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Focused Attention

Attention is basically the focus of consciousness in a certain direction with the intent to insure an objective is achieved.

Focused attention is the key to success in any endeavor whether it be the creation of a nation, a business, a book or a work of art.

It may seem that attention works because one who is paying attention to his creation is doing the right things to create the action to produce success, but the power of attention goes beyond this. When the creator pays attention to his creation an invisible magnetic power is generated that pulls together the elements necessary for success that goes beyond the power of individual action.

The power of focused attention hit home with me as I observed many business owners. I have spent many years in sales and during this time I called upon thousands of businesses, often talking to the owners. It usually didn’t take long for me to assess how successful each business was. I noticed something about the successful owners that I thought was odd at the time. Many of them didn’t seem to be that intelligent. In fact, some seemed to even be somewhat backward. Now many were very intelligent but being sharp, quick and intelligent did not seem to be a common trait of many who were successful.

This caused me to look for the most common characteristic of successful people among business owners as well as all with whom I came in contact. I discovered that many of the success ingredients of motivational books were not the answer. In addition to intelligence, these included:

(1) Determination

(2) Perseverance

(3) Good ideas

(4) Getting group input

(5) Desire

(6) Raising capital

(7) Planning

(8) Faith in yourself

(9) Establish a good reputation

(10) Knowledge

The list could go on and all these things are helpful but none of these are the prime ingredient of success.

After a lot of observation and contemplation it dawned on me that the most common ingredient of all successful business owners was the use of focused attention. This is complimentary to the Forest Gump principle mentioned earlier.

I realized that many simple minded Forest Gump type characters could ultimately succeed more than many super intelligent imaginative dreamers who attend motivational seminars. Often the simple thinkers have an advantage over those with complex minds because they are not diverted by lots of competing ideas floating around in their heads. This eliminates distraction from applying the focused attention necessary to succeed according to one’s desires.

Now if one is capable of focused attention and applies the standard practices of success then he will have an advantage, but the best laid plans will not succeed if the power of attention on the goal is diverted or energy is too scattered.

The power of attention does more than merely keep the consciousness focused but is a fundamental generator of power to create. It works with the principle that energy follows thought.

Just as your arm has power to move things so does attention. Attention directs energy by the power of thought and creates an invisible force that causes the elements to respond to the will of the watcher.

And speaking of watchers, that is one of the names given to the Planetary Logos or the Ancient of Days.

Few have asked the question as to why he is sometimes called a watcher. The reason is this. The higher lives do not create the same way we do. If we want to build a house we have to gather the materials and then physically piece them together.

If an advanced life wants to create something he directs his thought with the end result pictured and then keeps energy pouring in the direction of that end through focused attention. He keeps his attention on the creation by watching for the creation to manifest. This he does until the end is achieved. If he were to cease watching and withdraw attention the creation would not materialize.

You and I, when we contemplate, meditate or pray may have flashes of inspiration come into our minds of something we must do. Often this is something in line with the attention of the Logos. Then when we act we are actually becoming his arms and legs working to bring his creation into existence. Unknown to us is that hundreds, thousands or even millions may be responding to some degree to move forward the work of creation.

Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.
Sam Levenson

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