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Few have considered that change is a principle, but it is an important one indeed, for without it, none of us would be here. In fact, nothing would be here. Without change there would be no universe, no creation and not even the life of God could exist for without change there could be no life.

After all, what is life, but a conscious striving, evolving, moving force that requires change to even exist?

Now some say that there is no change in the higher realms and that God also does not change, but does this dogma fit the reality?

Not really. Maybe this dialog would help.

Thinker: So you think that God does not change – Why?

True Believer: That’s what the Bible says in Malachi 3:6, “I am the LORD, I change not.”

Thinker: In the context there He was speaking of his relationship to Israel. As far as other types of changes, the God of the Bible underwent a number of them.

True Believer: How so?

Thinker: In the days of Moses God was going to destroy Israel and Moses talked him out of it. So God changed his mind.

Then in the days of Noah it is written:

And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. Genesis 6:6

These are two obvious changes within God’s mind. But there’s more.

True Believer: Like what?

Thinker: I assume you are familiar with the creation story.

True Believer: Of course.

Thinker: As you recall God worked for six days and then on the seventh He made a change. What was that?

True Believer: He rested.

Thinker: So God made a definite change. He changed from the working mode to the resting mode.

True Believer: Okay, maybe an unchangeable God isn’t black and white as far as the Bible is concerned. On the other hand, we have some metaphysical teachings that say that there is a hierarchy of Gods and levels of existence and the originating One God and other high beings exist in a changeless state on some type of unchangeable plane. What about that?

Thinker: Yes, some promote the idea that in the beginning God was all alone in an eternal changeless state. But then something happened

True Believer: Which was?

Thinker: Creation. Now for creation to occur do you think that some change had to happen within the mind of God?

True Believer: It would seem so.

Thinker: So even though the pure essence of God may exist within some formless pure state, beyond our imagination, something had to change there in order to cause the universe to manifest. Would you agree?

True Believer: That seems logical. But what about the idea presented that this is not the real world, but just an illusion? Change happens in this illusion but not in the real world.

Thinker: That is indeed a popular idea. Let us suppose this is correct that we live in an illusion. Who created this illusion?

True Believer: I’m not sure.

Thinker: Haven’t all things come from God on some level?

True Believer: I suppose.

Thinker: Those who believe in the illusion think there was a time when the illusion did not exist. Who created this illusion?

True Believer: Some say that we did somehow.

Thinker: And what is our Source?

True Believer: God

Thinker: So God is responsible for the creation of the illusion then?

True Believer: I suppose.

Thinker: So was the moment that God decided to create or allow the illusion a point of change of some kind that occurred?

True Believer: I guess there would have had to have been a change if it one time there was no illusion and then at another there was one.

Thinker: Most would call a dream an illusion, but would you agree that change happens within our dreams?

True Believer: Yes

Thinker: And what change happens to you to cause you to dream?

True Believer: I go to sleep.

Thinker: So perhaps God goes to sleep and dreams up creation?

True Believer: Possibly.

Thinker: So, however you look at it creation of that which is real or illusion tells us that change is happening in the mind of God.

True Believer: It would seem so.

This dialog should supply some food for thought. Change is eternal and always happening from eternity to eternity. Creation cannot happen without change. Motion cannot exist without change. And then, life itself cannot exist without change for if there is no change there is no life. Life itself is a struggle to create positive change.

To summarize, the Principle of Change is this: Change is the eternal motion of life, thought, spirit, energy and form. If one appears to be still or at rest, others will be in motion or change. Change and motion circulates in a spiral. One point activates another so nothing can stay still or unchangeable forever.

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.” Winston Churchill

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