just one of them. The higher lives cannot do all things. The so-called lower lives can do many things the higher cannot or will not do and the higher can do things that is beyond the consciousness of the lower. All life is interdependent and in need of each other.

The beaver is an example of this principle. He knows how to build a beaver damn from scratch and we humans do not. A dog is said to smell hundreds of times better than humans. Some say they can even smell fear, worry or other emotions. Ants and bees work with more united group effort than we do. Birds use the sun, position of the stars, sounds, landmarks and a sense of the magnetic north to guide them in their migrations.

Plants can turn dirt and sunshine into beautiful flowers and food to sustain the higher kingdoms. Humans cannot do this.

In one living cell you have computers more advanced than anything humans have made, communications systems, waste disposal, and a whole city of activity going on. The cell can reproduce itself and no machine humans have made has been able to do this with such a complex creation.

The atoms composing the elements have an amazing balance of energies within them that allows all physical creation to exist.

Yes, we humans think we are pretty smart, but most of what we have learned has been by observing that which is called less than human, the animals, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. We would not exist on this planet without them.

That which must be garnered from this principle is this. Each life has its limitations and is not able to focus on all things, but must concentrate on that which lies behind the purpose of its existence. The focus of the lesser lives allow the greater lives freedom to explore in a higher realm

Consider your body. Do you have to tell your heart to beat, your lungs to breath or your cells to produce energy? No. All kinds of super intelligent processes are going on in your body that require no attention from you. This frees up your consciousness so you can focus on human endeavors.

This also applies to lives higher than us clear up to the One Great Life we call God. The masters, angels and gods may have abilities beyond our imagination, but that doesn’t mean they do not need us. We have a special place in the universe and have abilities peculiar to ourselves that are needed to make universe function as it should.

There is a lot of truth in the truism

A place for everything and everything in its place.

How can he (the Son of God) enter, to rest and to remember, without you? Except you be there, he is not complete. And it is his completion that he remembers there. … Think you when this has been achieved that you will rest without them? You could no more leave one of them outside than I could leave you, and forget part of myself.

From A Course in Miracles

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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