Energy Follows Thought

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Principle 24:  Energy Follows Thought

Many people think that a thought has no power unless it is followed by action. I have discovered through my own life experience that thought by itself does indeed have power.

For most of my life I have been in business for myself yet have had a desire to write and do creative work. Time and time again when I have gotten a business on its feet I have diverted attention away from it and toward my other dreams.

Every time I have diverted my thought energy away from my business, even if the amount of work I do stays steady, it suffers loss.

This happened time and time again until I learned my lesson. I learned that if I were to have a successful business that I must keep thought and attention on it as well as action.

It has indeed been proven that thought works through a discharge of a small amount of electrical current. We must not be deceived about the power of thought because the current to send it is so low. Remember this. The pressing of a button can set off an atomic bomb. The original electrical impulse is very small, but the end result is cataclysmic. Even so it is with our thoughts. They can produce an end result that can create great good if positive, or great harm if negative.


Here are some thoughts expressed on this principle from a previous lecture I gave:

Energy follows thought is a principle and once you understand that then you can get all kinds of information from it, you can get all kinds of knowledge and apply it hundreds of different ways. Now a piece data is different, a piece of data can be easily registered with the physical brain.

Now lets take something concerning “energy follows thought.” If you pay attention to your schoolwork you will get good grades. That is actually a description of energy following thought but if you memorize that statement it will not take you anywhere and you can’t really use it outside of that one thing, but if you understand the principle “energy follows thought” you do not need to have anybody explain it to you. You pay attention to your schoolwork and get good grades because energy follows your thought, you are directing toward it.

I really learned this energy follows thought principle when I was in real estate. What really brought it home was I had several things telling me what I needed to do but I was too thick headed to get it registered. Every time I started to get ahead in real estate I would take some time off to do some writing and my real estate business or whatever business I was in would fall apart and then I would have to go back and put attention into it all over again. But what really brought it home to me was when I decided I could make a lot of money if I sold mobile home parks because my broker was selling them and he was making a killing. So I worked really hard at it for about 4 or 5 months and then one month I sold three mobile home parks and that was going to make me enough money to live on for a couple of years and I thought this is terrific!

So I decided to stop right there and start working on a book and it is a book that I never finished by the way and it is called “The Shift” it is the story about the shift of the earth’s axis, I got it about a third done and the sales of all three mobile home parks fell through. I not only lost everything but I lost all my clients and I had to immediately go back into business to survive and it was like I was starting from nothing. Everything had just disintegrated – all my customers were all gone and it was amazing how fast this had happened, I was putting no energy into real estate and consequently everything collapsed and I was just like a fresh agent just starting out and it is a good thing my wife had a job or we probably would have starved.

JJ: Now what I realized at that point was why the highest lives that exist on this planet including “The Ancient of Days” are called watchers. The Ancient of Days is called a watcher and why is He called a watcher? Does He spend His time coming down here and doing everything for us? No, but He is watching, He is watching and putting His attention on His goals, what He wants us to do as the human race. Energy follows His thought which is so very much more concentrated than our thought, His thought causes waves of energy to act like magnetic points that draws the material to those points, to cause that to happen which He wants to happen.

Now if I were to have put attention on those three mobile home parks and not quit and not started writing a book but put attention on them until the sales were actually closed and I had the money in my hand then all three probably would have went through with no problems or at least two of them. I never dreamed that all three could have fallen through but it did really bring home the lesson that “energy follows thought,” and when that lesson came to me about how this principle works I have never let that happen again in my life.

When I really want something I put my attention on it and I do not take my attention off until I get what I want. This is a really important lesson. Many of the seekers of the world and the disciples and the people that are really trying to stretch themselves and discover truth and are interested in philosophy and metaphysics are often very unsuccessful at everything and the reason why is because “energy follows thought.” In other words, they are concentrating on their dreams but not on making their dreams a reality.

To make dreams a reality takes nuts and bolts attention on the physical plane.

“You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.”

– Ayn Rand (1905-1982)

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2 thoughts on “Energy Follows Thought

  1. I just happened to be reading about this in The Lost Key of the Buddha. I saw you post it on the keys list and then as I was reading the book happened upon page 58 where it talks specifically about how energy follows thought. I had just finished books 1 and 2 for the second time and had started book 3 again also and that’s what I read today. Quite a coincidence.

    I’ll take it as a little sign to focus on the principle as I have a pretty major decision to make in the next few months and I think it can help me be more successful. I just finished my MBA and will be looking for a new job soon.

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