Two Different Languages


June 13, 2017

Two Different Languages

So we have established why there is a black hole interfering with the right and the left communicating with and understanding each other. The right tries to convince through analytical reasoning and the left through appeal to the emotions. When the emotions conflict with mind then we have the Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus effect. It is as if people from two different worlds were trying to talk to each other.

That which each side is trying to say and that which is heard are often two different things, as if different languages were spoken.

Here are some examples.


The Left says: We must make food stamps available to all those in need.

What the Right hears: We must throw additional borrowed money at this problem and much of it will be wasted.

The Right says: An increase in spending will increase our debt as all the tax money is already spent. We must make sure food stamps are given to those in need and not taken advantage of.

What the Left hears: The right is happy to see people starve because they just want to funnel money to their pet projects.


The Left says: Reducing spending would hurt the poor and disadvantaged.

What the Right hears: I’m willing to spend borrowed money whether we can pay it back or not. What I want is the most important thing.

The Right says: We are $20 Trillion in debt and do not have the money to spend endlessly. We must cut back or suffer eventual collapse.

What the Left hears: I am a soulless human being willing to balance the budget on the backs of the poor.


The Left says: We are a nation of immigrants and must open our doors to them. We need them.

What the Right hears: We must have completely open borders, ignore all immigration laws and make the illegals citizens as they will become new voters for Democrats.

The Right says: I am for legal immigration. We must have just laws that control border crossing as we are limited in the number we can assimilate. We must also take measures to prevent terrorists from crossing.

What the Left hears: I am a racist who wants to discriminate against darker skinned people. Immigrants are bad people, even terrorists.

We could supply many other examples, but this should suffice to give the reader an idea of the language barrier that exists.

It is interesting that we are leaving the Age of Pisces, which for over 2000 years strongly influenced humanity. Pisces is the most emotionally charged of all the signs and is ruled by the sixth ray of idealism. Despite all the emotionally charged wars and conflicts much good has come out of it. We had the great example of love, sacrifice and the ideal human being presented to us by the Christ. People are much more centered on helping and loving each other than they were 2000 years ago.

We are now entering the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign symbolic of the dominance of mind and reason and is ruled by Ray 7 which favors the analytical side, ceremony, business, law and order.

During this transition period the conflict of the two energies will be great as those centered in the passing energies will fight with all their power to preserve the dominance of feeling.

This is why we see many emotional marches, protests and even violence from the left in attempting to silence or stop the progression from the right. In addition we see almost daily attempts by the left to prevent people from the right from speaking. If authorities cannot be convinced to reject them as speakers they will protest the speech and often enter with the the audience and shout down the speakers.

This type of emotional behavior comes almost exclusively from the left and is a sign of a last Hail Mary resistance before the new energies of mind settle in and dominate.

What we have seen from the recent left is the negative side of the feeling aspect. As the Aquarian energies begin to dominate we will see more of the positive side put to use that works toward a practical ideal and puts emphasis on love for humanity and right human relations.

As the Aquarian energies take hold we will see both the feeling and analytical natures satisfied as never before. For instance:

  • Nations will experience problems from overspending to the point where they will be forced to deal with the problem and correct it. We will eventually develop a plan to live within our means.
  • The disadvantaged will be assisted but we will not have to borrow from our grandchildren to do it. A logical plan will manifest.
  • After a number of points of tension the world will achieve stability so nations will not have to spend so much on the military.
  • Poorer nations will achieve more economic stability so there will be little need of illegal crossing of borders. This will cause borders to be more open, similar to the situation with Canada and the United States.
  • Alternative sources of energy will become readily available reducing the conflict between the climate alarmists and skeptics. It will not matter who is right if our energy sources are clean.
  • As logical non discriminatory plans are set in motion and more minorities achieve success race relations will improve.
  • Education, will trim itself of the non essentials and refocus on efficient learning. Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy is an initiate who has set the new tone for this to develop.
  • It may be some time before most agree on the actual language around LGBT rights, but tolerance is on the increase and people as a whole will develop a live and let live attitude toward those different than themselves.
  • Attention will shift away from traditional religion toward one that focuses on spiritual values. Value will be seen in the different belief systems.
  • Increasingly, people will get discouraged with traditional medicine and turn to alternative and preventive medicine. This, as well as greater efficiency, will eventually cause medical expenses to go down.

The extremists relish the conflict of the two sides, but their days are numbered. Progress is on the side of unity even though it may not be obvious. When the day comes that people’s basic needs are met the angry divisive voices will not garner as much attention.

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 5

This entry is part 5 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007


James Wong:
I felt that maybe you were leading up to a call to action just a minute ago and I wanted to continue that thought that the challenge today is that disciples must recognize good verses evil and the see the changes that must take place and work toward those changes. What are some examples of what we should work toward today?

JJ: Let’s talk about one that most of us would agree with. Most of agree that we are taxed too much. At times in the past it cost up to 80% of the money in administration to handle our welfare. In other words, it cost several dollars to give away one dollar. Now that’s just totally ridiculous. No wonder our taxes are so high.

Now when McGovern ran against Nixon he had the idea of bypassing administration costs and suggested just sending everyone a check in the mail. He was just laughed out of existence, but I thought that was the best idea that a Democrat had for a long time. I was really beside myself in deciding to vote for Nixon or McGovern. I thought he had a good idea as far as reducing administrative costs go. But he got laughed at and Nixon won 49 states to one, if I recall correctly, and it was largely because of this one suggestion from McGovern.

It wasn’t a good idea for administering welfare, but it was a good one for escaping overhead. Anything is better than spending three or four dollars to give away one. I think we are a little more efficient now but there is still a lot of waste. Have you heard anything Sharón?

Sharón: No. I was working for a company that trains hospital staff to prescreen people for Medicaid and other government programs and it still takes boo coos in dollars to give away one.

JJ: Yeah, it’s really silly. One of the reasons that McGovern wasn’t supported, even by many fellow Democrats, is that his plan would have taken away many bureaucrats’ jobs, but I thought the idea was better than anything Nixon had for a welfare solution.

That’s one thing that everyone can agree on – that we have this tremendous bureaucracy, but then when anyone tries to change or trim it, the bureaucracy raises its head for they may lose their jobs or have a diminishment in pay or authority. They may not be able to hire as many and increase their authority. There’s lots of things at play.

What happens is there is tremendous force applied to anyone who wants to change anything and anyone who wants to make things more efficient is made to look like the bad guy. The bureaucracy and the media comes down hard on anyone who wants to make any change for the better.

There is so much positive change that could be made in the way money is spent that could lower our taxes and we would all agree on the surface that this is good; but when someone actually tries to do it, he is portrayed as the bad guy.

Social Security is another good example. If people are allowed to invest their own money in the stock market or gold and if it goes up over a period of years we could have a larger retirement than the present system. But anyone who wants to give people the choice of having control over their own money is again called the bad guy.

Those who promote the flat tax or talk of doing away with the IRS are often attacked. Representative George Hansen from Idaho wrote a book on changing the IRS and pointed out a lot of its flaws. It wasn’t long after he circulated this book that the bureaucrats came after him and trumped up charges against the poor guy and put him in jail. They got him for writing some checks before the money was in the bank even though the money was in place when the check was cleared. Almost everyone has done that one time or another. They call that check kiting and they put him in jail for about four years over that.

They not only did that but they tortured him. They tried to poison him several times. They wouldn’t give him shoes that fit. When he came out he had no toenails on his feet because of the small shoes he had to wear. He had scabs all over his body and his teeth were falling out. They tried to kill him several times as the Beast wanted that guy dead. He’s out of jail now but he’s near death and this was probably why they let him go. He would like to do something again to fight the system, but he doesn’t have the strength.

If you look up George Hansen on the Internet you can read his story. (Note: Go to:

The Beast came after George and portrayed him as evil even though he had a heart of gold.

The interesting thing about the Aquarian Age we are entering is there are always forces trying to take us backwards, but fortunately there is a law called the Dominating Good. In every comic book you learn that good is supposed to dominate over evil and that’s really a true principle. That which is good is a little stronger than that which pulls us backward into the old less efficient way of doing things.

Any why is good stronger? It is because the intelligence of humanity recognizes that which is good is better than that which is not good. For instance humanity, as a whole, recognizes that the free countries have a better system than the Taliban. Average humanity can see this. No slavery today is better than slavery. We can see that certain portions of progress are better than the old way of doing things.

That is why good dominates. Good dominates because it is supported by intelligence and, even though we have our illusions, some intelligence comes to the surface. When illusion and selfishness are stripped away we will always choose that which is good.

We will progress into the Aquarian Age, and it will be an age where there will be an increase in brotherhood, an increase in group consciousness, an increase in awareness, an increase in sensitivity, an increase in love and especially service.

As we said the key word for the Aquarian Age is service. We will seek to render service and will receive the appropriate recompense for that service. This will not be a service where we just serve and sacrifice, but it will be intelligent sacrifice, intelligent service with a recognition that there is such a thing as karma, that we are going to get back that which we have given. We will give intelligently and serve intelligently.

Now the interesting thing about the coming Age of Aquarius is the cycles involved. Each age lasts about 2160 years so we haven’t had an Age of Aquarius for about 25,000 years.

But there are larger cycles. Each one of the 25,000 year cycles is influenced by one of the signs. Now we are entering the first Age of Aquarius in 25,000 years but this coming age is also the beginning of a greater cycle of Aquarius. In other words, this next 25,000 years we will be in a greater cycle of Aquarius that only happens once every 300,000 years.

Audience: Does this have anything to do with 2012?

JJ No, it doesn’t have anything to do with that date. So the next 2160 years will be an Age of Aquarius with a greater age which is a rare occurrence. So because we have Aquarius within Aquarius this makes the energies much stronger than the last Aquarian Age. It will be a quintessential Aquarian Age.

The coming Aquarian energies are so strong that if we use them correctly we can create positive change as has not happened since the beginning of history, or even prehistory. We haven’t had an age like this since Atlantis.

Any Questions?

Audience: The Mayas talked about 25,000 year cycles.

JJ: My feeling about 2012 is that it is a point taking us into the Age of Aquarius. I don’t think there is anything magical with 2012 over 2011. From what I understand it was the end of their calendar and they saw this as the end of an age rather than the end of the world. It could be an intense time period. Let me see. It is now 2007… we could have some interesting things happen by that time. I see a larger turning point occurring around 2025-2030, which I see as an intense period of change.

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

 The Transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius

JJ: What I consider the greatest aspect of slavery in the modern age is taxes, because in that way we are like the slave in the Roman Empire who had to give a half or even less of his profits to his master. The average taxpayer today has to give 50% of his income to his master. The only thing different is that we can circulate around more and go from job to job. So we have moved ahead, that which was slavery then just moved up on a higher turn of the spiral. We are going to talk about the beast a little later on and how the powers that control us produce slavery in the mind and this has to be escaped and can only be escaped through the soul.

Audience: There was a show on TV where these Anthropologists were looking at the bones of some victims in Herculean and Pompeii, and they were looking at the bones of a 12 or 13 year old girl. There was overwhelming evidence in her bones that she had been malnourished and worked to the point where there were actual bruises on her bones indicating that the amount of work that she was forced to do. Today you have to work to make a living, but that is not slavery, that is, just the nature of reality.

2nd member: We are talking about getting to keep all of the money you make and how much time is really you’re own and they enslave our minds today with the use of emotion and propaganda.

JJ: Not all the slaves got to keep most of their profits as there were a variety of relationships there. It was just the ones that had a good master and it is possible that bad masters outweighed the good masters by a large margin. Some of the slaves did not have any freedom at all, but others did.

Audience:  I would just like to see this cycle finish, right now it still feels as though we still have the slave mentality and if nothing else than all this taxation without representation needs to stop and if we continue to cycle and come full circle than we should be able to develop that also.

JJ: One of the things about evolution is that we increase freedom and then move forward and throughout history freedom overall is just slightly increased. Then we made a big surge with the creation of the United States. We made a big surge in freedom and this wounded one of the heads of the beast as it were to death, as the scriptures tell us. But then the deadly wound was healed and the power of the beast was able to creep in and take more control again after the foundation of the country was laid.

Slavery is an evolving thing. We evolve from one point to another to another and another, and we do this as individuals as well. As individuals we are enslaved by our own thoughts and our own belief systems. We shed certain beliefs and we go on to a greater sphere of freedom and then we shed other beliefs and things that hold us back and then move on to an even greater sphere of freedom. Society does this and we as individuals do this. You can look at this in your own life and maybe in the last ten years you have greater sense of freedom inside of you now than you did then. Yes, Larry.

Larry: I think a lot of people feel that they are enslaved but they are the ones that are enslaving themselves and they are afraid that they are going to loose their job and afraid of how they are going to take care of themselves. It’s their own fear that really enslaves them and not the fact that somebody is standing behind them with a whip, forcing them to be a slave.

JJ: Right, if a person has the right state mind then he can actually be in an oppressed position and not feel as enslaved as someone who is totally free. For instance, look at Brittany Spears and Lindsey Lohan. We look at them and think, these people are completely free, (Laughter) but they are misusing their freedom and they probably feel enslaved to a degree.

This is what is creating such a frustrating life for them. In the greatest point of freedom you can still feel enslaved and at the point where you are most restricted that with the right state of mind you can feel free. I look on my most enslaving conditions in my life, I will not go into detail, but what I learned from these points of enslavement was how to feel free within my own mind in a very awkward situation and I found myself being in a greater state of freedom than those who were apparently in a very free situation.

So a lot of freedom is a state of mind but we want to match the state of mind with physical reality. We want to free people physically that holds them down. And this is one of the things that we are going to have as we move into the Aquarian age; we are going to move into greater and greater spheres of freedom.

What we have right now as we approach the Aquarian Age are two forces converging, the forces of darkness and the forces of light. The forces of light and freedom have certain plans and there are forces that are entering into human consciousness, the forces of darkness are trying to move us in the other direction back towards slavery, and would like nothing better than for us to go back in the stone age. These could also be called the building forces and the destructive forces. The dark and light forces are very active in the world today and they are on a collision course with each other. We are approaching a great point of tension and when the dust settles we will learn as to whether we will be moving forward towards more light and freedom or moving backward and loosing much of what we have gained.

So we have this clash between the Piscean and Aquarian age. I believe we have just passed over the cusp of the Aquarian age, which means we have a couple hundred years to go before we get solidified. And until that time we have all this residual effects from the Piscean age. We have all these people still sacrificing to churches, giving money just to build stone churches that really do not accomplish very much. They give money to priests and who knows what they do with it. A little bit is accomplished, you see some of these guys on TV where they ask for donations to feed a child in a third world country and that is good but generally the money given to churches does not really accomplish much. In other words, what we have is a residual effect of sacrifice from the Piscean age and much of that sacrifice is not intelligently put to good use, it does not go to where it will really help to make any kind of great change.
The mistake people make is that they think everything about the Piscean age is bad. Well, not everything is not bad, it is just the fact that we are moving into a new age and there are certain things that we have to let go of. With the Piscean Age we have to learn about what did not work and let it go. We have to learn about what did not work about sacrifice, which is the key ingredient of the Piscean age. When we give our money we should give it in such a way that we know what is being done with it so we know that our money is being put to good use.

Now how many times have people given their money to what they thought was a good cause and it winds up doing something that actually does more harm than good. This happens with our taxes, organizations, churches, and not only to churches but also to all kinds of other benevolent organizations, and all of them whether they be good or evil have a really nice sounding name. But everything that sounds good is not necessarily good.

One of the things that I always ask when somebody asks for a donation is, what percentage actually goes to help these kids or this cause? Half the time the telephone solicitor says, well I am not really told. If they are not really told than it means that not too much is going to where they are saying it goes to. If a large amount goes to a good cause than they will use that as a selling point. I have heard some of them only have about 20% that goes to overhead, which is good and others when you look into it maybe only 2% goes to where you think the money is going to.

One of my first jobs in advertising was selling advertising in a police magazine and I think about 2% of the money we took went to publish the magazine and to the policemen. That was the easiest advertising I ever sold. When we sold it the salespeople spoke with a voice of authority and this seemed to work well. This was back in 1972 when there were hardly any long distance sales because the watts line was extremely expensive back then and not too many people had one. All of us loved selling that police magazine because we could speak with a voice of authority and we could tell that people would get a little bit nervous when they heard that authoritative voice. (Laughter)

But anyway just a very small percentage went to the police magazine and the police were happy to get their magazine published for free. We also did one for the Jaycees and that was a lot harder to sell because people were not afraid of the Jaycees and everyone was afraid of the police. Now you get calls from all these people and it does not put the fear of God in you like the old days.

During the Piscean age they would give their money to their priest, prophet, or leader and they would not question it, because they were told, give this money and it will get you into the kingdom of God it would please Jesus. You would get a notch up higher in heaven and would get more of a reward by giving this money. Did they get any reward you think?

About the only reward they got was the discipline they got from giving the money itself. To get a reward from giving a gift the gift actually has to produce some good. If the gift goes to a place where it does more harm than good than the only reward you will get is the feeling of giving the gift at the time and that will be about all.

We are approaching a time when the two great energies are meeting with each other. I am not going to go into the details of the energies because much of what is good today, people are calling evil. A lot of that which is evil, people are calling good. So even if I were to spell it out in this room there would be much disagreement, people over here would say this good and people over there would say no, this is good.

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Needless Sacrifice

Jan 20, 1999

Needless Sacrifice

Question: “How is sacrifice being used in a negative way by those who still identify with the Piscean energies?”

The basic misuse of sacrifice in this age is as follows:

The ministers, teachers and gurus are constantly demanding money time and energy from their followers and only giving illusion in return. True sacrifice occurs when you give up something on one level to obtain a greater good on another level. Through corrupt sacrifice, you give up something of value to a representative of the Beast and only receive false images in return.

Jesus demanded sacrifice, even unto death, but He offered the reward of real soul contact and the lifting of much negative karma for the disciples.

The authorities of the Beast today want everything from us and give us nothing real in return. Sacrificing everything for nothing is a sin against all that is holy if there ever was one.

The governments of the world do a similar thing. They want more and more taxes and give them away to many illusionary projects and we often receive nothing back in return.

In ancient Israel the whole government was financed on a voluntary ten percent tithe and the money was used for the benefit of all. Wouldn’t it be nice if a voluntary tithe were our only tax today? There is no reason why this cannot be so.

Another false sacrifice demanded by many New Agers is technology. Many of them want us to give up all the benefits of technology and go back to living virtually on the level of the savage. This idea is totally contrary to everything Aquarian and the only way it could succeed is through the destruction of billions of lives on earth. Instead the Aquarian age, which is ruled by air or mind, will bring man in harmony with the environment through technology. Contrary to much New Age thinking, man is put here to improve the earth (after a number of blunders) not to bask in a native wilderness.

In other words, we do not have to sacrifice the comforts of modern society to bring a New Age of peace and rest for the planet.

Our next objective here is to see a vision of the transformation of Pisces into Aquarius so let us go a step farther. There is one main key word for Pisces, which is sacrifice and one for Aquarius, which is service. In addition to these there is a Trinity of key words for each age, one major and two minor. What are they?

Another question: How is service to become manifest in the Aquarian age and why are those who are still concentrating on sacrifice resisting it?

It is interesting that most of the words and descriptions of the Piscean Age are negative, but keep this in mind. The lessons we learn in each age and the keynotes struck are overall a positive thing.

We have talked some about sacrifice and mentioned that it has a positive and negative side. On the positive we give up one thing that is dear to us to receive something else of even higher value.

On the negative side we sacrifice our free will to an authority who takes control of our finances and our lives and get nothing but illusion in return.

Those who make right use of sacrifice will make an easy transition into the service of the New Age, but those who are caught up in the glories of the past and sacrifice the possibilities of current joy to the authorities of the past will only enter the new age kicking and screaming.

The closest guess from readers for a minor key word for Aquarius was organization. This word is very close, but it does not make a distinguishing difference between the energies of the two ages as there was quite a bit of organization created throughout the age of Pisces. The organizations in Aquarius will be different and this difference is beginning to be demonstrated.

What type of organizations are doing more to change the world and take us into the new age than any other?

How is service to become manifest in the Aquarian age and why are those who are still concentrating on sacrifice resisting it?

Again, the major key word for Pisces is Sacrifice. Several guessed one of the minor words, which is idealism. Devotion is not the second minor for Pisces but is a companion word to idealism.

Through illusion and glamour the Beast turns idealism and devotion into a negative thing, but after the appearance of the great Avatar, the Christ, the idealism and sacrifice of the early saints created a point in history that will forever inspire. It was only after the Beast corrupted idealism and sacrifice by taking the place of God that these two energies were used in a negative way. Even so, throughout the Piscean age there have always been a few who have demonstrated the true qualities of these words.

Now let us look at the Key words of Aquarius.

As we said the major key word is service. When some of you have written about this word it almost sounds as if you are talking about sacrifice instead.

Service as it applied to the age of Pisces was usually accompanied by sacrifice and this was always emphasized when teaching of spiritual values, but service in the Age of Aquarius will have a different emphasis.

Since disciples were supposed to have absorbed the lessons of sacrifice during the past 2000+ years, the emphasis will also shift. The emphasis on service will revolve around cause and effect or karma. Instant or more immediate karma becomes the ideal.

In the Piscean age disciples were taught that when they performed a sacrificial service that they would receive a reward of some kind, but to many the payback seemed far away or nebulous and they had to have faith that they would receive a better world in “heaven” or perhaps a future incarnation.

The eternal law is this. You cannot give or receive without eventually giving or receiving in return. Even if you do a small service like helping someone change a tire you receive a small credit and the time will come that some stranger will perform a small service for you.

Now some of you may have noticed that during the past 100 years and especially the past twenty, the law of cause and effect seems to be accelerating. That is people seem to get what is coming to them at a faster rate of return than was earlier the case. This is because of the power of incoming Aquarian energies.

Thus the new emphasis on service is not in the sacrifice direction where we do good deeds and get paid back in some far away future, but on the idea is that we serve and in just a short time we receive a recompense for our service.

Have you noticed that it is becoming common place that those who serve others with sacrifice are often taken advantage of to the extent that some almost loose their faith in God? Just the other day I read about a guy who picked up a hitchhiker and the guy stabbed him about thirty times.

People sacrifice and give to churches and most of the money goes to salaries rather than spiritual work.

Others give to a charity only to discover that 99% goes to useless administrators.

Others help the down and out over and over only to have these people become a leech on their lives with no intention of becoming self-reliant.

My point is that the people who were the ideal in the age of Pisces are getting ripped off in Aquarius because they are not adapting to the new energies and these people are on both sides of the aisle, conservative and liberal.

The two minor words for Aquarius solidify the law of cause and effect in relationship to service.

Democracy is such an important aspect of Aquarius that it deserves to be one of the three words, but the essence of it is included in one of the key words. Even though we technically have a republic in the United States this and other nations will evolve toward a more pure democracy where more and more power will be given (or taken) by the people. Hint: What is created in a democracy that insures freedom and justice for all?

The second key word is not what you expect and some will disagree with it until it is explained why this second word is strongly related to Aquarius.

We would not even be talking here on the internet if it was not for the changes created by this word. You also would not have your computer without it.

The second key word for Pisces is love

Why you may ask was not Love the major word? It is true that it is one of the three major aspects of God (Light, Love and Power), but it was not the major emphasis of Pisces. The major word for Pisces was sacrifice and from sacrifice came a greater comprehension of Love.

The second minor key word for Aquarius has not yet been stated. Science and technology will definitely be a strong influence. Even greater will be the seeking after peace and spirituality.

Thus we have the trinity of words for Pisces: Sacrifice, Love & Idealism

Next we will explore the trinity of key words for Aquarius.

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Principle 100 – Service

This entry is part 97 of 98 in the series Principles


Principle 100


Principle 99 was sacrifice, the keynote of the Piscean age. We are now moving on to focusing on service, the keynote of the Aquarian Age.

First, let us put into words the principle behind this word. The average person merely thinks of service as one person performing a beneficial labor for another that may or may not involve monetary payment.

This is well and good but the principle goes deeper.

The Principle that motivates service goes right back to the Source, the Life of God Itself, and was symbolically taught by the Master himself in these words: He said that God “maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?” Matt 5:45-46

The sun is a symbol of light and life, and the rain a symbol of love and giving. Together they represent the great all-encompassing principle of service rendered to us by our Father-Mother God. We receive all that we need to make life worthwhile whether we deserve it or not by means of the greater servant – God.

Then Jesus tells us to follow this example and extend this service, not just to the ones we love, but to all.

One only truly applies the principle of service when he sees himself as a servant of the whole rather than just the part.

During the Piscean Age we placed our main attention on sacrificing for a cause with service being kind of an afterthought. The service that was emphasized was directed toward the part, the group, the brothers in arms so to speak. Now we must learn the lesson demonstrated by our Great Lord and serve both the part, but the whole.

After all is it not written:

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son…” John 3:16

And who is in the world?

All of us – the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. All are loved by God and all are served by the Father of Lights.

The true servant will look for opportunities to assist and to help whether the person, group or people are deserving or not. If the part is elevated the whole is elevated.

Even though the servant needs to look at the good of the whole he must still allocate his energies wisely or else few if any will benefit. Unlike the sun we, as individuals, are unable to be of service to everyone on the planet. Instead, each of us has a circle of influence within which we are capable of serving in a beneficial way.

And when you think of it even the sun has its limitations. Yes, it is a great light for our solar system but there are over 200 billion solar systems just in the Milky Way Galaxy alone. The sun serves us with its great energy, but provides negligible heat and light for other star systems.

The efficient servant then must discover his circle of influence and concentrate his efforts there while always having the good of the whole in view. Here are some people to consider.

(1) His or her family. Our parents, our children, our brothers and sisters and extended family are all prospects for true service. Most of us have several family members in need of some kind of help.

Then too, often a certain family member will be difficult to accept or love, but we must do our best to serve them impartially without enabling them.

(2) Friends. Friends are a lot like family. There is always someone in need of help and some seem deserving and others maybe not so much. Again, seek to serve in a way that benefits, not enables.

(3) Charities, the homeless, and others in need. Their names are legion and there is plenty of opportunity to help here.

(4) Others who have a beneficial vision. Maybe you come across a person or a movement that can be of great benefit to humanity. No one can do a great work of service alone so it is sometimes wise to join forces for a good cause.

(5) Service groups, churches, associations etc. There are many groups supporting good causes that need help.

(6) Yourself. Some people of good will just stretch themselves too thin, neglect their own needs, suffer ill health and an early death, thus severely limiting ability to serve. Each of us must realize that we as individuals are a part of the whole and we must take are of our basic needs so we can have strength to be of assistance to others.

And what are the avenues available to be of service? Here are a few:

(1) Giving money. For many on the receiving end, this is all they may ask for – money. Now some have a legitimate need for money, but there are many who are only enabled if merely given some cash, especially if the situation comes up again and again.

Giving of our money is a simple act, but difficult to do when in short supply. Money is an energy and, as such, needs to be allocated wisely. The amount of waste in the distribution of money is beyond belief.

(2) The giving of time. Maybe you do not have extra money, but you do have just as much time as anyone else on the planet. There are hundreds of ways to use it in the service of others. The great part is that good deeds creates good will that causes the effect to return with interest.

(3) A special skill. You may have a skill needed by many where an hour spent in assistance mat be worth many hours of unskilled service. He who wants to be an effective servant needs to maximize his time in such usefulness.

(4) Giving praise, a moral boost, love, or maybe just a hug. Think back to a time when you were feeling down, discouraged or sorrowful and someone came along and said or did just the right thing to lift your spirits. Didn’t that seem to be worth a million dollars? Indeed, the true servant must keep an eye open for such opportunities for they will never be forgotten by the receiver.

(5) Sharing light. We all have certain degrees of understanding, light and lessons learned that others are lacking. The wise servant will seek to share when appropriate. You may save others a lot of wasted time through such sharing. This sharing can be very beneficial as long as one works with those willing to receive and does not impose himself on others.

I’ll end this book with these words of encouragement.

The Servant

If you follow the highest you know there will come a time when you will be visited by a Presence, either visible or invisible. It will come at a time that you least expect it and a time when perhaps you feel the least prepared spiritually, but it will come.

To dream and wish for the experience will only delay the happening. But if you take the highest you know and go forward in the vineyard of the Master and serve with no end in sight, in season and out of season, in good times and bad; if you serve with love in the dark of night with the same strength as in the light of day, if you continue with loving service through the fiery darts of hate, malice and betrayal and above all if it appears that even your Master and your God seem to completely ignore you as if you do not exist… Through all this you continue to serve with the highest you know. You continue even if God himself seems to be your enemy putting every obstacle possible in your path and laughing at you as you stumble and fall. You rise up and continue.

The time comes that it will not seem to matter to you any more if friends, God or the Masters approve of you or not. It matters not if you are some great chosen one or are looked upon by the Master as the least and most needy of the brethren. You will now serve for the sake of selfless love alone because the need is out there and you sense the need. When this stage is reached one of the Great Ones will take notice and speak: “Behold, the servant! He has become as one of us. Let us invite him into the circle of higher friendship, brotherhood and service.”

But even here the invitation comes not as you expected. All your expectations are shattered and soon replaced by newer ones and the groping in the dark is replaced by walking the path with vision. The reward for your selfless service is sight and as you see the path ahead your heart is filled with joy for that which you see is not what you imagined, but more than you imagined.

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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Principle 99 – Sacrifice

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Principle 99


We’ll end this book with a look at the basic principles incorporated in the passing age of Pisces and the new age of Aquarius.

First we’ll look at the guiding principle of Pisces, which is sacrifice.

When we look back at the more than 2000 years of Pisces we see the common thread of sacrifice manifesting many times. The Keynote was set in place by Jesus with his great sacrifice on the cross.

After this many of his disciples, inspired by his example, sacrificed their lives and fortunes.

Then, after the churches obtained a foothold the people were encouraged to sacrifice e all the wealth possible to the church. Many of the great cathedrals were built during the Middle Ages by the sacrifice of the common people.

Then in the midst of the Piscean Age Islam was established which also demanded great sacrifice from followers.

Then in the political world there has always been some sort of tribute or tax of increasing size demanded of the people.

Indeed, the lesson to be learned in this passing age centers on sacrifice, but has the appropriate lesson be assimilated? To understand we must look at the principle which is this:

Sacrifice is the giving up of the lower for the higher, of things that are desirable for something better.

In other words, making a sacrifice is not a lose-lose situation. Instead it is one of lose-win with the win being greater than the loss.

There is no such thing as giving and getting nothing in return. There is always a return, but not always in kind.

As with all principles there are two ways that it can manifest: One is in reality and the other in illusion. In both situations the person is hoping for a greater benefit than the required sacrifice, but only in the first is the full benefit possible.

Here are some examples of the two sacrifices.

Sacrifice in Illusion

(1) Giving money and time to religious authorities thinking you will obtain a better spot in heaven.

(2) Supporting higher taxes thinking your money will be spent efficiently

(3) Giving your life in a suicide bombing thinking God will give you a hero’s welcome after death.

(4) Sacrificing your virgin child to the Gods so your people will have good crops.

Sacrifice in Reality

(1) Sacrificing money and time to a sound business idea that may bring real financial rewards.

(2) Giving of your time to growing a garden in the hope of getting fresh and health produce.

(3) Spending time with your kids teaching them things they will find useful throughout life.

(4) Sacrificing time and money to learn a skill that will make your life much more rewarding.

It is interesting to note that though the sacrifice in reality brings more tangible benefits the sacrifice in illusion is not a total waste. In the evolution of the soul each of us goes through the sacrifice in illusion before we obtain the wisdom to become firmly set upon sacrifice in reality.

The very act of sacrifice, even in illusion, teaches the seeker discipline that he will find very useful after his eyes are open. During this path of learning then even sacrifice for a bad cause has its benefits as it is a part of the divine school that prepares us for later rewards.

During the past 2000+ years of the Piscean Age we seemed to have been centered on the sacrifice of illusion and our main lesson has been learning what not to do.

We are finally absorbing the idea that not all that which appears to be worthy of sacrifice is beneficial as advertised. We are learning not to give of our substance to one who merely claims to be Gods representative. We are learning that some type of “service” or benefit should be returned to us – not in some distant heaven, but right here upon the earth.

Many of the churches are still caught in the Piscean mindset on sacrifice, but every day more and more people are breaking away and refusing to donate or sacrifice unless there is understanding behind it and a good seen on the horizon.

The true principle behind sacrifice is much different than dreamed of in religious philosophy.

Instead of a giving up with no thought of return it is really a payment. To understand we must look at the reason we work.

We work in order to create or obtain a thing of beauty, a product or a desired goal beneficial to the individual or group.

Sometimes that work is a strenuous effort that we would just as soon not do, but because the end goal is seen we continue. The work is thus the sacrifice, but it is a sacrifice of joy because the end is in view. If there were no desirable end true sacrifice would not be made.

True sacrifice has its beginnings in the family unit where the parents work on behalf of their children so they can have a better life than they themselves have had. In the process of this work they will also benefit themselves as well as have joy in the achievements of their children.

The ministers, teachers and gurus are constantly demanding money time and energy from their followers and only giving illusion in return. True sacrifice occurs when you give up something on one level to obtain a greater good on another level. Through corrupt sacrifice, you give up something of value to a representative of the beast and only receive false images in return.

Jesus demanded sacrifice, even unto death, but He offered the reward of real soul contact and the lifting of much negative karma for the disciples.

The authorities of the beast today want everything from us and give us nothing real in return. Sacrificing everything for nothing is a sin against all that is holy if there ever was one.

Sometimes the only benefit is the discipline that becomes a part of our character.

Now we are entering the Aquarian Age the sacrifices made in illusion must be seen for what they are and be replaced with sacrifice in reality. We must keep the good from the passing age and press forward in learning the new.

Our attention must now shift from the keynote of sacrifice to service, the key principle for the Aquarian Age.

I think that the good and the great are only separated by the willingness to sacrifice.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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